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How To Work In The UK After Studying There:-   

Whether you are already studying in the UK, or just keeping this in mind, you can look forward to your options after graduation.

UK 2013-14 attracted a large part of all international students (about 12%) of 18% in higher education in the UK, were international students.

Large draws for students have high quality of life and good employment prospects after graduation level. But unless you are a resident of any country within the European Union, or the European Economic Area (EEA), in this case you are able to live with certain restrictions in the UK, then you have to jump in some obstacles to stay inside you The new home will be required once your course is over. Just keep it, you have to find a well-paid job.

As soon as you graduate, international students need to switch their visas to a work-related person if they want to expand their stay. However, new laws have made it difficult for international students to do so, and after the study, Visa ended in 2012. It allowed non-EU students to stay in the UK and after graduation, had worked for two years after graduation level.While students are now able to live up to just four months of completion of their course. Moreover, most international students who are capable of finding work must have at least £ 20,800 initial salary.

“Hunting the job after Uni was difficult, "says Frank Van den Berg, 23, who grew up in Holland and went to Britain to study history in University College London." Here I took about six months to find a good undergraduate status, this is so competitive. Fortunately I was able to survive by working in bars while searching for work. "He further said that the freedom to live and work independently, as long as he wished, was a great help - there is a privilege that there are no students outside EEA.

Working Uk Assignment Help

The visa options explained:-

There are several options available while applying for a visa, and you should read carefully before making the right decision. Although you will have to complete your course normally before applying, you should plan ahead so that you can work quickly. It may take a long time for your sponsor to issue a certificate and process your visa. A full list can be found on the UK Government website, but most graduates apply for one of three visas. They are:

Tier 2:-

Tier 2 is the most common visa route for international graduates. To qualify, you have to find work with the employer who is willing to pay a minimum wage of £ 20,800 annually, and depending on the type of work you want to do, this figure may increase. In addition, employers usually need to demonstrate that they have made a job advertisement and were unable to find the suitable UK applicant to fill the post before presenting an international student..

Receiving Tier 2 visas can not be difficult, as the 25 year old Mia Chen of Australia's New South Wales. She says she wanted to stay in the UK after graduating from Durham University, but felt that she had almost no chance to find work. "I understand that many employers will not even consider an international student," she says. "Most of the companies I applied did not respond to me.”

However, it is not impossible to find work as an international student. In 2014, according to the UK Council for Student Affairs, 5,639 students were allowed to live under Tier 2 in the UK. After all, about 45 applications later, Chen says that in the end, he took his first interview, and appointed a graduate in Land Rover. "It was worth hours of stress and job search, but I wish I would be prepared for the first time, so I was not nervous in the last minute," she says.

IImproving the chances of getting a Tier 2 visa:-

After graduation, you can do many things to improve your chances of successfully finding a certified employer to sponsor for a Tier 2 visa. for example:

Working Uk Assignment Help

Part-Time Job/Placements:-

Most graduates need to get work experience with their degree in order to be successful in the UK graduate job market. Finding part-time work or internship placement that is linked to your degree, can help you develop real life skills and industry contacts. If opportunities are rare, consider incoming companies and offer volunteers in their chosen industry. Volunteering can be a great way to gain experience while you are interested and enjoying.

Entrepreneurial skills:-

Business knowledge is not only useful for business owners: Employers also value them. Many universities will have opportunities to take experience in this field through various programs, and you can become active in the leadership of the university societies. All this will work effectively on your CV.

Language skills:-

As an international student, you can already speak more than one language, which will help you distinguish it from other candidates. However, if you do not have the standard level of English proficiency, keep in mind that you will need a high standard of English to stand for the opportunity to get a job landing in the UK. Work on your skills while studying for your degree, and if you feel you need extra classes then.

Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur):-

UK graduates are graduating with a Tier 2 visa and a reliable business idea can apply for one year to stay on a tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa.

You will need to get sponsorship, which you can get from the authorized UK University (which should not be one where you have already studied), or to participate in the Sirius program.Which supports final year students and recent graduates with advice on financing and immigration. In addition, you must be able to prove that you have at least £ 945 in strong English language skills and savings.

26-year-old Julie Mora, after receiving a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Veritas in San Jose, Costa Rica, went to Edinburgh for the Master of Fine Arts (Glass). She says that she received a tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa to convert her glass collection into business.

“I had to get sponsorship from the University of Edinburgh by writing a business plan, and in return the university helped me to apply for support. "Once, once secured, I got the necessary documents together and submitted the application. My visa was cleared two months later.” However, Mora says that this path is not for the unconscious heart: "You must be very determined to be successful in securing the application and it is too expensive to pay even for the fees to be applied. Career service team should be in touch with.”

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme:-

If you go back home after graduation, you may be eligible for the Youth Mobility Plan, which will allow you to work in Britain for two years.

To qualify, you will need to be 18-30 years old, and must be from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea or Taiwan. Locations are limited, and you will need at least £ 1,890 in savings to apply.

There’s no denying that staying and working in the UK after you’ve studied there is a tough challenge. But we’ve also seen with the right preparation, exploring all your options and working hard, it is possible to do it. Your university careers office is a good place to go for further advice.

They’ll have knowledge of lots of people who have done it, how they did it and can give you advice specific to your situation.

An important factor in getting a job after graduation is the university that you choose.The UK has something great in this regard, take a look:

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