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In order to accomplish a task in an organized order two or more person or organizations have to work together, this team work is called a partnership. In order to get success in any group work, every member of each group needs a strong collaboration with each other. Here overall group performance plays a crucial role rather than the work proficiency of an individual participant.

For health care and social services, here a strong bonding in required among the co-workers to achieve the goal. Everyone in the group should have similar understanding about the project in which they are going to work together. All working partners of a health project have to share all creative thoughts among the group to get best results. The contribution of each individual to the group is vital to execute a plan successfully mainly while working in a health project.

1 Understanding of partnership work





1.1 Features of effective partnership working


The main aim of a partnership work is to achieve a goal with the help of teamwork by focusing towards a single outcome (Williams et al. 2014, p.1593). There are some key features of partnership work. These are;

●        Proper communication between partners

●       Good listening skills

●       Trust on the partner

●       Honest to the work

●       Expectation based on real scenario

●       Match the balance between work and maintaining relationship

All these above mentioned features are important to execute a health program efficiently. In order to deliver a decent health care service to the society there must have trust on each other among the group worker. They must have to listen to the plan of the team and have to work according to the plan (Turner and Clegg, 2014, p.744).

1.2 Importance of partnership working with colleagues, other professionals and others 200


In partnership working, each member of the group has a different role and responsibilities. A proper communication between various partners is very much important. In a health care program working with professionals, colleagues and other member communication is important to gather various thoughts of each individual.

Colleagues: In a partnership working with colleagues it is important to have clarity of the work responsibilities and their role in the project. Each colleague should aware of the needs of every individual and about their behavior and standard of livings to serve them better (Sims and Cabrita Gulyurtlu, 2014, p.13).

Other professionals: In a project of health care all professionals relies on other to achieve a single goal. They may be follow different paths to execute their individual work, but the ultimate goal is common to all (Prince et al. 2015, p.549). Health care program can be achieved in a more efficient way by discussing the problems among the professionals and by following a suitable preventive approach together.

Others: It is important to organize a successful health program to speed up the working progress by involvement of more number of individuals. All workers of a partnership work group have to build a strong relationship between other members including the respective family members (Osborn et al. 2015, p.2104).

1.3 Analysis of partnership working to get better outcomes


Partnership work is necessary in health and social care program to deliver a flawless service to help the people of UK whenever required. Here is the analysis of partnership working to get a better outcome for the professionals or for the users (Makai et al. 2014, p.83).

Professional’s outcomes:

       In a report of a professional in partnership working it has stated that the work brings a joy to them.

       Professionals involved in implementation of new health program ideas, have a job satisfaction. They can develop some innovative ideas by their huge experience in that field.

       Working in a health project brings confidence to the professionals and help to improve the relationship between the team members.

Outcomes for the users:

       The user who takes more than one service or takes the service from more than one group gets an improved service.

       The service user can get access to a service easily who has a complex health condition and needs a special care.

       Any individuals from a multi agency that is working form health and social care can make an action more efficiently.

1.4 Process to overcome the barriers of partnership working


There are some barriers while executing a partnership work for health and social care program (Kaehne et al. 2017, p.84). These barriers can be overcome by the followings;

       There should be a good relationship among the group members.

       In order to establish a strong relationship the boundaries should be removed.

       A proper group work should be done by prominent communication.

       For an effective work everyone in the group has to share their ideas, knowledge about the work freely.

       Continuous interaction among the workers is needed to evaluate the progress of the work.

       Commitment towards the work helps to identify the problems and to get the best solution to counter the problems.

2. Establishment and maintaining in working relationships with colleagues:


 It is the responsibility of Care UK Health to maintain accurate balance in responsibility and role while working with the colleagues.

2.1 Explanation about the role and responsibilities in working with Colleagues


In the case of running a successful venture of Health and social care, it is important to maintain the approaches in professional principles and values (Kaehne et al. 2017, p.84). It is the responsibility of Care UK Health to maintain accurate balance in responsibility and role while working with the colleagues. Care management should follow some objectives in joint venture like

·         By sharing the professional information between the staffs for improvement.

·         The management should provide a positive relation and good leadership.

·         Provide a healthy environment which allow the time for reflection in practice.

·         Should bear the responsibility of the development for the staff in Care UK.

There are some useful technique for communication that helps to ensure that the colleagues are aware about the progress and objectives. The management leader of Care UK should consider some procedures to keep update the information with the colleagues. 

2.2 Development and agree with common objectives when working with colleagues


It is very essential for Care UK to identify the objectives and the responsibilities while working with the colleagues. Every staff has to know their own expectation and should know how to assess this in a possible way towards achieving their aims and objectives. In order to develop the objectives while cooperating with colleagues the management of Care UK have to arrange and compromise in some working fields. The planning for the objective goals and targets has to be confirmed about the needs of the services that are main things done within the management of Care UK (Kaehne et al. 2017, p.84). 

In order to promote the relationship with the colleagues the management of Care UK should respect the colleague’s opinions, ideas and give value it.

2.3 Evaluate the working relationship with colleagues


In order to establish the managerial system, the team skill management method plays a important role. Through using the self grading system the individual member can present their personal skill, strengths as well as weaknesses.  They also evaluate the strength and weakness of Care UK’s management leaders that help to encourage the other team members. It also provides the opportunities among the members to share their views as well as give their feedback on leader’s performance in working relationship (Sims and Cabrita Gulyurtlu, 2014, p.13).

The management leader has to fulfill the self appraisal which is important to process that the According to Higginbottom et al. (2014, p.192), other team members give feedback on their own performance. This process is based on self appraisal in where they can judge their own performance and give rates on it in various parameters. The effectiveness of the all team management system can be accessed through the measuring the work performance against the objectives and targets. 

2.4 Dealing with comflict that arise with colleagues

Sometimes in Care UK conflicts may arise among team members. Therefore, the management leader sometime has to deal with those arising conflicts with some factors which determine the success. Firstly, it is important to identify the actual cause of the arising conflicts by communicating with other team members. There are some different types of causes that involve into conflicts rising like different methods belonging from different colleagues of same objectives may lead to raise the conflicts (Higginbottom et al. 2014, p.192). Clashing between personalities, stress and differing views often be the causes of conflicts. The constructive dealing will help to solve out the conflicts problems. This process not only resolves the conflicts problem also increase the understanding situation between the team members for further problem. Communication with the team members is the important tools for resolving the conflicts. In the case of dealing with conflicts there are some steps that can help:

       Proper identification of the sources of conflicts.

       Several solutions have to be discussed with all members.

       Some alternative solution should be approached

       Proper consider the best solution.

       Follow the proper technique for implementation the solution.

       Should continue the evaluation of the solution.

These strategies will help to minimize the conflicts by respecting other members’ opinions, expectation. This is the vital for all the members to lead the work in right way. Moreover, there is another way to prevent the conflicts by creating a good atmosphere in which they are working comfortably.

3 Establish and maintain working relationships with other professionals





3.1 Role and responsibilities in working with other professionals


In a health



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