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Work Effectively As A Cook

Work Effectively As A Cook

SITHCCC020 Work Effectively As A Cook



Instructions (for assessments not embedded within the LMS)

·      The assessment must be written using an industry standard software package such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

·      Name the file using the assessment task number and then save your file.

·      Ensure your submission identifies the unit code and title, the assessment task number and the name of the assessment at the top of the page. Alternatively, you may place this information in the document header.

·      Add your name and student number to the headeror footer on every page.

·      On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor via the LMS.



Learner assessment guide and evidence

This assessment requires you to:

·      Develop workplace planning documentation.

·      Analyse the production processes for three menu items.

·      List end-of-shift procedures.


You are required to do the following.

·      Complete Task 1 Workplace planning activity.

·      Complete Task 2 Menu production analysis.

·      Complete Task 3 End-of-shift procedures.

·      Answer all the questions.



Task 1: Workplace planning activity

This assessment requires youto develop workplace planning documentation.

It consists of three tasks which must be submitted together.


1.1 Work schedule

·      You are to develop a work schedule for a specific section or for all areas of a kitchen.

Choose one section of the kitchen brigade in your workplace or training environment and develop a work schedule for one shift for your chosen section.For example, the section could be main course, cold larder or dessert section and the shift breakfast, lunch or dinner.

·      If your work place or training environment does not use a brigade or section system, develop the work schedule for all areas of the kitchen.

·      When developing the work schedule, you may need to liaise with your team members and supervisor to discuss the allocation of responsibilities. Consideration should be given to current job roles and abilities of team members.

·      The work schedule should allocate and coordinate work activities across all members of the team within the selected section or area of the kitchen.

·      You can complete the Assessment D Work schedule template provided in your ‘Course files’, use your workplace’s format or develop your own. The template provided can be photocopied as many times as necessary.

·      Save and submit your work schedule to your assessor.


1.2 Develop a jobs checklist


·      Develop a jobs checklist for one person or job role that has been allocated responsibilities in the work schedule developed for in1.1 Work schedule.

·      Tasks should be prioritised and sequenced in the order they are to be completed.

·      Additional information can be provided in the checklist or in a separate document if required to assist the person to coordinate tasks and manage their speed, timing and productivity. Examples could include coordination of preparation tasks, processes with others in the team or of equipment usage.

·      You can complete the Assessment D Jobs checklist template provided in your ‘Course files’, use your workplace’s format or develop your own. The template provided can be photocopied as many times as necessary.

·      Save and submit your jobs checklist to your assessor.


Question and answer

Q1:    What sources of information did you use to develop the work schedule and jobs checklist? Name the documents, personnel or other sources you referred to.


Q2:    What factors influenced how you sequenced and prioritised the tasks to be completed on your work schedule?


Q3:    What factors influenced who you allocated tasks to when developing your work schedule?


Q4:    What factors influenced how you sequenced and prioritised tasks on the jobs checklist?


 Q5:    Briefly describe how a work schedule and jobs checklist can help you and your team manage your own speed, timing and productivity during preparation and production processes.


Q6:    Briefly describe how a jobs checklist helps you:

·      organise and prepare food efficiently

·      coordinate your own work across multiple tasks

·      respond to operational challenges

·      prepare dishes in a timely manner for customers.


Q7:    How did you decide who to delegate tasks to?



Task 2: Menu production analysis

Complete Tasks 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 and answer all questions.


2.1 Analyse menu items

·      Choose three menu items from your workplace or training organisation’s standard menu and obtain the standard recipes for each dish. The menu items should be prepared, produced or served for the same service period. You may wish to choose menu items from the same section of the menu (for example, entrées, salads, main course or dessert).

·      Alternatively, you may wish to research three menu items and their associated recipes from other sources, such as other hospitality businesses, magazines or the internet.

·      The menu items should share a number of common ingredients.

·      Make sure you answer all questions.


Q1:    Analyse the production details of the menu items and their recipes and complete the details below.


Q2:    List the methods of cookery required to produce the menu items.


Q3:    Briefly describe when and how preparation tasks are completed for each menu item. For example, they may be prepared the day before they are required for service or the day of service, prepared in bulk or to order.


Q4:    List the large items of equipment required to produce the menu items. Indicate what ingredients or foods will be cooked using each item and why this method of cookery is suitable for that ingredient or dish.


Q5:    Identify two safety or food hygiene considerations for one of the items of equipment listed above.

Q6:    Do any of the menu items meet the following dietary requirements? If no, what adjustments could you make to the dish to meet each request?


Q7: Choose three culinary terms used in the recipes and provide a clear description or definition for each. They could relate to an ingredient, a cooking term or process.


Q8:    Can the three menu items be prepared and served for a variety of different service periods and styles of menu? Explain why/why not.


Q9:    Can the menu items be modified in any way which would make them more suitable for a different service period or style of menu? If yes, how can they be modified?


Q10:  What cleaning tasks do you need to complete when cooking these menu items?


Q11:  Choose one of your menu items and explain what food category each belongs to? What characteristics does each have?


2.2 Calculate commodities

·      You can use the table provided, use your workplace or training organisation’s documentation or note your calculations on the recipe.

·      Attached any documents or recipes which show your calculations when submitting to your assessor.


Q1:    Calculate the quantities required for all ingredients to produce 20 portions of each menu item.

Accumulate the individual totals from all three recipes to achieve total quantities required for all ingredients.

 2.3 Ingredient selection and preparation


·      Choose five ingredients listed in any of the three recipes from 2.1 Analyse menu items.

·      Make sure you answer the questions.



Q1: Complete the table by indicating the following.

·      Quality indicators you would look for when selecting the ingredients.

·      Preparation processes the ingredients must undergo in the initial stages of production.


Q2:    Indicate how the prepared ingredients should be stored prior to being required for production, cooking or service.



Q3:    What customer expectations should you always meet when cooking and serving food?



Q4:    How do you ensure that you are able to send out dishes within the typical time constraints of a busy commercial kitchen?


Q5:    Where should any excess of the five ingredients you chose be stored after you have finished using it?




Task 3: End-of-shift procedures

Q1: End-of-shift procedures checklist

·      List the end-of-shift procedures completed in your workplace or training organisation.

·      If applicable, list the tasks in sequence based on order of priority.

·      Allocate each task to a person or job role.

·      Indicate any necessary information to complete the task, such as correct storage areas for food or equipment, or safety or food hygiene considerations.




Q2:    How can you work as a team when completing end-of-shift tasks? Why is this important?


 Q3:    What is included in a post-service debrief?


Q4:    Why is a post-service debrief important?




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