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Weight loss for teenage assignment help

Weight loss for teenage assignment help

Weight loss for teenage assignment help


Many adolescent girls and boys Suffers from drastic changes in height, weight, body fat and bone composition when they are around 10-17 years of age. The body holds back fat much more effectively in teenage girls than in boys. Boys usually tend to lose fat late in their adolescent years, but girls tend to retain fat as their natural body structure. However, the rate of such changes differs from one teenager girl or boy to another. Now-a-days even 5 years old children are concerned about their weight and body structure.

If you plan a proper diet for your teenage girl then their problems regarding their weight can be checked. You can even find out an innovative way to encourage your children to develop healthy food habits. An overweight teen needs to take up a heavy burden to lose weight. Apart from this he or she also faces teasing from peers, verbal abuse, pranks and different emotional tortures and as a result becomes socially isolated.

Cause Of Obesity In teenagers:-

Most of the teenage boys and girls suffer from weight problems. This can be due to several reasons such as-

⦁ The most common reason is eating disorder. In a survey conducted, nearly 60% teenager girls said they wanted to look fit, but they all suffered from eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia and other wrong eating habits.

⦁ Wrong weight control methods can also lead to gaining weight. Nearly all teenagers are looking for the perfect figure and this is leading them to adopt unhealthy weight methods like fasting, purging and smoking.

⦁ Eating an unhealthy diet, which consists of excessively high or low calorie, is another important reason for gaining weight. A very low calorie diet can even lead to serious health problems like bone weakness, tiredness, hormonal disorder and many more.

⦁ Numerous teenager girls and boys are attracted to diet control pills as an easy solution to weight loss. However, this is not the scenario. Rather, such pills have lots of side effects which may in turn lead to weight gain.

causes of obesity

Healthy Diet For Shedding The Extra Fat:-

Eating healthy diet is the magic mantra which will give you a perfect and strong body. Such plans must include the following items-

⦁ Regular meals everyday is the most important thing to keep your weight in control. You should give 3 well balanced meals and at least 2 healthy snacks to your teenage boy or girl.

⦁ Instead of fast foods encourage your boy or girl to eat baked or grilled food. Such foods are healthy as well as tasty.

⦁ Teach your teenage boy or girl to control their eating habit. He or she must stop eating when he or she is full. There is no harm in leaving the extra food on the plate.

⦁ A balanced diet is a must for both a boy and a girl. A diet consisting of proteins, grains, healthy fats and dairy foods is termed as a balanced diet.

⦁ Along with a balanced diet, it is also important to develop a habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Intake of high sodium content foods should also be avoided and instead intake of herbs should be encouraged.

⦁ The amount of sweet intake should also be lowered and it should be replaced with sugar free snacks and drinks.

Once your teenage girl or boy develops a healthy food habit numerous ailments will also be cured apart from helping them to lose weight. This will give him or her more energy and also give a clearer skin and shiny hair to your girl. Along with the children, your family should also eat healthy and live healthy.


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