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Competing with the pragmatic race of life in the 21st century, common people today invest most of their earnings on tourism today. It is a modern but effective tradition to find leisure time and adventure in daily life. One of the leading tour operators that is the Visit Britain masters in operating such deals. The new tradition has highly created a turning point in the role of tour operators. A large number of the mass are employed to the travel and tourism today.

In this study, a briefing of the reason behind attraction of visitors and tourists and its large impact on the tourism industry. There are group tours organized to visit a particular destination and the crowd involves several kinds of people, who often intend to visit the particular place more than once for various reasons.

Task 1

1.1 The various types of tourist attraction and how they influence each other as an entity 300

The world is formed of people with different and unique interests and it depends on the nature of the travelers. There are several reasons behind tourist’s attractions and the United Kingdom being a high level tourist destination possesses several assets to attract tourists. As per Mason (2015, p.309), the different types of visitor’s attraction can vary from rich cultural heritages of the nation to renowned monuments, passion for a specific sport activities and natural attractions.

Scope of visitor’s attraction

The scopes for building domestic tourist attraction along with the international consider high possibility. The famous London eye, Thorpe Park and Eden project are visited by more than half of the domestic visitors as well as international arrivals every year. These entertainment parks were actually created for adventurous purposes with a number exiting rides. Children from  different parts often visit these places.

In the past few years, these parks are receiving unexpected amount of tourists from across the nation and world becoming great tourist spots. According to Connell et al. (2015, p.283), this phenomena has improved the opportunities for the tour operators resulting in high profit and benefit as an attractive spot.

Additionally, while mesmerizing natural attractions like, the Lake Windermere and Pembrokeshire coast has been encouraging events like the Olympics, carnivals and festival for several years. Researches show that, this is improving the European economy and culture exposures in many ways.

The English country house situated in UK is an old mansion that has attracted immense tourist in the recent years being a standalone source of profit for the nation by organization of events and shows in its authentic infrastructure.

1.2 Analyzed view of significance of tourist attraction and strategies to improve them

The concept of tourist attraction has been leading a large percentage of Europe’s economy and fame for the past years. According to Fang et al. (2016, p.498), the importance of tourist attraction for UK covers many factors such as social, economic and cultural, to promote inbound revenue income within the nation and importance of leisure and valuable time for the natives. Some of the eminent factors also involve, recycling the country resource within itself such as, the local currency and wealth. The development of tourist attraction even more shall lead to the employment and growth of career opportunities for the natives in tourism industry.

The visit of excessive tourists to specific spots might also create issues like increased mishaps and accidental rates, increased traffic rates due to excessive visitors at one spot. As observed, minor faults in tour management has lead to severe disruptions and disputes which shall affect the reputation of the eminent tourist destinations in the long run.

A set of effective strategies can be involved in order to avoid such issues and promote visitor's attraction development.

Since the United Kingdom is a place with rich cultural heritage, its core assets can be utilized to catch the interest of the tourists. For example a tourist visiting a particular place can be a business person or an architect. There are high possibilities the individual might be interested in a particular asset of the country and make a business approach or proposal that might benefit the country.

Importance of Tourist attraction

The science and the natural history museum and Kensington garden are the centre of tourist spots in London. As per Weidenfeld et al. (2015, p.34), they promote the economic standard of UK on a large aspect as the high price tickets selling occurs in frequent and regular intervals every year. The authority has spread its branches to publishing news articles, videos and campaigns for different kind of tourist. At the same time the maintenance cost is also growing high.

The promotion of travel campaigns to rise inquisitively among visitors within the nation, publishing new destinations and articles, lodging of exclusive hotels and resorts by using survey as a medium to meet tourist demands can enhance tourist attraction even more. 



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