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The assignment aims at the understanding and the analysis of the legal connotations and moral issues that prevail within the sector of travel and tourism sector. The legal regulatory framework in realtion to the operational activities of the travel and tourism business is presented in this assignmen The significance of this framework in relation to the effective execution of the operations in relation to the different industries of travel and tourism sector are exemplified here by choosing a tour operator and agency of UK. The issues that are faced Q the organizations operating in this industry related to the legal obligations and legislation of the counny will be critically presented here. This is going provide reader a clear veo about the ethical which may arise while operation in this industry. The mitigation of these issues with the employment of the regulatory framework is also analysed through this essay. A leaflet on the contract legislation and customers‘ legislation is also provided s ithin the assignment.

Task 1


As a manager of Thompson Holidays (TUI), in order to prepare training material for the staffs of this travel Agency, the impact of the (Tui.co.uk. 2018). The training material includes the evaluation of the principles of health, safely and securily legislations which must be known to the staffs in order to execute the operational activities in relation to the business and provide the services and the facilities to the tourists with legal responsibilities.

⦁ Evaluating the impacts of the principles of health, safety and security legislation
The particular organisation operates in UK therefore, the touris etail agency has to operate following European legislations where the acts in relation to the health, safety and security are evaluated hereafter.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. According to this act. is also known as HSW or HASAW that is one of the most important act in the legislation of the counny. This act is mandatory on all employers running their business s ithin UK irrespective of the type of industry. The act ensures the practice of health. safety and welfare at work along with the reasonable workplace practices.

Thcrcforc. it is thc dirt’ as ii cll as thc responsibility of TUI to cnsurc the safe and sccurc environment for the employ ees » hile proc iding them healthy circumstances as » ell This particular act alos co ers the organisational health and safetj Ie gislatioii (OHS) In iiiiplementing thcsc acts. the cxccutii’cs of thc local bodies arc rcsponsiblc ix ho monitors t implcmcntation. Ho» e er. in order to Leep aligned » itli the legislation »'liile operating the travel and tourism sector. it is i’crj important tto go for the propagation of thc organisational policies that arc aligned »’ith that of the national legislations.

Gccuyi‹•rs Liability Act 1984: This particular act is directly related to the safety and security of thc i isitors of the particular counts »’hcrc TUI is hcadquartcrcd that is UK Thc act alludes to the responsibility of caring about the i isitors of the counts'. It indicates to the liability of the persons in terms of occupiers of the premises that is not only suffered b y the persons but the i’isitors as ii’ell. The siiffcring inny bc in tenns of any in Jury that alludes to thc rcqiiircmcnt of the health and safety assuraiicc of the i isitors i 'ithin the county

Data t›rotcction Act: Thias particular act innndntcs thc protcction of thc data and infonnation of the peoplc i 'ithin the counts' i 'hich must not be abused or else Icgal cliargcs are chargeable on the abuser In context. of tram eI and tourism sector, the infiux of voluminous data are i 'itnessed ii hich. must bc restorcd ii’ith propcr protcction mcasiircs bi the trai’cl agcnts as pcr this legislation. For instance. the information related to the online paymcnts is ai’aiIable to the tram eI and tourism agcnts Thesc arc i’cy’ confidcntial data and information of anj’ i’isitor ii’hich has to bc protcctcd. Thc act has rcplaccd thc 1988 Act »’hich now’ fociiscs on thc actii’itics in relation to the safe guarding of thc persona: data.

find' o/care: The duty of carc is mandatcd to onc and all ix ithin UK. hoii’ci’cr. in this contcxt. the employer’s dutj of carc is refer ant According to this. ci en reasonable stcp must bc taken by the employ ers in order to cnsure the safety and licaltli of the employ ces ii ithin the company . Thc cinploycr must be conccrncd about thc incntal and physical ii’ell being of thc cinployccs ii’hich has to be supported bj the organisational policies of the company here being TUI. These are the obligations of an employer ton ards the employee

⦁ Analysis of the legislation related to equality with reference to the UK tour operator and travel agency
The tour operator agency must go for the consideration of the legal aspects and equality and TUI is no exception. The legislations that are related to the equality act must be considered while propagating the organizational policies. The company as well as the staffs must be well aware of the legal rights they can exercise as the citizen and visitors of the country UK. The legislations related to equality are of multiple categories that includes the following:

Sex Discrimination Act 1975: This is an act that is against any kind of direct or indirect discrimination within the country UK. In context of UK travel operator and travel agency, the treatment of everyone must be the same and should not be determined by any discrimination of sex. Therefore, TUI also has to follow this act and avoid any sort of sex discrimination while carrying out recruitment, training. promotion or even dismissal. Any kind of sexual harassment. remarks that are explicit oif sexual harassment and sexual innuendos as well as less favourable treatment of the employer towards the employees are all crime and under jurisdiction under this particular act.

Employment Protection (Consolidation) Act 1978: This particular act is known to consolidate certain rights of the employees which must be followed by the tour and travel agencies as well operating in UK. Certain enactments in relation to the insolvency of the employees are also under this particular act. The subjects under this act include the condition of employment, collective bargaining, freedom of association and industrial relations. TUI has to propagate its organizational policies in relation to the human resource and workplace culture considering this particular act.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995: This act serves as the protection of the people who are diable and are often abused. This act declares every activity of discrimination against the disabled beings as unlawful in relation to the employment and other provinces like goods and facilities. The tour operators and the agencies like TUI must not for the violation of this act otherwise they may be legally charged. The discrimination should not prebail from the side of the employers as well as form the side of the employees towards the tourist and visitors.

Employment Act 2llfl2, The main proi’ision thnt this act constitutes includes the concept if’ family-friendly orking. The other pro isions include the equal treatment if the employees for a fixed term. resolution of the different patterns of the indii’idual disputes at the » orkplace. This particular act must be follo»’cd and implcmcntcd by the trai’cl rind tourism compnnics in ordcr to avoid the legal issues and yield the best out of the satisfied as » elf as safe » orkplace

Human Rights Act: This particular act protects thc huinnn right that is innndatori for all public organizations likc that includes goi’crnincnts. public councils and police council as ii all. This mandated that ei en one has to e treated equally in terms of respect, dignity and fairness as i elf. This act protccts not only the rights of thc citizcn of UK »’ho amy be Glnployccs as ii cll brit irrespectii e of » hether the person belonging to the countrr or a child or any foreigner No human being can be abused and the human rights cannot be denied to any human being i 'ithin th0countn’,

The legislations must be followcd bi cach rind ci’cn stakcholdcr of the organisation in ordcr to avoid the legal issues and acIiiei’ing transparency » ithin the industn as » elf. CFoIIoi 'ing the legislation is going to bc bcncficial for the company itself This is bccaiisc. this ii’ill allow the coinpan› to bc inorc conccrncd about the hcalth. safcty and sccurity of the staffs. Thc ability of cam ing out fair trade i ill also bc achiei cd by the company The impact further includcs thc cxcrcising of the lcgislation and the regulations in relation to thc data protection. employment both in national and local lci’cl. Thc comm ii ill bc anblc to opcrartc in a morc systcmatic ii ai
» hich i 'ill help it cam out thcir busincss » ithout Icsser Icgal issues and morc productivity in the long run.

Task 2

LO3 (refer to leaflet)

Task 3

LO 4

As a sustainability manager in TUI, a management report is presented on the in order to proitiote the ethical behai’iuor of the staffs tou’ards the customers after the complaint of a customer.
4. Analysis of the ethical dilemmas that are faced bi' the travel and tourism sector
In handling the customers and prox’iding thGln ii’ith the best seri’iccs and fncilitics. there innny issues thnt faced bj the company among ii hich the cthical dilemmas arc highly affecting to thc growth of the business. The complaint by the customers makes it ct ident that the approaches of thc cinployces ii ho arc rcsponsiblc for handling the ciistomcrs dircctlj arc not ii cll traincd. The infonnation rc Harding the ethical code pof conduct md behai ior needs to bc gis cii to the staffs handling thc customers. The identification of the dilemma is crucial here. Among thciii the most promincnt oncs include cinploymcnt cthics that must includc right Lind of rccriiitincnt and sclectuioii process. Ethics in relation to add ertisement is yet another dilemma since tlierc arc oficn actii’itics that arc unintcntionalh offcnding to othcrs ii ho arc indircctly rclatcd to the organisation. For instance, in the promotion of tlic company and its band or scre ices, tlic name of anj other competitor operating in thc same in dusty' must not be atken that ii ill lead to ethical and lcgal issucs as ii’cll. Grcn issues mai bc faccd bi thc company if thcir actix’itcs arc harming the natural resources since, in the tourisiii sector: the php sical fearures of the desthiations are uscd. The idea about operating in gc international market is alos crucil i here tlic norms arc not thc samc as in the nation al lci’cl Thcrcforc. thc intcrnational business norms hai’c to bc acquircd by the staffs of the company'. Finally. dilemma related tio the ethical consumer. High code of ethics is highh cntcial for the dcaling with the customers. This ii ill allow thc company to go for the ai’ailabiliti of the satisfactory seri’ices to the customers Thc reasons behind these ethical dilemmas maj be or erlapping of lai s and ethics ii hile propagating the organixational policies. The national standards and thc norms of busincss conduct must bc follow ed by the companies in order to at ord these dilemmas
4.1 Analysis of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of a specified travel and tourism business
The dilemmas that are discussed above can be avoided through different tj pes of initiatii es liLe Corporatc Social Responsibility (CSR) that ii ill not onh support the gro»’th of the organisation but the corporate sustainability of the company » ill also be achieved irrespecti e of the type of sector. Thc CSR initiatii’es actually include the actix’itics of taking responsibilities for the social ii all being and crn’ironmcntal ii clfarc fonn thc funding of the organisation This allow s am company to be a part of the global community that constitutes of the consideration of the international biisincss cthics. This is rcason many coinpanics hai’c non incliidcd thc CSR policies » ithin teir operational actin ities throughout a particular financial year. In order to bc more ethical in miming any business i 'hich is not lirrhtcd to thc achievciiient of the rcvenues only’ Thc CSR policics as ii’cll as thc initiatii’cs arc i’cn’ crucial for thc achici’emcnt oif tc sustainability of anj company irrcspectii c of the industn . In the tra e1 and tourism busincss also. this artcular policj allow s the company to get a iinificd and differcnt identity’ that is knots n for its ii’clfarc actii’itics. Thc conccrncd and an ardcd ciistoincrs arc attractcd by these tj pes of organisation. Ths is no doubt a postivge business approach to acliic e the sustainability i 'ithin thc markct both in national and intcrnational lci’cl
The health and safet› of the customers is protected bi’ the legislations that are ei’ident from the abos e analysis The regulator fraiiieu orL thus plajs the role of guidance to the tourist operations agency u mo ahs are mandated to follo» the legislations in order to pro ide the customers u ith safe. healthy and secured sein’ices as u ell as facilities. Further. these regulations and le gislation are actually positively impact the organizations in effectively cam uig out the functional operations aligned u ith that of the legislation This in return proi’ides the particular company u ith the capability to identify the issues and tackle them form beforehand. This is crucial for the mitigation of te =he issue u hich h slou Iy leads to the end of the arousal of issue in relation ot the legislation and contracts as ii ell.
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