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Unit 24:Networking Technologies

Unit 24:Networking Technologies

 Unit 24:Networking Technologies


This assignment is based on the concept of networking technologies, which need to be implemented within a new premise of Beta communication Limited. This company works on the platform of telecommunication, which deals with telecom products for the niche market. Moreover, this assignment can help the learner to understand the standard and the models which are associated with the networking technologies. The aim of this assignment is to give a background to the basic components of the networked system through which the entire networking operations can derive. Furthermore, this company has the different building; each building has different department and every different have various requirements on the basis of the network along with the applications of the networking.

According to a network consultant, there are various benefits of the networking system, which can help the Beta communication Limited to fulfill the requirements of the different building of this company. Those benefits are given below:

                   File sharing: After implementation of LAN within the 1st, 2nd and 3rd building of this company, this networking system can offer a quick and easy way for sharing their large volume data or files directly. According to Varnelis (2012, p.90), has stated that as this company has three buildings, therefore, using a disk or USB from one building to another for sharing their files can consume a lot of time.

                   Security: As a network consultant, it can be said that security can be one of the most important aspects of having networking technologies within any building or office. The first building of this company need to have the Web server and File Transfer Protocol or FTP for storing purpose of application and data, therefore, they require a secured platform. That password can limit the authorization of the file, that is, it gives protection by limiting the access to the authorized users (Tropper, 2014, p.19).

                   Management and cost of software:  This Company can load the software on only on the file server, which can save the time as compared to install and track the files on the independent computers. According to Barnaghiet al. (2012, p.20), the frontline support requires high power workstation, whereas, the NI manager requires powerful PC for checking the status of MIS (Management Information System).

According to Menonet al. (2012, p.75) implementation of LAN can also possess some of the constraints, which can affect the limited budget of this company; those constraints are given below;

Constraints of the proposed technology:

Privacy Violations: The LAN administrator for this company has the right for checking the personal data or files for each user of this technology (Tropper, 2014, p.19). Data security threats: It is serious constraint for the company. Unauthorized users have the power for accessing the important files or data of this organization. Therefore, it needs to be centralized by the administrator.

Job for LAN maintenance: Lack of LAN administrator is a highly disadvantage for the company. In order to maintain the LAN technology, this company needs to appoint a LAN administrator due to any problem occurs for software installation or any hardware failure, or any disturbance occurs due to cable (Menonet al. 2012, p.75).

Costly: As this company’s 1st line support department requires file transfer protocol for storing the data and application, therefore, this is highly expensive in order to maintain the software to run effectively.

Time consuming: It has also been recorded to be more time consuming for maintaining the software. The user or the admin want to upload any file on the website, they need the host address, username or password for further proceedings.

This company is based on the telecommunication and deals with the telecom products, therefore, the implementation of the LAN technology can highly impact the way of their working and business (Refer to Appendix 1). This network technology can help the network consultant for adding or moving workstation in an ease way, as the Front Line support belonging to the 1st building of this company need to have high work PowerStation.

The company can have an impact of LAN as costs savings by the multiple users of the infrastructure. Furthermore, the LAN can also affect the communication within the building of this company (Giannouliset al. 2012, p.35).

This can make the transmission of this company’s business information more easy, efficient and less expensive as compared to not having LAN with their new premise. With the help of LAN, the standard of this company can ultimately be raised because; this can ensure that the hardware and the software which is being distributed among the buildings of this company can work together. According to Sydney et al. (2013, p.767), has stated that without the standard of the network, this can be difficult for developing the network for this company which can share the information.

A.C 1.3 discussing how the protocols can enable the effective utilization of various networking system

Having the protocols within the LAN, it can highly affect the utilization of various networking system (Pryanichnikov and Andreev, 2012, p.2305). As the 1st building's department, First, lien support needs to have an implementation of FTP or file transfer protocol, can help the various systems for working together. Moreover, the protocol TCP/IP that is, Transmission Control Protocol or Internet protocol, can build a set of rules within the buildings of this company. This rule is for exchanging the messages with each other at packet level on information.

IP, that uses a set of guideline for sending or receiving messages at the address level of the internet, this can be used in this company. It is due to the reason that second building of this company having the Department of ordering and delivery, they need to interact or contact the customer via the email. Moreover, the general staffs of this company need to have all the communications within their floor and that need to be secured from the eavesdropping. Furthermore, in accordance with the statement of Liet al. (2014, p.75), as the first building needs FTP, which is used for the corresponding programs, it can be done from anywhere on the Internet. Moreover, this protocol can help the network administrator of this company, who needs to have control over the overall network. This administrator can ensure their company that the software and the hardware are compatible with each other.

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