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The given assignment states about how individuals can be supported through transitions which are associated with the life cycle of human. With the help of this assignment the learners can get an idea about the ways in which the care services can contribute towards the maintenance of the reputation and dignity of those individuals who are suffering from any disease or trauma. The learner would also get to know about how the workers of care settings take care and support the individuals who are experiencing major life events. The given case study would help the learner to have a better understanding about managing individuals in the health and social care setting. The unit describes about the case of a 35 years old man called James, a heroin addict. He undergoes an addiction recovery programme and faces several challenges after his rehab. The learner has analysed the responses which are designed for supporting these individuals. The leaner has also given relevant recommendations have also been given for improvement of the conditions of the individuals. This unit is for those people are interested in working in advising agencies and counselling therapies. This assignment would encourage the learners to reflect on their personal experiences and skills that are required to support different individuals through their significant life events.     

Task 1

In the given case, James is a 35 years old man who has a wife named Sarah. James had an addiction for heroin for two years and then his wife convinced him to go under a 28-day Addiction Recovery Programme. James faces the impact of withdrawal and after completion of the programme which he undertook; he suffers from the post effects as well. Sarah also faced trouble as James was not able to cope with the stress of his family life (Baldock, et al. 2011). The impact of this significant life event of James made it difficult for him to live a normal routine life. Life events are nothing but the changes that take place in a sudden or abrupt manner in an individual’s life. The individual might take time to deal with such events. The life events can be either positive or negative. It depends on how the individual is going to react to such situations. The life events can be of different type and the impacts of these events affect the individuals differently. The impact can be classified on the basis of how much stress one faces. According to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale model, the life events can into 43 different stressful life events. Like in the given case, even though James finishes his Addiction Recovery Programme, within a few hours after leaving the addiction centre, he started feeling uneasy and he could not cope with most of the things (Morgan and Bhugra, 2010). This made James irritated, anxious and he felt a lot pressure. Sarah realised that she never thought of the after effects of rehab and that James was not able to come back to his normal life situation. This life event had a considerable impact on his well being and social life. He started cutting off from his friends and family relatives. All this also affected the marriage life of James and Sarah. Later, Sarah decided to ask James to join the Focus Group, which is a local community centre, so she could prevent his addiction and save their marriage life. At Focus Group, people shared their own experiences and how they used to cope with different situations. James shared that during the time when he used to consume heroin, he had a disgruntled attitude because of which he lost friends and he lost confidence to work too. The leader of Focus Group was Nick who helped James and Sarah to overcome the problems. James went there for three months after which he felt more confident and he noticed the changes in his attitude. This helped him get back to his normal life and he also got his friends back (Storrie, et al. 2010, p.5).     




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