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Unit 2 Networking

Unit 2 Networking

Edexcel, BTEC and LCCI qualifications

Edexcel, BTEC and LCCI qualifications are awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked. For further information, please visit our qualification websites at www.edexcel.com, www.btec.co.uk or www.lcci.org.uk. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us using the details on our contact us page at qualifications.pearson.com/contactus 

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Higher National Certificate/Diploma in


Assessment Brief

Student Name/ID Number


Unit Number and Title

2: Networking

Academic Year


Unit Tutor

Paul Jackson

Assignment Title

NET01 Networking principles and devices

Issue Date

11th February 2020

Submission Date

30th March 2020

IV Name & Date

Kandis Douglas 28 Aug 2019


Submission Format

The submission is in the form of an individual written report.

You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system.

Please also provide a list of references (and any bibliography) using the Harvard referencing system.

The recommended word limit is 2,000–2,500 words, although you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.


Unit Learning Outcomes

LO1 Examine networking principles and their protocols.

LO2 Explain networking devices and operations.

Assignment Brief and Guidance

You are employed as a Network Engineer by BRISSLE(Net)and have been asked to investigate and explain networking principles, protocols and devices. You will need to produce a report for the CEO, Principal,and IT team of the local college, Bristol Brabazon College(BBC).


BBC is planning a network upgrade as student numbers are set to double in the next 3 years. Currently the college has 600 students, 100 staff and 400 PCs for both. An estimated 700 desktop PCs will be required on campus, comprising a single Local Area Network (LAN), split between two main areas (East and West buildings) separated by a distance of 500m. The main internet connection is via a router in the East building. The college has Wi-Fi with 802.11g as the fastest speed. This does not have many access points and coverage is patchy and slow.


Due to budget constraints the college senior management team is seriously considering saving money by implementing some networking equipment that was ordered some years ago but never used. This equipment would create a ring topology LAN using Token Ring. The IT team are not happy about this, suggesting an Ethernet-based LAN in a star or mesh topology.


Another issue to be addressed is the use of servers. The management team would like the college to use their existing Xeon server hardware from 2005 and improve performance by upgrading from Windows Server 2003 to an open-source solution such as Ubuntu Server. Again, the IT team are worried, suggesting that it is unwise not to invest a considerable portion of the budget into modern, powerful servers running Windows 2019 Server.


One final issue is the connection between the East and West buildings. The management have suggested a long cable run (Token Ring or ethernet) boosted by repeaters. The IT team believe that a fibre-optic link would significantly improve connectivity.


In all the above cases, the management team believe that the savings made from their plans will mean the college can have an upgraded Wi-Fi network (802.11n), 50 student laptops for classes and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, significantly improving the student experience. The college also wishes to bring in Microsoft Office 365 and Teams.


Your report must contain a suitable introduction and summary, plus the following sections:

1.     Comparison of Ethernet and Token Ringand their suitability for BBC and the overall college vision for BYOD.Recommend one of these technologies for BBC and justify your choice.(P1, M1, D1)

2.     Topology and bandwidth: Compare solutions for the connection between East and West buildings and evaluate the two options given in the scenario above. Suggest other solutions. Describe day-to-day issues that are likely to arise if the bandwidth of the connection is sub-standard. (P2, M1, D1)

3.     Server recommendations: Compare Ubuntu Server and Microsoft Server 2019 in the college environment.Discuss hardware and software compatibility issues as defined in the scenario above. Make a recommendation to the college based on price constraints and overall college vision. Justify your recommendation, paying particular attention to cost, compatibility and performance factors. (P3, P4, M2)


*Please access HN Global for additional resources support and reading for this unit. For further guidance and support on report writing please refer to the Study Skills Unit on HN Global. Link to www.highernationals.com




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