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Unit 2 Marketing Essentials

Unit 2 Marketing Essentials

Roles and responsibilities of marketing functions

The term marketing essentials have a different meaning in different organisations.Coming to Cadbury marketing implies promoting the products and services of the organisation for the purpose of increasing sales. These promotions are done based on the examination of the present market situation and customer requirements. For example at the point when any festive season is around the marketing strategy provides an extraordinary discount, offers and prizes for some of the customers which help in attracting more customers (Linton, 2019). By the day's end, the primary motive of the marketing strategy is to catch the attraction of the customers present in the market. The marketing strategy affects the business operation of an organisation in an extraordinary manner, because in cases that the marketing strategy isn't successful then the product/services of the organisation won't reach to the customer which will have a drastic effect on the sales and profit of the organisation (Wirtz et al. 2014). Some of the roles of marketing functions are as follows:

1.                  Generating revenue

The revenue of an organisation relies on the performance and quality of the product/services of the organisation. Marketing of a product plays an important part in the success of the product. It means that if the marketing is great, the organisation will earn a good amount of income from the product which demonstrates the organisation has a proper understanding of developing marketing strategies (Frederiksen, 2018).

2.                  Increasing the number of customers and reach of the organisation

The number of customers relies on the marketing strategies of the organisation. If the organisation have great marketing strategies,it can reach to a large number of customers. An ideal case of this is Cadbury; it has been seen that the offers provided by Cadbury help in increasing the number of customers.

3. Pricing: - Setting the pricing value and communication with the major stake holders will allow them in maintaining the marketing function as well as meeting the objectives of the company. The main function which is required for the company is setting the value of their product based on the market trends which will reduce the risk of market deficiency.

Relation of roles and responsibilities to a wider organisational context

Marketing requires funds and effort from the specific department of the organisation. The marketing department is concern about the marketing of products or its services. Strategies and approaches are prepared according to the respective demand of the customer and stakeholder of the organisation. Responsibility of the marketing is to concern about its every step because a single mistaken step will give a lousy effect or it may become a wrong decision. If the decision goes wrong, it will affect the marketing strategy.

Generating more revenue require various activities such as increasing the number of customers. An organisation needs to create more income for its growth. Marketing plays an essential role in the organisation by which it attracts a new customer. When the number of customers contributes to it, it automatically increases the size of the transaction. According to the study, Cadbury increases more profit after improving its marketing skills which includes advertisement, print media etc. These strategies enhance the rate of transaction per customer. The organisation analyse that its customer rate increases, the organisation raise the prices on the product. The responsibility of marketing is to manage every marketing approach according to the sales and product (Tzokas, 2015).

Revenue is generated according to the size of the organisation so that, marketing team develop the strategy in terms of organisation size and its industry

Marketing increases the rate of the customer and its marketing approach. Since promotional activities attract most of the customer by the organisation; Cadbury gives numerous offers on the special occasion and participates in the various social events. When the customer becomes a regular customer of the specific organization, it is the best opportunity for any organisation. This will become possible when the organisation proves that their service is the same which was promoted at the time of marketing (Camilleri, 2017).

The organization grows into a wider business which includes market research, preparing a marketing plan, development in existing product and innovation of new merchandise like new packaging, small packets. These strategies will require to promote by the marketing includes advertising, distribution, promotion, public service and customer service.

Sponsorship is also based on marketing. The organization enhances its approach or reaches among people. Since, when customer view banner or print media some other marketplace. It increases beliefs and value towards the specific organization. Marketing approach includes offers and discounts too. Cadbury gives an additional discount offer or combo offer. It is the strategy of rapid increment in the customer rate.

The brand ambassador is also a part of marketing. It increases the demand of customer because their celebrity uses the same product due to this approach organization get the advantage. Brand ambassador promotes the products and service and creates trust between the ordinary customers. People make loyalty towards the specific organization. Marketing strategies improve the efficiency of performance of the organization. Since this approach emphasizes the amount of sales rate, these approaches will help to grow the organization in the same industry (VomBrocke, 2016)



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