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Unit 09 Systems Analysis and Design

Unit 09 Systems Analysis and Design



Assessor             : Miss. Shahana N               Internal Examiner (IE): Mr. Kelum W

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Assignment Brief

BTEC Level 4-5 HNC/HND Diploma (QCF)




To be filled by the Learner

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 Statement of Originality and Student Declaration


I hereby, declare that I know what plagiarism entails, namely to use another’s work and to present it as my own without attributing the sources in the correct way. I further understand what it means to copy another’s work.

  1. I know that plagiarism is a punishable offence because it constitutes theft.
  2. I understand the plagiarism and copying policy of the Edexcel UK.
  3. I know what the consequences will be if I plagiaries or copy another’s work in any of the assignments for this program.
  4. I declare therefore that all work presented by me for every aspects of my program, will be my own, and where I have made use of another’s work, I will attribute the source in the correct way.
  5. I acknowledge that the attachment of this document signed or not, constitutes a binding agreement between myself and Edexcel UK.
  6. I understand that my assignment will not be considered as submitted if this document is not attached to the attached.



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Assignment Brief


Smart Arcade is car spare part manufacturing company based in UK. Smart Arcade is a global supplier of car spare parts to various car manufacturers in the world.

Customers of Smart Arcade place orders for the spare parts they require, and delivery is estimated to take three weeks. When a customer places an order, the model of spare part required, quantity and the destination to which it has to be shipped is recorded by the receptionist. Customers can order for more than one model of a spare part in a single order.

The customer orders are then being forwarded to the manufacturing department.

At the end of the day, a forecast is made based on the customer orders and the spare part quantity in hand to determine the count of spare parts that have to be produced in the next line of manufacture.

Once the required quantity of spare parts is manufactured, they are quantity in hand is updated and the spare parts are subject to verification by the chief mechanic and upon success, they are being sent to the procurement department.

The procurement officer is responsible for checking whether the model & quantity of spare parts manufactured supplements the customer orders and then does arrangements for delivery of spare parts to customers. The status of delivery is also recorded.

The operations of Smart Arcade are hindered by paper based operations which results in delays, misplacement of customer orders, customer service issues which ultimately leads to loss of potential customers.

Assume that you have been hired by Smart Arcade as a systems analyst to propose a systems design that will help overcome limitations with the existing system.




Task 1 – Requirements analysis and selection of a SDLC model

1.1  Undertake a systems investigation to meet a business need.

Make use of a variety of data collection methods that suits the organization. The overall purpose of your investigation would be to reveal limitations with the existing system and gather requirements to be addressed in the proposed system.

Provide evidence on the selective use of data collection tools & methods (LO 3.1)

1.2  Evaluate different systems lifecycle models.

Evaluate different system development life cycle models and suggest the most suitable SDLC model that can be applied for the given case study provided the results of your systems investigation. (LO 1.1)

Your selection of the most suitable SDLC model must be justified by effectively by highlighting the benefits of using the selected model thus discriminating why other models do not best fit the given case study. (M 1.1)

1.3  Discuss the importance of following a procedural / staged lifecycle in a systems investigation.

Provide understanding of the different life cycle stages that comprise different models. (LO 1.2)


Task 2 – Developing a feasibility report

2.1 Assess the impact of different feasibility criteria on a systems investigation.

Emphasize the importance of conducting a feasibility study and address the context                                             covered by different feasibility criteria and its impact. (LO 2.2)

2.2 Discuss the components of a feasibility report.

Critically evaluate the solution that you propose to Smart Arcade based on different feasibility criteria and develop a feasibility report. (LO 2.1) (M 3.1)



The feasibility report must include,

·         Detail of technical requirements for the proposed solution

·         A detailed cost-benefit analysis

·         A Gantt chart

·         The legal implications of the proposed solution

·         Must address the usability of the proposed solution


The feasibility report must suit the audience that it was developed while satisfying the intended purpose and outcomes of its development.


Task 3 – Developing a Systems Requirements Specification (SRS)

Develop a SRS that reflects the systems investigation undertaken.

The SRS developed must include comprehensive details of functional and non-functional requirements for the proposed system. (LO 3.3) (M 2.3)


Task 4 – Use of methodology

Provide evidence on the comprehensive use of process modeling and data modeling techniques and tools. (LO 3.2)

a)      Model the data view of the system by use of an ERD.

b)      Visualize the proposed system by use of DFD (Context, first & second level DFD).


Task 5 - Quality Management

Evaluate how user and systems requirements have been addressed.



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