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Unit 08 Research Project

Unit 08 Research Project

A critical analysis on the pressure of the technological development on the production site: A case study of Toyota plc. UK

The technology is continuously changing in the modern world, so the organization requires to develop its operation. Without improvement, it will be very tough for the organization to survive such a competitive world of business. The production is an important part of any business, because the production part generates the products for the company. With the efficient production operation, the company will find a competitive advantage over the market. In the research, it will focus on the pressure, which the organization’s faced in the production site through the implementation of technology (Huang, 2013).

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Production sites create the most effective support for the organization, because the R & D directly support the production site. The Toyota company has its production site for the manufacturing, where it continuously working to improve its products, because the technological implementation crate the demand of more effective products. The competitors also create pressure for the Toyota company, because they create more innovative product for the customer. In that’s why, the customer also wants create product and service for the company. As a leading company, the Toyota company required to adopt the change in the technology and provided the new technology supported products and services for its customer. If the Toyota company reluctant to adopt the change, it will cause a huge loss for the company and the company will loss its market share (Huang, 2013).

Toyota is still following their traditional marketing concept. But, it is not a wise option for the Toyota company to stay on the decision, because the customer follow the modern style. In that’s why, the Toyota company should bring the new marketing strategy in its operation, so the company will bring the change in its operation. The variety of products support the company to adopt the different choice of the customer, so the company can produce the product in high amount. With the technological adoption in the production, the company will create the product in less cost with more facilities and provide technological support in its product. The technology used in the production will create a huge opportunity for the Toyota company. But, the technological implementation is not an easy task for the Toyota company, because a huge amount of resources required to invest in the production process(Hon, 2007).

Research always supports to create option for development or implement the operation. The research will carry out the most productive output for the Toyota Company to improve the operation of its operation. It will also provide the information about to know about the implication of the production site for the betterment of the Toyota Company’s operation.


Technology always creates a huge pressure for the company to modify its products with the operation and strategy. Sometime it creates threat and also create opportunity for the company. The Toyota has a huge number of customer in the automobile industry, so the change can create a huge pressure for the company. The technology is one the important factor for the company to develop effective operation for the company. Toyota Company should develop its operation with the technology. Just In Action supports customer to have the great service from the company. The cloud management aid the company to create better information system management to improve the communication strategy of the Toyota Company. The company also required to use the better security system for the company.

The project aim at to evaluate the pressure, which the Toyota Company faced through the technological advancement.

In here, the objective of the project shows, which are:

·       To develop the plan for improving the process of the Toyota company

·       To evaluate the result through the improvement of the technological production of Toyota.

·       To identify the pressure that the technological improvement causes for the Toyota company.

Literature review

The production defines the converting process of the raw materials into the useful materials. In the organization, the company used raw material in the production to develop the products or service. The efficient and effective operation in the production process is becoming an important issue for any company; because every company continuously tries to improve its operation. With the innovation, the company achieve the efficiency and effectiveness in the operation, because the new technology supports the organization to develop the products or service with less consumption of materials or provides more quality(Wu, 2015). It also creates efficiency by reducing the waste rate in the production or defect rate. The R & D department in the different organization are very active with the development of new product or service process, because without innovation it is not possible for the company to gain more price or share in the market. Toyota is famous for its own production process, because it creates its own production management, which is known as the Lean Production Management(Hon, 2007).

With the management strategy, the Toyota Company creates the customer oriented operation system. In that’s why, the Toyota Company required to develop it operation with the different facilities. But, the process faced the difficulties with the implementation of the technology. The Toyota Company’s most of the customer wants the products in the competitive quality in lowest price, because the customer of the Toyota Company are very price sensitive(Bredt, 2000). In that’s why, the Toyota company should require to think about the price when producing a product or facility for the customer. The technology also supports the Toyota Company to develop the cloud management of its data, so the company will easily evaluate the need and requirement of the customer in the different area. With the maximum rate of customer, the company can easily develop the economic for its customer, because the large amount of product production reduce the cost. The lean management also supports the customer to have the proper service or facility by using the technology to develop automation and just in time production method(Mourtzis, 2015). 

Toyota has a huge market share with its efficient operation, because the huge production support the Toyota Company to use the technology in its operation. The technology supports the organization produce a bulk amount of product. The error rate of technological adopted company is also low, because the machine make less error then the human involvement. The cost is become lower that the human involve activities(Chryssolouris, 2008). 

For the research, in the below part of the topic shows some research questions, which are:

Ø  What are the development areas in production process of Toyota using digital technologies?

Ø  What are the outcomes of the digital production process of Toyota?

Ø  What are the contributions of digital technology on the improvement of the production process?

For the research, in here shows two hypotheses, which are:

Null Hypotheses: Technological improvement creates no force on the production process development of Toyota.

Alternative Hypotheses: Technologies improvement creates significant force on the production process development of Toyota.

Primary Research

Primary research is the basis research, because it aids the research to provide the information according to the research with specific objective(Kothari, 2004).

Secondary Research

Secondary research collated the different information from the different materials to conduct the research, because it supports the research to use the different material source for the research perspective(Jha, 2008).

Primary also defines the certain time limit for the research, because the primary research wants to collect the information through the certain objective and time limit. Secondary research also aid to develop the theories and model for the research. The theories and model supports the research to operate the objective easily.

The research activity started with the pre analysis of the target population perception, because the research should think about the perception of the target population. In that’s why, the qualitative research supports the people with the developing the perception of the target people (Jha, 2008).

On the other site. The quantitative research aid the research to create and use the statistical tools in the research, because the statistical tools support the research to develop the factors for the research and evaluate the relationship between the factors (Kothari, 2004).

The qualitative research supports the people with the developing the perception of the target people. The statistical tools support the quantitative research to develop the factors for the research and evaluate the relationship between the factors.

The researcher has ensured proper methods for conducting the primary and secondary researches. The methods are described here.

For the research, the primary data creates the efficiency of the research and the primary data collected through the survey of different respondent on telephone, online survey, social site etc. (Jha, 2008).


Population is the area where the research collect its information, because the research works on a certain area. For the research, it selected the population as the employees of the Toyota plc. UK, because the employees of the Toyota plc. UK will provide the more effective information for the research(Kothari, 2004).


In the research, it is very difficult for the research to collect the information from the every element of the population, because it consumes a huge amount of cost and time for the research. In that’s why, the research used to collect the information from the sample(Jha, 2008). For the research, it used the sample of 50 people and it collected the sample with the related area of the research objective. For the collection of the information, the research used to ask the question through survey questionnaire.
The employees who worked in the Toyota plc. UK have a great deal of knowledge about the company, so it is relevant for the research to collect the information who worked in the technology or R & D site. The people of those sites have more knowledge than the other people. For the research, it used the random sampling method, because it supports to reduce the biases in the research data collection activities.

For the survey, the questionnaire is a common option to collect the information from the respondent, because the survey collect the detail information with the quantitative parameter. The questionnaire used different types of questions to collect the information.

Secondary research collated the different information from the different materials to conduct the research, because it supports the research to use the different material source for the research perspective(Jha, 2008).

Secondary data used the different published data in the different areas, like book, journal, online portal etc. The information develop the knowledge depth about the research.

Ethical issues

For the, secondary data the ethical issues are very important, because the research used the citation with mistake. The proper citation is also important for the research, because it will support to justify the topic if future information required. The proper information should be use, because the hypothetical information reduces the effectiveness of the research(Jha, 2008).

The variety of products support the company to adopt the different choice of the customer, so the company can produce the product in high amount. With the technological adoption in the production, the company will create the product in less cost with more facilities and provide technological support in its product (Mourtzis, 2015). Toyota use the computerized system to maintain the quality, because the accuracy of the computerized system is more than the human operate system. The robot also used to perform the different operation, because the cost of human involvement in the activity is more than the robot. In the automobile service, the testing is very important, because the performance of the product should be evaluated through some test. For the test, the company should use the robot; because it is not possible to use the human in that kind of test (Huang, 2013).

Primary data used the graph and chart to describe the data, so it becomes easy for the research to have the right information within a short time. In the below part of the shows the primary data of the research with the proper analysis.

Demographic analysis of gender of the respondents

Figure: Demographic analysis of gender of the respondents.

The data shows that most of the data collected for the male employees of the organization, so it shows that the male are mostly involve in the technology area of the Toyota Plc. UK.

Q1. The implementation in the production process of Toyota are generated through a force to adoption of technological change.

With the change of technology in the business environment, it will create a huge pressure for the Toyota to change its operation. With the research, the result shows that almost every employees in the Toyota Company believes that the change in the operation created through the technological change about 98 percent of the employees provide positive opinion when the ask the question.

Toyota are generated through a force to adoption of technological change

Q2. The technology supports the Toyota Plc. UK to deduce the cost and waste in the production.


Cost management is a vital issue for the company and the technology open the door for the Toyota Company to reduce its cost through the waste reduction. Over 40 percent of the employees strongly believes that the technology can reduce the waste. But, 10 percent of people think different because the technology take time to adjust the operation of the company.

Q3. Technological implementation support the Toyota to deliver more value with its operation.


The Toyota used its own lean management formula to know the need of the customer, because the management supports the company to provide the products according to the customer need. More the 68 percent employees of the Toyota think that the technology can provide more value added service.

Q4. TQM achieved by Toyota through the technological implementation in the operation.

It is a complex question for the employees, because the opinion of the employees are mixed. The information do not provide an exact indication, because half of the people stand in the positive side and the others in the opposite.

Q5. Technological updation makes the Toyota Company as the market leader in the UK market.

The data shows that the technological implementation is not the exact reason behind the company achieving the top position of the UK market, because the Toyota Company provides the customer the products into low cost with competitive quality. The employees also shows the disagreement with the question that ask to know about the reason to become the leader in the UK market. Almost 45 percent employees provide strongly opposite opinion.

ü  Where the Toyota Company use its technological implementation to improve the production management?




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