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Unit 02 Networking

Unit 02 Networking

The submission is in the form of an individual written report. This should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font size 12. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide an end list of references using the Harvard referencing system.

You are the newly recruited Network Engineer of an eminent movie company called Enclave Films.This company composesmoviesand delivers high quality video to make it download through VividZone company website.The original movie company management has decided to consolidate the contract with VividZoneby adding more efficient staff and appliances. 

Enclave Films is in building Band the web team is positioned in the same building while majority of the administration, sales, accounts and management functions are supported in building A. Both buildings are located in the same premises. Movie company plans to aggregate all their staff and resources in one building. Therefore when adjacent office space becomes available in building A, these groups will be accommodated together. Building A has a reception and a customer area as well. 

About the Network 

The branch network ofEnclaveFilmshas grown without proper planning. The LAN cabling in both offices is Cat5e Ethernet. The office complex provides an Ethernet link between the two buildings. Because of the recent acquisition of VividZone, the addressing and naming of the network are inconsistent. 

The combined network infrastructure has not been optimized or redesigned. It is a flat network design with minimal redundancy. A small wireless LAN is used occasionally by few project managers with laptops and the guests at Building B.  Moviecompany believes that the WLAN may be used frequently since mobile and contract employees of VividZone will require network access. 

Remote access to Enclave Films network is provided through an ADSL internet link terminating in Building A. Currently there are two sets of Enclave Films staff onsite at the stadium in building A. The VividZone provides them office space in their management offices. 

The current network equipment includes:

a)      Two  routers

b)     Three switches

c)      One network and business server

d)     One wireless router

e)      One ADSL modem 

The current network has TWO VLANs.

a)      reception, accounts, and administration. It consists of 12 PCs and 02 printers. 

b)     The Production VLAN in building B serves the production suites and provides networking for the media development and storage. It consists of 09 high-performance workstations, 05 office PCs, and 02 printers. 

The Management expects to enhance the network based on following major criteria:

c)      Data traffic expected to increase by 80%

d)     Possibly consider connecting directly to the VividZone network; must be a fast and reliable connection

e)      High network availability with redundant links and technology

f)      Wireless network access at the stadium and at Building A and Building B

g)     QoS to support video applications

LO1 Examine networking principles and their protocols 

Task 1.1(P1)

a)     Discuss the benefits and constraints of different network types and standards.

b)     Explain the benefits & constraints of current network solution including bandwidth & effectiveness of the networking system. 

Task 1.2

a)     What is a topology? Give a brief introduction about Logical and Physical topologies including examples.(P2)

b)     Identify what are the most suitable Logical & Physical topologies for the given scenario.(D1) 

Task 1.3

Identify the protocol structure models available in networking &briefly explain how they work with comparisons.(M1) 

Task 1.4

Define the protocols, their functions and identify the suitable protocols for the given scenario. Explain for your selection.(D1)

LO2 Explain networking devices and operations 

Task 2.1

Identify the current network equipments(devices)which have been used and discuss the functionality of eachdevice related to the given scenario. Justify your choice of devices for this network design. (P3) 

Task 2.2

Discuss the interdependence of workstation hardware with relevant networking software. (P4) 

Task 2.3 (M2)


a)     How should you select a server/s for a network? Explain the techniques to be followed by?

b)     Identify the server types suitable for the given scenario.Justify your selection considering cost and performance optimisation.

LO3 Design efficient networked systems


Task 3.1 (P5)

a)     Prepare a written step-by-step plan of how you are going to design a Local Area Network including a blueprint of your LAN.

b)     Justify the security requirements and quality of services needed for selection of accessories


Task 3.2 (P5)

a)     Design a networked system to meet a given specification by using packet tracer software

b)     Find the IP addresses allocated for the two VLANs in given scenario. (General VLAN & Production VLAN).

c)     Network IP

d)     Gateway

e)     Hosts (Dynamic & Static)

Task 3.3

Install & configure network services and applications of your choice. (M3) 

Task 3.4

Conduct a test and evaluate the design to meet the requirements and analyse user feedback.(P6) 

Task 3.5

Suggest a maintenance schedule to support the networked system. (D2)

LO4 Implement and diagnose networked systems

Task 4.1

Implement a networked system based on your prepared design. (P7) 

Task 4.2

Conduct verification with e.g. Ping, extended ping, trace route, telnet, SSH, etc.Record the test results and analyze these against expected results. (P8) 

Task 4.3

Investigate what functionalities would allow the system to support device growth and the addition of communication devices. (M4)

Task 4.4

Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions beyond the given specification. (D3) 





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