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Understanding the Business Environment

Understanding the Business Environment

 Understanding the Business Environment to Run a Successful Business Organisation



The succeeding business study is completely based upon comprehending the business environment exactly so as to run a successful business in a highly competitive atmosphere. The study would enlighten the various types of business and their purposes with proper examples. It would also allow studying the size and the scope of such business. The micro and the macro-environmental factors and all the other factors that would affect a business are effectively elaborated in the study. The internal and the external factors that would determine the strengths and the weakness of the business are also illuminated in a proficient manner. PESTLE and SWOT analysis are also done in order to comprehend the situation in a professional way. The pros and the cons of the interrelationships between the functions of the organisation are also elucidated in the study. 

Activity 1


P1        Explain different types and purposes of organisations; public, private and voluntary sectors and legal structures.


NHS Choices (Public Sector) – The NHS or the National Health Services is one of the public services for the health of people in the UK and mainly operates in England, Wales and Scotland. This public sector organisation was established in 1948 for the welfare of the residents of UK. The main purpose of the organisation is to make the residents of the place available with a wide range of free health services. The organisation do charge some nominal fee for the prescription, for some dental treatments, and for some optical cares, but it can almost be neglected as the organisation offer a large range of exemption from all these charges and all the residents of the UK are not charged anything for the medical treatments (NHS Choices, 2016).

BCA Logistics (Private Sector) – The BCA logistics is a private sector organisation which was founded in the year 1946, is a vehicle remarketing and logistics organisation & now is one of the leading companies that deals with the market for the used vehicle and are operating in more than 12 countries. The purpose of the organisation is to offer the customers with services like vehicle inspection, integrated IT solutions, vehicle driven and vehicle transporter movements and also vehicle refurbishments. The company also deals with the remarketing of the vehicle in the entire UK and is the leading one in its stream. This organisation does not usually own the stock that it uses to sell, but the company acts as the intermediary between the sellers & the buyers (BCA Logistics, 2015).

British Red Cross (Voluntary Sector) – the British Red Cross Society is one of the organisations that believe in helping the people all over the world. This is a voluntary organisation that runs on charity and is completely focused on providing help to the people that are in crisis in the UK or even overseas regardless of their religion, their origin, political belief or nationality. This organisation was founded in 1870 for providing these services to the people and now is one of the most renowned ones in the world. Their key principles are unity, independence, impartiality, universality, voluntary service, neutrality, and humanity (British Red Cross, 2017).



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