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Tourist Behaviour assignment help

Tourist Behaviour assignment help

1. Executive summary (10%)

Use Past or Present Tense please. For example, ‘This report analysed or examined ..... and recommended.... in order to generate more visitor numbers during the winter or off--season months in Sydney.

Present tense: This report analyses or examines...... and recommends the development of a ..... to generate more visitor numbers during the winter months in Sydney. 

A very strong Executive Summary clearly communicates details regarding the:

1) Subject Matter and Report Objectives/Purpose:

2) Major Sources of Materials

3) Findings: (don’t provide a catalogue of subheadings in the report. Share the MAJOR FINDINGS please)

4) Conclusions: your interpretation of the findings /Only share the most important Conclusions

5) Recommendations: describe the event or attraction you are recommending and why you think it is the solution

2. Introduction (10%)

Use Future Tense please, e.g. This report will, or is going to examine/analyze... and recommend a new event/attraction... OR use Present Tense: This report examines/ analyses/investigates/discusses/..... and recommends.....

A very good introduction should cover these aspects

a) Purpose of the report: (e.g. developing a new attraction including experiences to entice visitors during the offpeak winter months in Sydney)

b) Major issues to be discussed in the report and how they address the purpose of the report

c) Major sources of materials to be used

d) Structure of the report: report preview: the order of discussing the issues identified under Item 2 above).

3.Findings and analysis (20%)

Critical appraisal of the effectiveness of established theories and strategies in creating an appropriate solution to the problem of lower visitation during winter months.

3.1 Visitor/Tourist behaviour theories and concepts :

Why do people travel to destinations:visitor experiential perspective of travel motivation (Pine & Gilmore 4 Realms of Experience)

3.2 Any other Visitor motion theories e.g. push factors

[involvement, hedonism, happiness, pleasure, relation, stimulation, refreshment, social interaction, adventure, personal relevance, novelty, escaping pressure, intellectual cultivation (Kim, J. H. (2010). Determining the factors affecting the memorable nature of travel experiences. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 27(8), 780-796.)

3.3 Successful destinations:

What strategies are used the world over by NTOs/ NTAs to generate vibrancy during winter months/ or to address seasonality? (Generic Strategies) (briefly please)

3.4. Appraisal of published strategies of tourism agencies that promote tourism and visitation to Sydney.

Are there any Sydney Winter marketing campaigns currently?)

4.Assessment/Evaluation of Sydney’s Attractions/Events

Please note that as a Consultant contracted to provide expert advice, the new attraction or event that you are going to suggest/ recommend, must fill a gap identified through a thorough analysis of what is currently there and not there in Sydney, especially during the Winter Off-Season Months]

a) Which Attractions/Events are available?

b) What are the range of activities offered by the Winter Months Sydney Attractions?

c) What are Winter Months Sydney Attractions’ weaknesses and strengths from the perspective of visitor experiential needs?

d) How effective are the available attractions to provide memorable experiences?

e) Which attractions are missing? Why do you think the missing events or attractions would be strong enough to generate renewed enthusiasm to visit Sydney during Winter months?

Some models to use to guide your appraisal of Sydney destination attractions and/or events. No one expects you to use all these models to assess the Sydney attractions. Apply any one or two or a combination of these models AS YOU SEE FIT.

a) Swarbrooke’s typology of attractions

b) Pine and Gilmore 4 Realms of Experience (Weeks 1-4)

c) Urry's five types of visual consumption (Week 9 PowerPoint)

d) Tarssanen and Kylancn (2005) Experience triangle: (Week 9 PowerPoint)

e) Modes of experience ((Week 9 PowerPoint)

f) Customer co-creation: Today’s customer is interested in co-creation of experiences. To what extent do the winter attractions in Sydney meet that requirement

g) The Recreation Demand Hierarchy Model: The fundamental premise of contemporary visitor management is that quality experiences are best assured by providing a range or diversity of setting opportunities. To what extent are the Sydney winter attractions aligned with The Recreation Demand Hierarchy Model (You are free to use any other relevant models specific to Visitor Behaviour and Management within the context of the attributes of the experiential visitor economy)

Please note :

Offering a desirable tourist experience is significant for a destination’s success. Destinations that are attractive offer opportunities for visitors to build experiences that are memorable. Therefore you need to make sure that in your assessment/evaluation/analysis of Sydney’s attractions, you must identity the visitor experiential benefits offered by those attractions. After that, you need to offer your own views explaining why the Sydney attractions have not been effective in enticing more visitors during the Winter months. What are the limitations of the Sydney Winter months attractions? For example, how would you rate Sydney Winter attractions/offerings using an attractions visitor experiential measurement continuum?

5.Conclusions (20%)

(There is no new information here. No references are required in this Section. This is because you are interpreting the findings you have discussed above.

What do the findings mean or what are the major lessons we can derive from the Findings about, for example:

  •  Visitor experiential motives,
  • successful destinations,
  • successful attractions,
  • seasonal demand and generating new demand etc).

For greater impact, write this Section in bullet point form.

From your Findings Section above, here are a few questions you may need to address.

a. What should destinations do to be successful in generating more visitor numbers during the off-peak winter months?

b. In designing attractions, what should be done to make sure that they attract more customers? 

c. What are the destination attributes (i.e. pull) and personal factors (i.e. push) that have a strong might on quality of experiences in destinations?

d. How effective are the current strategies in increasing the appeal of Sydney during the winter months for existing and new markets?

e. Which customer segment’s visitor experiential needs are currently not being satisfied by the Sydney Winter attractions?

f. Why do you think Sydney has not been able to generate more visitors during Winter?

g. What are the most powerful reasons people travel to an attraction ( visitor motivation)?

[These are just suggestions. You can generate more conclusions based on your own Findings. This is a very important section because it shows that you understand the Findings you presented and what they imply in relation to the concerns of this report]

6. Recommendations (20%)

Propose a New Event or Attraction that would be suitable for increasing visitor numbers over the winter months.

You will need to include details of the actual event or attraction such as proposed dates, venue/s and a rough outline of the schedule for events, or an overview of the attraction, what services it would offer and a proposed location and any other infrastructural requirements.

Some things to consider when designing the new attraction:

a) Type of attraction: describe it in detail as well as its activities and visitor experiential benefits)

b) What is the ‘wow’ factor of your new attraction/event ( USP)?

c) Who is the target market and how many are you likely to attract?

d) Which days of the week / times of day is it likely to be visited?

e) Evaluate the benefits of the new event/attraction for the targeted market/customer segment ?

f) Why do you think your new attraction will increase the appeal of Sydney during the winter months for both existing and new markets/customers?

g) Why do you think your new attraction or event is going to drive up visitor spend?

h) Apply any of the models you discussed above under Findings Section to briefly discuss why your proposed new Attraction/Event is likely to be a success.

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