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Tourism is considered a key source of income for every country whether it's developed, developing, and underdeveloped because this industry promotes the arrival of visitors by facilitating them with the best services (Wolf, Brown & Wohlfart, (2018). Thus, main purpose of this assignment is to explain the aspects of tourism by considering several examples in order to understand that how this sector can increase the level of visitors. At the same time, modern society is curious to experience new places and always love to travel across the world for enjoying their life span. As a result, every nation is promoting the corporate world to come up with creative ideas for seeking the attention of visitors by offering outstanding services to the desired tourist. For example; hospitality via hotels with splendid accommodation, vehicle facility during the overall tour, a tourist guide for directing in every path, entertainment paradise, and many more things are introduced by corporate firms as well as government to help visitors while traveling. Hence, foremost objective of project is to highlight the event through which service sector can grab the mind of tourist by impressing them with the best services. Additionally, outline the reasons of corporate firms for taking several initiatives by enhancing their functioning in order to facilitate tourists with tremendous amenities.


Tourism is a cluster of industries which plays a major role in facilitating visitors by providing necessary services with the help of suitable sector such as; hospitality, transportation, travel facilitation (tour operators, travel brokers, etc.), attractions & entertainment (heritage sites, theme, national & wildlife) and many more. All the industries are working simultaneously to facilitate visitors in their traveling by offering plenty of services in order to maintain a positive relationship with domestic as well as foreign tourist (Ballantyne & Packer, (2011). Thus, the main objective of this assignment is to highlight the efforts that tourist management companies are taking place for increasing the number of visitors in Sydney during off season of winter months. Therefore, the project is going to outline the suitable solution for maximizing the number of visitors because hotels, restaurants, and other city retailers are encountering lower income in the winter season. Mainly, the report will reflect the new event or attraction activities for maximizing the number of visitors, discuss the appropriate target market and measures through which success can be measured in order to take further initiatives.

1. Effectiveness of theories and strategies in creating appropriate solution:-

According to the given case study, various service sector of Australia Sydney is encountering a problem of lower revenue in the offseason of winter months due to the absence of visitor’s arrival. Although, it’s not easy to instantly generate a heavy range of income level but still there is an opportunity to improve the situation by coming up with a suitable solution with the help of effective theories and strategies. There are numerous approaches are present which will surely help the overall service industry in managing their position and come up with an outstanding solution for converting the offseason into peak one for a while. The first or foremost thing which needs to do by companies is to ask queries with itself before making any solution such as; what is the reason which enforce visitors to travel in Sydney? What is the strategy to build curiosity in foreign visitors? What is the reason that winter is off for visitors? Is there any climatic issue? Therefore, answers to these questions will automatically clarify the reason behind the absence of visitors in the winter season. At the same time, the industry can also use the theory of “Swarbrooke’s typology of attraction” in which firm can classify the attractions of visitors into four different types such as; Natural, Man-made but this has not initially designed originally to attract visitors, Man-made which is established to attract tourists and lastly is special events (Carvalheiro and et. Al., (2011).

As per this theory, tourism companies’ requisite to classify the attraction places accordingly for understanding the effectiveness of every location in order to take initiatives in the right direction. Therefore, this approach helps in understanding the effectiveness and role of various attractions in Sydney for making plans or solutions accordingly. A first element is a natural place such as; beaches, caves, rock faces, rivers & lakes, forests, flora & fauna, etc. are playing their significant role in grabbing visitors' minds. But visitors can come to enjoy these locations as per climatic favourable and tourism enterprise will not able to convince visitors for natural sites because customers can select as per own choices (Dragovich & Bajpai, (2012). Whereas man-made sites which are not originally designed for visitors might become an option for tourist firms to use it as a source for inviting visitors but this will also not work accurately because few visitors have already enjoyed it like; cathedrals or churches. Additionally, man-made places that are originally designed for tourist enjoyment only like; theme parks (Disneyland), amusement parks, museums, exhibition centres, safari parks henceforth. Lastly, special events are the most useful technique for inviting visitors across the world for enjoying the occasion such as; sporting activities, art festivals, fairs & markets, traditional customs, historical anniversaries, religious festivals, and various other activities that are organized by human beings.

Consequently, the theory of Swarbrooke’s typology of attraction aids in identifying the best solution for the problem of Sydney because this city is facing an issue of minimum visitors in winter months. By analysing the four classifications of attraction in selective theory, it is understood that the entire industry is having an opportunity to use special events as a source of visitors by making outstanding plans and strategies in order to manage the situation. Although, various other attraction sites are also useful for the winter off-season event is the most suitable tool for increasing the income level because there are millions of visitors who love to experience creative occasions. Mainly, it depends upon an industry that how they can design the event of attraction for making it more interesting which will build curiosity or eagerness into visitors over the world (Edwards & Griffin, (2013).

2. New event or attraction suitable for increasing visitor numbers:-

In the given scenario, local service companies of Sydney are not able to generate maximum revenue in winter months due to off-season for tourism as visitors avoid traveling in winters but still there is an opportunity to seek their minds by introducing an impressive event. However, the event is something that is having potentiality to create eagerness into various members across the globe because it’s a man-made and man-made thing that is full of creativity. It’s a kind of community program in which a large number of visitors are invited for almost a week or more than that to make them involve via various entertainment packages (Vassiliadis, Priporas & Andronikidis, (2013). Thus, conducting an event is the best strategy for grabbing the mind of tourists by promoting its look through social media posters, posting videos on social sites, sharing with corporate firms, and many more. Therefore, organizing an event is the best solution for maximizing the visitor numbers in Sydney because this activity is connecting various individuals as well as corporate firms with each other (George, (2010). Hence, overall information about the qualitative, creative, innovative and fabulous event is discussed as follows-

This event is covering the wide range of programs and activities for offering creative entertainment to the desired visitors in order to grab their attention by fulfilling their expectations, desires, and needs. As a result, this will automatically increase the revenue level of tourism industries due to the maximization of visitors via an impressive occasion (Goh, Ritchie & Wang, (2017).

3. Target market:-

This event is organizing for every type of visitor such as; professionals of business, senior citizens, youngsters group, couples, family members, and many more. One of the major advantages of this occasion is that it’s a bunch of numerous flowers by considering the choices of several age groups whether it’s a kid, youngsters, family group, senior citizen, business professionals, etc. But still, the main target of this event is business professionals and youngsters who always keen to experience new things in their life for reducing the stress of life as well as to acquire some break from their hectic schedule (Hayes & Goldingay (2012).

Main reason behind selecting business professionals because local companies can use this event as an opportunity to grab their minds for conducting any future partnerships in other nations. Therefore, the event is advantageous for local companies like; hotels, restaurants, and other sectors for business purposes as they can get a chance to meet with successful leaders. As a result, convince them for performing any joint project in order to expand the Sydney business across the international marketplace which automatically develops the economy of Australia. These professionals will also easily have attracted because every entrepreneur love to gain new knowledge in order to use it in their business for further growth (Larsen, Sherwen & Rault, (2014).

4. Additional infrastructure, services and expert knowledge required for supporting new event:-

It’s a very broad program that consists of hundreds of games or curriculum activities due to which it genuinely requisite some additional infrastructures like; support from local hotels, restaurants, and other banquet halls for providing high-tech amenities or services to the visitors. Somehow this will be beneficial for every industry of corporate firm because consumers are the most essential element for business growth. At the same time, winter is an offseason in which visitors will play an outstanding role in maximizing business sales and improve the performance of associations. Along with this, government support is also indispensable to manage this vast event which will bring energy in the entire Sydney city by providing a high level of profits to overall Australia. Thus, it is essential for hospitality services to like; leading hotels, transportation firms, government lodge, and various other service companies to come closer to making a collaborative team in order to make this event more successful (Marzano & Dandy, (2012).

Apart from this, it is indispensable for the tourism industry or event organizer to design a survey questionnaire for acquiring the opinion of various businessmen by sharing the survey via online sources with the use of integration strategy. Through this process, organizers of events can easily acquire the support of interested parties such as; government is supporting this program and some of the games or spiritual activities are sponsor by them only. Some of the expertise are also invited across the world such as; celebrities for handling award show, musical sparks for entertaining visitors with a beautiful voice, magical expertise for entertaining kids, business leaders to express their struggling life in order to motivate young entrepreneurs and many more. All these activities are consuming more than 50,000 AUS$ which is acquired by organizers from various sponsors and government bodies because these programs are facilitating overall corporate firms of Australia as well as developing the economy of a nation (McKercher and et. Al., (2012).

5. Measuring the success event & attraction in attaining objectives:-

It’s a wide range of occasion which will hamper the business of overall industries or companies of Sydney due to which its success measuring is very much easy and predictable. There is numerous factor that signifies the progress of this event such as; the response of consumers on social sites, likes, comments, question-related to curiosity, phone calls, booking rate, queries for shows timing and many more thing will highlight the initial success of an event. Along with this, it aids in understanding whether the visitors are interested in it or not by analysing the ranking of comments as well as responses (Richards & Munsters, (2010). On the other hand, a team can also assess the success by repeat customers who are coming regularly in the event and staying for almost 10 days in Sydney hotels. Therefore, reports of visitors will automatically highlight that whether the program is successful or not. Although, things are going on the right track still the management of distinct programs of the event is becoming too much messy and employees are not able to manage it appropriately. Due to which, somehow it is essential to take further initiatives also for a safe side to manage the arrival of visitors in winter months (Steckenreuter & Wolf, (2013).


From the above report, it is identified that Sydney is going through a major problem in terms of visitors due to which local businesses like; hotels, restaurants, and other stores are not able to generate a high range of revenue levels. Thus, this project has shown that organizing an event is a most appropriate technique for grabbing the mind of visitors over the world especially in winter month because winter is full of cold in which every individual want to enjoy some warm environment and event is surrounded with plenty of games which automatically created a suitable temperature. Moreover, it is assessed that the organizer of the event has to consider several elements while introducing it for minimizing the possibilities failure such as; acquiring support from other industries, government gaining sponsors for the occasion, and many more. Along with this, appointing various expertise for conducting a successful program like; musical concerts, comedy shows, magical moments, celebrities for showing their talent, award show, and many more activities. As a result, these entertainments will automatically raise the income level of entire Australian corporate firms by getting involved in the entertaining activities and supporting the organizer of events.


Throughout the assessment, it is analysed that organizing of broad event is consuming a high range of funds and requisite top class of management due to the involvement of numerous entertaining activities. Thus, in case of failure, the organizer of the event can also be having an opportunity to launch a simple sweet program or attractive occasion especially for youngsters because youth is the only personality who never hesitate to travel and even love to travel. In fact, the show must be related to them only which includes specific programs for almost 1 week only because youth members never prefer to stay in a single place. As a result, if the program is for one week only especially night show then they can enjoy the nearby destination in the morning and take part in the night show. Therefore, a suitable name for these kinds of events must be some attractive like; “FEEL the WAVE OF NIGHT” under stars in this “cold weather” which will automatically grab the attention of new couples, lovers and youngsters. Moreover, “night waves” is a Wow factor of this event because youngsters love to enjoy at night only as they are night lovers. Along with this, the organizer of the event can also add some essence on this occasion by mentioning few interesting and beautiful lines such as; “Let’s Rock under Stars” “HEAVEN Falls Under Sky in Twinkling stars” and many more things can automatically seek the attention of youth. This will for sure work in maximizing the visitor number in the off-season of winter months too because youngsters are very daring and they love to feel the fizzy environment in cold.


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