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Top Countries To Get A Job In After Studying There:- 

Which are the best countries for graduate employment? And how difficult is it for a person studying abroad in that country? We check.

Jump to search for jobs after studying in the UK, US, Germany, France, Australia, China, Canada

In a recent report of Higher Education Data Experts, QS found that considering university is the biggest factor for considering students when they complete their course, they get a good job landing opportunity. With the increasing number of students choosing to study abroad, And many people intend to work abroad in the same country on graduation, an important consideration is the strength of the job market for the degree holders. 2015 Times Higher Education Employability Ranking, which measures graduation prospects for every major university around the world, universities were dominated by some of the top 50 places in some countries. The United States and Britain took most of the top spots, and the only other country with significant presence in the table was France, Germany, Australia, China and Canada.

But the universities who claim good relations for the industry and a strong reputation with local employers are part of the equation for international students. There are also many other ideas like finding visa restrictions or housing. Even for students studying in their home, finding a job after college is not a little work. There are important questions such as the cost of life compared to graduate job market conditions as well as average salary in the industry. Here there is a breakdown of some top countries for graduate employers, if you are thinking of working abroad after your degree, then with the necessary information you need.

Study and work abroad in the UK:-


New rules mean that it is becoming difficult for international graduates, hoping to work in the UK. You will usually need to sponsor the employer and pay the salary of £ 20,800 per year. You can find more information about this and other types of working visas in the UK.

The job market:-

Recently, undergraduate job prospects have started to improve in the UK and after 6 months, the overall employment rate for graduates has now reached 70%. But there is still a very competitive job market in the country, which is somewhat due to the number of graduates applying for skilled jobs..

Cost of living:-

The UK, especially in London, can be a very expensive place, where rent is very high. People in graduation in the capital should expect to be living in a house with other young professionals.

Study and work abroad in the UK

Study and work abroad in the US:-


After studying there, staying in America and working hard can be difficult. There is no working holiday visa program (UK citizens can use in Australia and New Zealand) and, importantly, before applying for a visa, you will need to offer a job.

The job market:-

The unemployment rate in the US is currently low, and graduate employment rates are the best in years. The average salary is also above. But it is not to say that good work is always easy to find; Many grads still report search months report for their first position.

Cost of living:-

The cost of accommodation in the United States in particular is varied wildly, depending on where you go. You can easily pay more than $ 3,000 per month for an apartment in New York, while one third of the same apartment in Houston may be spent, for example.

The student view:-

Fiona Pasha, a law graduate from Texas, says that he got a lot of work, and now he is able to work remotely while traveling to the country. "As soon as I passed the time, I got a great job, but I was lucky to have a special skill," she says. “For graduates from more general topics, I think it may be difficult to get a well-paid job. " If you want to keep an eye close to living and working in the US after studying, then we cover options here in more detail:

Study and work abroad in the US

Study and work abroad in Germany:-


For EU citizens, Germany is a great choice because there is no restriction and all EU citizens have the right to work there. For people outside of Europe, this can be very difficult, because you can usually work in Germany if the situation can not be filled by an employee from the EU, or if you are highly skilled or highly qualified in a particular area If you want to stay close to living and work in the US after yining, then we are covering the option here in more detail.

The job market:-

Germany has a healthy job market for well-educated young people, however, if you can speak clearly German, your prospects grow significantly. Graduates who are looking for English-speaking jobs are in high demand for positions. Unemployment is generally low in Germany, but university levers in the Western Lever may have a better fortune, as the unemployment rate is higher in the past..

Cost of living:-

Staying in Germany can be surprisingly cheap, although Munich is less in the west of the country. Accommodation can be very reasonable, although in modern Berlin, rentals are increasing rapidly.

The student view:-

22-year-old Helen Jones, recently graduated from Freight University, Berlin. She says: "Berlin was a great place to study and I love it here, it's cheaper than London (from where I am) and nightlife is amazing. My German is quite good but I have not yet Not so fluent here, many people talk to me in English. I am mostly looking for English-speaking posts in social media and marketing. I have not found any job yet, but only looking for a few months and there have been some interviews already.” 

Study and work abroad in Germany

Study and work abroad in France:-


Like Germany, EU citizens are usually able to work in France without a visa. People outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland will need a company to sponsor their visa application. Applicants generally need to show that they can make 'important contributions' based on their skills or education in French skills.

The job market:-

The graduate job market is saturated and can be difficult to break without the flow in French. However, Paris is becoming a major shelter for start-up companies from all over the world, which can provide the opportunity to land on the ground floor and see the growth of your career as well as the company's growth..

Cost of living:-

Prices in France are almost identical to other countries such as Western Europe, Germany, Belgium or Britain. In big cities like Paris, León and Marcel, the cost is high. See students

Exeter, studied French in Harry Cole, Paris from the UK. He says: "Paris is the most amazing place to be a student. Fees are low, the unis are great and the culture and food is amazing. Sadly I had to return to the UK as the job prospects in my chosen field of media weren’t that great, even in Paris.”

Study and work abroad in Australia:-


International grades can work in Australia for a year as a working holiday (apply online at immi.gov.au), although there is usually a fee for a visa, and you have to prove that you have your own There is enough money in the bank account to keep yourself long term sponsorship available where no Australian can be found to fill the position..

The job market:-

The young unemployment rate is twice the national average and the competition for good jobs is intense. Recent data have found that only 68% of Grad from the class of 2014 used to work full time within four months of graduation - the lowest in the year 1982 after the start of the record. However, some skills are in demand, and people who study medicine, nursing, animal science, or mining engineering should work easily.

Cost of living:-

Normally, for example, you can expect to pay more for most things than in the United Kingdom or the United States. A one-bed apartment in a major city can set you back more than US $ 1500 per month. Usually wages are generally good, especially for graduates.

The student view:-

Sidney University's journalism graduate Andrew Jackson, who originally belongs to the United States, says: "Since graduation I have been traveling across the country, working in bars, who pay surprisingly well. Soon I want to go with my dreams, career, which is a travel writing, but I am not sure if I will be here to take it forward, somewhere in Burma or Thailand. Are.”

Study and work abroad in Australia

Study and work abroad in China:-


Graduates will need a work permit name as well as an official invitation for an aliens to work in China and an employer who is recognized for employing foreigners. You will also need to pay an application fee, which can be more than $ 150.

The job market:-

For English speakers, job opportunities will be mostly in cities like Beijing and Shanghai - the country's trade and industrial centers Many multinationals have Asian headquarters in one of these eastern coast locations - as well as in other places like Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin. In Hong Kong, jobs are widely available for English speakers. The job market is competitive, local and international graduates are applying for all positions. English speakers with some work experience have a good opportunity to get jobs in media, accountancy or banking and finance.

Cost of living:-

Living in China is generally much cheaper than the West, although rentals in big cities and especially in Hong Kong can be expensive.

The student view:-

Anil Cheng, a student of the last year of the Hong Kong Baptist University, says, "Hong Kong is like a gateway to the potting pot of many different parts and cultures of the world. It is a fascinating place to study and if I graduate here Hoping to work in living and finance.”

Study and work abroad in Canada:-


Working Visas are available for adults under the age of 35, with the International Experience Canada Program. Apply online at Cic.gc.ca/experience (usually there is a fee). You also need to show that your bank account has more than C $ 2,500.

The job market:-

Unemployment in Canada is currently less than 7%. Bilingual people (with English and French) are always in demand. There is currently an uncertain approach to the economy in Canada, and it is currently the employer's market, because next year either there is a possibility of unemployment.

Cost of living:-

In Canadian cities, the cost of living is quite reasonable compared to other western countries - for example Britain is approximately 25% more expensive. Currency is not as strong as once in a while, so some cities, such as Vancouver, can be expensive compared to North America. The average salary is reasonably high, so it is worth achieving a good quality of life.

Study and work abroad in Canada


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