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Ecotourism is considered as significant aspect that enhances the overall tourism sector of the country. Ecotourism is related with traveling to natural areas so that they may preserve and value the cultural and natural history of the environment (Slocum and Kline, 2015). With the key aim to take care of the environment and do not disturb the integrity of eco-system. Thus, increasing Ecotourism factor also assist in creating economic opportunities that engage in activities related with conservation and fortification of natural resources.

Ecotourism provides income to local residents in the form of generating different options of employment. The main aim of ecotourism is to improve the responsible travel of the world through generating consideration towards social tourism (Fennell, 2014). Ecotourism provides income opportunities to local residents and this also drives them to contribute more in conserving the natural resources. Ecotourism includes many activities such as generating awareness about cultural and heritage tourism which requires knowledge about social and cultural values of the place.

Apparently, ecotourism involves all such practices through which rural values and norms can be promoted. Tourism industry gives employment opportunities to people because it has various activities which help in engaging numerous people in tourism processes. With the help of ecotourism, people can easily convey heritage information about India among different people. Tourism activities are economically concerned; hence this directs people to involve themselves in the same (Sharpley and Telfer, 2014). Ecotourism greatly contributes in enhancing total tourism value of the nation. Moreover, while visiting different rural places, tourist explores new areas which add value in tourism industry.

In addition to the same, people also have the favor in enhanced ecotourism pratcices because they know that visit of different tourism can give them the exposure to aware people about the place. This is yet another dimension through which categories in tourism can be enhanced. Since, value of ecotourism is increasing; therefore government is also spending huge resources in protecting and conserving natural resources. This not only changes the value of ecotourism; but also encourages people to visit more different states of India. Government recognizes the importance of ecotourism; henceforth in this aspect new sources are being created which also increases economic dimensions of India (Khosravi, Mohamed and Nair, 2015). This is also raising infrastructure of the tourism industry which is overall beneficial for Indian tourism.

Most of the places in India are still unexplored; therefore people do not know about such destinations which are rich in cultural and heritage tourism. Therefore, in this respect most of the people do not favor that ecotourism helps in generating economic aspects. Henceforth, it is evident that ecotourism highly deals in amending the economic and financial perspective of Indian tourism and all the other industries (Hall, Gossling and Scott, 2015).

Thus, it can be said that it is the main problem which should be solved in future and why author of Master Thesis has chosen this topic.

The aim of this paper is to analyze the resident attitude and demand for ecotourism in India.  Further, it focuses on different ecotourism destinations in India along with the valid reasons due to which they are popular. The trends in the tourism industry are shifting towards nature based tourism as it possess capability to provide remarkable experience to the tourists in every possible manner and acts as development tool in every possible manner. Previous research studies have been have been undertaken in order to known the present scenario and demand for ecotourism in India. Apart from this, data has been collected from the Indian residents along with the tour operators so as to accomplish the key goals associated with the research.

Subject of the research:  Residents attitude and demand for ecotourism

Research Environment: Ecotourism in India

Research question: what is the resident’s attitude and present demand for ecotourism in India?


1.      To understand the concept of ecotourism with respect to India using analysis of theoretical sources

2.      To analyse the factors that attracts tourists towards this type of tourism

3.      To analyse the initiatives taken by government along with other private parties to promote the  concept of ecotourism in India using development analysis

4.      To characterize eco-tourism offer and management in India using analysis.

5.      To investigate  residents attitude and demand for eco-tourism in India using questionnaire of residents and interviews with tourists,  tour operators  and tour guides

6.      To give conclusion and suggestions

Research methods used

Phenomenology research method has been undertaken in the present study with the motive to accomplish all the research tasks. Further, through this research method it is possible to know the attitude of Indian residents towards ecotourism. Apart from this, phenomenology method has been applied with the motive to collect primary and secondary data with the help of questionnaire, interviews, documents analysis and secondary sources that involves books, journals and online articles. All the data has been accessed with the help of trusted sources that are reliable.

Research period: The research period time used 13-09-2017 to 13-11-2017.

Research limitation: The main limitation associated with the present study is time where due to less time less number of questionnaires has been filled.  


List of literature and sources used

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