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The definitive impact of technology

The definitive impact of technology

 The definitive impact of technology


1. Introduction

Operating successfully in a business atmosphere requires daft knowledge about the surrounding and most importantly, it is necessary to adapt and utilize technology in today’s fast paced corporate world. The current assignment will deal in bringing out the problems that logistics business houses of today face while incorporating and implementing technology for daily operations.The recent growth of need for automation and cloud systems in business will also be discussed along with its pros and cons. The literature review will carefully highlight the needs and issues of implementing technology and executing their work effectively. Few research questions will be discussed in the study to give clarity and focus on the subject. The study will use a mix of quantitative and Qualitative research approach and interview 3 managers and 15 employees of a logistics company in UK. Ethical implications will also be kept in mind before conducting this research in detail.

2. Literature Review

According to Bryman and Bell (2015), computers have deeply impacted the way in which business is generally conducted in today’s environment. The reliance on technology to do most of our manual labor has made life simpler. It has in a way helped small businesses to develop their potential so as to compete with larger organizations. Technological advancements in recent years has given rise to the need for upgrading the systems and personnel so that effective business operations can be undertaken. Ross (2016) argued that technology has led to automation of services and this has been a tremendous boon for industries to rationalize their planning processes and operations.

The earlier book keeping methods included manual input of data and lots of paperwork that were both cumbersome and involved lot of files. Automation has effectively eradicated the need to manually record keep or conduct accounting tasks. The communication aspect has also seen tremendous boost in terms of the ease with which interaction can be conducted. Johnston and Marshall (2016) argued that the development of email, texting and websites have opened up vast arrays of information that can be easily gathered for business purposes. It is now extremely easy to conduct surveys and gather important feedback from the audience. Technology has helped in saving time and delivering quicker results.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the use of technology helps also in the development of skills of employees. Gatautis (2015) stated that constant processing of information allows the employees to search better and record findings quickly and correctly. If small businesses are concerned, they can definitely save labor costs by relying on technological hardware and software to conduct duties. Business operations can be expanded and delegated using technology to attain maximum output from limited resources. This invites the facility of economies of scale that is always pleasing to companies.

2.2 Ethical issues of including technology for business

Considering the fact that technology does have a great impact on how business is conducted, it surely has its own ethical dilemmas and issues that can cause problems to companies if not taken care of. According to Wu et al. (2015), the risk involved in applying technology starts from the invasion of privacy that can occur in business. Conducting business should be an ethical affair and not include any illegal actions that allow monitoring and stealing personal data. Technology brings with it the possibilities of hacking that can allow rival companies to access sensitive information from the other party regarding personal data and clients. Competition should be present within the business environment and they must not engage in illicit activities.

Another aspect that makes technology risky is the fact that telephonic conversations, messages and emails can all be tracked easily by hackers. The question of surveillance arises and brings forward the ethical issue of monitoring others and tracking information. Tong et al. (2015) argued that legislations do have rules and regulations that bar any company to illegally gather information about their rivals, but it does present a loophole that can make organizations wary of implementing technology. Ultimately it depends solely on the company to prohibit such activities as it is against business ethics. But the worry factor may lead them to ditch the use of technology.

Having technologically advanced machines and skilled staff allows businesses to operate smoothly and enhance the chances of profitability. However, the risks mentioned above can deter companies to fully integrate their system with the latest technology and that can affect their overall business performance. The ever growing technology requires upgradation on the parts of companies to happily accept the changes else risk lagging behind from competition.

According to Lu et al. (2015), technology in business has been widely accepted by organizations that believe in the fact about having quality input in order to enjoy profitable output. All kinds of businesses starting from pharmaceuticals, corporate houses and other information technology houses all include and require the implementation of technology for their business. In this context, the industry of logistics is so dynamic that they require constant supply of information to understand the progress made by their services and their production costs management.

Logistics being a very integrated company requires the utilization of technology to improve their overall communication immensely in order to wade off rivals. One aspect that is important in this industry is the need for communication. Rasheed and Rasheed (2015) argued that a slight glitch in communication in the logistics department completely damages the interaction and knowhow of employees and can cause delay in the consignment to reach its destination. This causes tremendous losses and the company may entirely lose its client. Companies such as logistics must keep their systems updated so that every change in technology can be adopted to provide the users best of services.


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