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 Project Methodology

The project has been developed using the agile methodology. The agile project management methodology allows the project designers and developers to adhere to quicker means of software building on small scales at each iteration. This method involves both the client and the developers to sit at regular intervals to take up new features and requirements for the project and gradually implement them into the system, bit by bit. The process is continued till a satisfactory final product is developed.

GitHub has been used as the primary repository management tool. Each of the team members had done their scope of work on the website and has further updated the project into the Github account, which was administered by the Team leader. Github helps to maintain the several versions of the projects and helps in the smooth execution of the development and designing process for any website or software. 

Registration Page
The registration page has been designed using HTML CSS and JavaScript as a front end languages. The registration page serves as the interface for the user to enter their personal details to choose a particular username to enter a password and then sign up as a new user into the website. The users need to enter their first name and last name email ID of particular user name that must be unique and finally they also need to enter a valid password to register as a new user.
Login Page
The login page has been designed using HTML and CSS. Login page consists of two input boxes first takes in the username of the user and the second input box takes in the password of the user. The username of the user is entered through a text type input box where the password is entered through a password type input box. The password type input box does not allow the user to view what he or she is typing into the textbox this ensures website frontend security.
About Us Page
The about us page has been developed and designed as per the theme of the entire website. Basic HTML has been used to design the structure of the various Css was thoroughly used to design and make the website more attractive style wise. About us page consists of an attractive banner of the website for the more it also consist of the details of the company the services that the company provide and so on. 
Contact Us Page
Contact us page has been developed using the front end languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The design of the web page has been crafted keeping in mind the entire theme of the website. This helps to maintain a synchronous nature in design for the entire website. The contact us page primary conveys the contact information of the website that includes their phone number their email ids and their fax numbers. For the more the contact us page also provides the user with the contact us form when the user can feeling their name email id a subject for the query and a detailed message for their query. Send message button is provided clicking on which, the query of the the users will get submitted to the company profile.
Shopping Cart Page
The Shopping Cart page basically runs on PHP. The structure of the page however has been designed using the HTML language and style using CSS. The Shopping Cart page displays all the items that are available in the website based on the particular category clicked on by the user from the previous shopping category page. The Shopping Cart page contains the details of each item and for the mode allows the user to add this item to their cart for checkout. Added to the card can then be displayed on the cart page. This page will also display the pricing of each of these items and for the more calculate the total price to be paid for checkout. The user will be required to enter the details of their shipping address so that they can proceed by clicking on the checkout button.
Payment Page
In the payment page the user will be created with the payment information and the payment methods available. The user will have to enter the details of the payment procedures in a secure environment and then on clicking pay the user's payment will be handled by the respective payment gateway portal. On completion of the payment the user will be taken to the order confirmation page where a simple thank you message will be produced before the user and the confirmation of the order along with the order id will also be provided, which he or she can track from the MyOrders page in the dashboard.
User Dashboard Page
The user dashboard page consists of several features for the users to handle stop this includes the weaving of all orders made the editing of account details changing of password and also logout button will be present in the dashboard page. The user can edit the profile details and save the same apart from changing their account passwords.
Registration Logic
The logical details for the registration page has been crafted using the PHP scripting language. PHP helped to connect the MySQL database in the background with the front end of the website. Registration page as I said earlier accept the details from the users in the respective input boxes and further more convert the password into an md5 encrypted version and save it in the database under the users entity. On successfully creating a new profile, the user is greeted with an alert message that says that a new profile has been created followed by the username. On entering recurring usernames, the registration will not be accepted.
Login Logic
The login details entered by the user is checked with the back in using the PHP scripting language. The password entered is converted to md5 encryption and is for the checked with the md5 encryption password that has been saved in the database with respect to the user's username. On entering a wrong password or on entering an invalid username the user will be alerted by the website about their mistake and will be allowed to enter the credentials again.
Contact Us Email Sender
The contact us form takes him that it is from the user and then fruits and email to the provided company email address using the PHP mail function. If the email is not sent an alert message will be presented to the user about the same and will be asked to try again later.
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