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Part 1:

1. Project name/Team name/ Description:

1.1. Suitable team names, details about team members:

 According to Wa Mungai (2014) here framework has been done in online how to manage a team on behalf of Virtucon. As an IT project manager of this company, agree to disclose the names of my team members along with their details. It is a team framework. Our site is only can be logged by our team members. After joining our team as a member, they get personal Id and password through which they can log in our sites and working with the project.


1.2. Project Overview:

The project was done manually by the RALS the owner of the project. But after digitization, RALS has decided to do work online. So, they give the project to Virtucon. The client of our company is Globex Corp. Using this system, the exhibitors can sign up on this site and any time can use their booking purpose. But the exhibitors have to keep in mind that when they access this site, authentication should be required. So, in accessing time, the exhibitors have to authenticate by putting their personal details likes their names, email id and contact details. The system will scan the details and check the authentication. According to right authentication, they get permission to access the site. Now, exhibitors can online booking and payments safely. Further any problem they can contact directly to RALS (Norton, 2017).

1.3. Total Project description:

The project is totally maintained by RALS. So, RALS committee has mentioned following their procedure.

According to RALS, a company has to take all the responsibilities:

All the details about the personal details of exhibitors (Name, Age, Contact No, Address Proof, and Occupation) should be taken. Taking all the details about Agricultural business products (no of items sold, price, profit- loss). Take the details about what the exhibitors wish to book. Keep track of the Exhibition site especially size. Keep the details about the free visitor passes (up to 3 it is free) and above 3 people the additional ticket charge is applicable. Maintain the category of the site. In this category, the following details should be mentioned. Machinery details- machinery products used in agriculture like the tractor, water reservoir etc. Beside this, Lifestyle products details and rural supplier details like tools also be given on this site.   

 The company gives assurance to project member to take a risk in any case of an accident. They will provide them a facility to do the job at home in case of a fatal accident. In the death case, they will give a significant amount of money (rrh.org.au, 2017).

Besides the above topics, their requirement is very high. They want the following key factors also:


The booking procedure in the system may be online or maybe via RALS. Barcode QR also is used to check the tickets as awareness of duplicity. Exhibitor tickets should be available as a hard copy as well as soft copy both in exhibitor’s personal Email and their site. Details of the booked tickets like date and time, acknowledgment slip etc. The number of exhibitors issues the tickets and how many are available also are available on the site. So the exhibitors can get the assurance of their ticket collection. Trace the accessible location of exhibitors and category of their sites (Kruger, 2016).

2. Team Charter:

After joining the team, details of the team members are kept in company’s database. According to the qualification details and the ability to do work the job should be divided.

2.1. Inventory Skill and Knowledge:

First of all, the team leader has to identify the strong and weak point of each member aspect of their knowledge. So, the members are categorized according to their knowledge, memory and ability and speed. They can be justified according to their technical knowledge, communication skill and as well as their leadership skills. Technical knowledge means the persons should have the depth knowledge on Website designing language

 (HTML, PHP, JavaScript) and Database (SQL, Oracle, MYSQL) are required to do this job. In case of communication skill, the person should be flexible in reading, writing and speak English. In the aspect of team managerial post, the person should have the keen knowledge of Human Resource and his job role. To be a team leader, the person should have the clear knowledge of

Organizational behavior, team management, and motivation factor (pmi.org, 2017).

Reference List:


Knight, D., Pearce, C. L., Smith, K. G., Olian, J. D., Sims, H. P., Smith, K. A., & Flood, P. (2013). Top management team diversity, group process, and strategic consensus. Strategic Management Journal, 12(3), 445-465. [Online] available from http://web.cgu.edu/faculty/pearcec/TMT_diversity.pdf [ Retrieved on 10/12/2017]

Norton, B. W. (2017). Shaping the science of Australian agriculture: reflections of Melbourne University agricultural science graduates , 10(6)123-150. [online] Available from https://espace.library.uq.edu.au/data/UQ_687939/UQ687939_OA.pdf?Expires=1513152391&Signature=DKTqWFDDcmTPAJuFHOUWTy91dtrkGqKVT1S0VfZ-y0rr0rsxpFVytStNNlKJ7xuVoifC9x7gwiI0cSs3FBXY6FmFPXPWExWdAa8W5~XaoOyvGyugUpSG0RFN7IFiCdsr2puO2QqOYxKnNriUsJLD6rAapJfmuay9GRR2wQccDOL1pmoMSQNHw8GTocG8sQ4BGbWF3vOl-



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