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TAEASS403B Participate in assessment validation

TAEASS403B Participate in assessment validation


Student Instruction Guide

Each student must read and adhere to each instruction listed below. If you are unsure of any of the items listed, contact your trainer, assessor or student services for assistance. 

The following assessment instructions must be adhered to; 

1.    The student must complete the Learner Declaration in this Learner Workbook. This section requires each studenttoacknowledgethattheworksubmittedistheirownandhasnotbeencopied.Failuretodosowill resultintheLearnerWorkbookbeingreturnedforcompletionthusdelayingtheassessment.2.    MakesureyouhavereadtheLearnerGuideandaccessedallsupportingresources(availablethroughthe online learning system) prior to commencing and completing any of the questions and activities in this LearnerWorkbook. 

3.    If you are unsure of the requirements of a question, activity or project – please contact your trainer for clarification.ReasonableadjustmentoptionsareavailablehoweverthismustbearrangedwiththeTraining Departmentpriortoassessment.

4.    Youmustensurethatyouhaveattemptedandcompletedallassessmenttasks;writtenquestions,case studies,activitiesandprojectsintheLearnerWorkbookpriortosubmittingthisformarking. 

5.    UsetheStudentChecklisttoensureyouhavecompletedallrelevantsectionsandattachedtherequired evidencefiles. 

6.    IfaThirdPartyReportisbeingsubmitted,youmustalsosubmitacertifiedcopyofthethirdparty’sTAE40110 qualificationwhichmustbewitnessedbyaJusticeofthePeace(JP). 

7.    YoumustemailyourcompletedassessmenttotheTrainingDepartment.Assessmentsubmissionswillonlybe accepted by email to mytraining@firstchoicetraining.com.au unless other arrangements are made with the Training Department. 

8.    Youmustfollowyourtrainingplanwhichcontainsimportantinformationaboutyourexpectedstartand completiondatesforeachunitofcompetency. 

Student Instruction Guide continued

The following assessment instructions must be adhered to; 


9.    All of the above items must be adhered to. Failure to do so will result in your work being returned to you, delayingthemarkingofyourassessment. 

10.  Writtenresponses

Written questions require in‐depth responses and one line answers may not be sufficient to be deemed satisfactory. There is no specific word count required for any assessment and the size of the answer boxes in the Learner Workbook are not indicative of the required length of your answers. 

A general rule of thumb is to use as many words as you need in order to demonstrate your full understanding of the knowledge and/or skill component. This may differ greatly between candidates in line with varying individual language and literacy skills. 

11.  Whenconductingonlineresearch

You must always provide the website link/s when sourcing information from online sources such as academic journals, industry websites and resource centers. 

12.  Referencing

Ensure your work is referenced to prevent plagiarism. For more information on plagiarism and referencing, refer to the Student Handbook. 

13.  File namingprotocol

Prior to submission, your Learner Workbook must comply with the file name protocol below.

·     Thefilenamemustfollowthisformat:yourfullnameunitcodeWorkbook

Use the ‘save as’ function to save your workbook and replace ‘name’ and ‘date’ with your first and last name and the date of submission in the file name.  

14.  Youmustnotdeleteoralteranysectionsorwordinginthelearnerworkbook.


Student Instruction Guide continued

Understanding the assessment grading system


Assessments for qualifications are competency based, which means students are assessed against the unit of competency (unit) requirements. Assessment results are recorded as follows:

·     Satisfactory (S) result: the student’s submitted work satisfies the learning requirements and all competencystandardsfortheunit(inaccordancewiththeNationalRegisterwww.training.gov.au).

·     Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) result: the student’s submitted work does not demonstrate their understanding of all competency standards in the unit. If a student receives a ‘not yet satisfactory’ outcome,heorshewillreceivewrittenfeedbackfromatrainer/assessor,clearlyoutliningwherethe gaps are. The student will then be required to rectify these gaps and re‐submit their assessment for marking.


Once a student receives a satisfactory result for all required assessment tasks a competent (C) outcome will be awarded for the entire unit. The student must demonstrate their understanding of all competency standards in each unit before receiving a competent outcome. 

Important note: Each student has three (3) attempts to achieve a competent outcome. If the student is deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) on the third attempt, the student may need to re‐enrol into the unit as per First Choice Training’s Assessment Policy.


In keeping with a paperless system, the Learner Workbook is assessed with comments and this document will be returnedtoyouasaPDFdocument.Foreachre‐submission,youwillneedtoupdateyourexistingLearnerWorkbook by deleting the incorrect answers and replacing them with your new responses. Remember to update the Learner DetailsandDeclarationssectionwiththenewsubmissiondateeachtime.



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