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TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Your Task and expected performance

You are required to complete all tasks in this document. All assessment tasks will require satisfactory completion in order for you to be deemed Competent. Guidelines and stipulations of requirements and length are provided for each question in the assessment tasks.

You will be provided with a range of assessment tasks in this qualification and any tasks not completed in the time allocated in class will need to be completed in your own time.

You are required to have the task submitted and marked prior to the conclusion of your enrolment period (12 months). You are required to complete all components of all assessment tasks that have been allocated to you before you submit your file for assessment. How and where to submit assessment tasks are outlined on the last page of this document.

You will initially be given 3 opportunities to submit for formal review within your allocated 12 months. Where 3 opportunities is not sufficient, your nominated Trainer may negotiate an alternative way for you to submit evidence to enable your competence to be assessed.

To qualify for your TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you must have submitted and been deemed competent in all tasks.

Please do not just copy and paste from the internet to answer your questions, or from that of another one of your cohorts, we have software to detect plagiarism. We are interested in answers that demonstrate you have understood the subject trained and have been written in your own words.


What to keep

You are advised to save a back-up copy of your documents after each time you have changed it.  You are required to ensure that you have retained a full copy of all material prior to submitting.  This will be required in the event that a submission does not reach Melbourne Training And assessment College, for whatever reason.


Assessor Decision-Making

Once Melbourne Training And assessment College has received your submission, we will endeavour to mark the assessment within 10 business days.

You will be assessed through reference to the Model Answers (for Short Answer Questions) and Benchmarks (for Projects and Evidence Guides).  They will record the outcome for each question and benchmark directly on the relevant part of your assessment document.

Following that review, your assessor will summarise the outcome of assessment in the Assessor Checklist that is provided for the assessment. Where additional information related to the Assessment needs to be recorded, your Assessor will record this on your assessment tasks and on the summary Checklist. This will be sent to you with the assessment decision of either S or NYS marked against the assessment tasks. If you have been marked as NYS, you will be given another 2 weeks to resubmit your answers for re-assessment.

Candidates are welcome to contact their Assessor should they require assistance in interpreting this feedback and/or addressing any areas that have not been completed satisfactorily. 


You will be given 3 opportunities to submit for formal review, within your period of enrolment.  Following your second unsatisfactory submission, you are required to first speak with your assessor to negotiate a suitable action plan.  You will be able to make your third and final submission once your assessor has indicated that they are confident that you hold the required knowledge and/or skills. 


Your right to Appeal an Assessment Decision is set out in the Student Handbook.

The Student Handbook can be found at:

·         http//www.melbournetrainingandassessmentcollege.com.au


According to the  VET Quality Framework - Standards for Registered Training Organisations.

Standard 1.

Section 1.7:  “The RTO determines the support needs of individual learners and provides access to the educational and support services necessary for the individual learner to meet the requirements of the training product as specified in training packages or VET accredited courses.”

These policies and approaches ensure that vocational education and training is responsive to the diverse needs of all clients.

Learners can have many different support needs and you must correctly identify these needs before you can plan effective support mechanisms. Equity or additional support needs may include:

  • English language, literacy and numeracy support
  • disability support
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) support
  • ethnic support services
  • interpreting services
  • counselling services
  • community support

Other forms of support could include

-          technology (such as voice recognition software, hearing loops etc)

-          additional resources such as tutorials, workplace buddy or visual communication aid (Auslan) and/or



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