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SWE30003 Design Implementation Assignment Help

SWE30003 Design Implementation Assignment Help

SWE30003 Design Implementation Assignment Help

HTV Sales information system- Implementation:

For Assignment 2, you were given the task to come up with an initial object-oriented design of a computer implementation of a Sales Information system that allows sales clerk or customer to perform the sale. The design you have come up with is the basis for an implementation that needs to be completed individually.

Here are a few ground rules for this assignment:

• The implementation can be completed in an object-oriented language of your choice. The source code of your implementation must be included in your submission.

• No particular coding standard is prescribed for use in your implementation, but make sure that your code follows a ‘standard’ required for professionally developed software – part of the marks will be allocated to the use of a suitable coding standard!

• As a simplification, the implementation does not need to support payment options (as we cannot have banking system to validate transactions – the implementation must allow the customer or sales clerk to place order.

• A simple graphical user interface will be sufficient. It may help to label each of the input requirements clearly and provide appropriate validation on inputs for example name field cannot be blank, correct data type should be used .

• Provide a brief description how customer can enter a new sale, including various options (if applicable).

• Using a number of sale situations, demonstrate that your implementation correctly works. Provide screen shots of your application that, amongst others, illustrate (i) an ‘empty’ GUI at the beginning of the sale, (ii) takes correct input (iii) validation of incorrect input (iv) remove sale in case customer had a change of mind and (v) payment option (after entering details just give some message that it has been processes, no need of real time processing).

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Note: you may not be able to demonstrate this using a single sale – you may have to use multiple sale option executions to do so.

• The design your team has come up with for Assignment 2 must be included with your submission (for example, as an Appendix).

• You are allowed to change the original design if, during the implementation process, you find that the design is incomplete, incorrect, or inadequate for the problem at hand. However, any changes to the design must be justified and documented accordingly.

Please note that changes, in general, do not only affect the static structure of your design (that is, the class diagram or similar), but may also affect class responsibilities, the bootstrap process, and/or interaction patterns at runtime.

• You must explicitly state which platform (operating system, IDE etc.) you used for development and testing of your implementation.

• You must provide evidence that your implementation compiles, runs, and correctly follows the rules. Only in exceptional circumstances will a marker re-compile and run your code – it is your responsibility to provide sufficient evidence that the code compiles correctly and that a sale can be processed that only accepts correct inputs.

• You must provide a reflection on the quality of your initial design. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

o Which aspects of the problem did your design address adequately?

o Which aspects were missing from your initial design?

o What errors were introduced?

o How did you need to change the initial design to address the omissions and/or errors (if applicable)?

o How much interpretation of the initial design was required (that is, how ambiguous was the design)?

o Given the experience gained from your implementation, how would you tackle a design problem differently next time?

Marking guidelines:

This assignment will be assessed using the following guidelines:

• Completed implementation (max 40% of marks)

oSource code, including suitable coding standard (20%)

oEvidence of compilation (5%) and correct execution (15%)

• Discussion of the quality of the original design (max. 20% of marks)

• Detailed description (including justification) of any changes made to the original design (max. 30% of marks)

• Lessons learnt from the implementation (max 10% of marks) Please note that if no, an obviously incomplete, or significantly incorrect implementation is provided in your submission, the original design is not included, or the changes to the design are not adequately justified and documented, zero marks will be given to the discussion and reflection parts of the assignment and the implementation will be judged based on its merits.

A detailed mark sheet will be provided on Blackboard in due course.

Submission details:

The submission is in both electronic form and hardcopy. An electronic copy of your solution must be submitted through the Electronic Submission Processor (ESP) by Thursday, May 26, 08h30am (Thursday of Week 12 of the semester). It must include all the items that are given above (see Marking guidelines). The source code of your solution must be packaged in a single ZIP or RAR file (or equivalent), the remaining parts in a single document.

A hardcopy of the remaining parts in a single document (ie, excluding source code) must also be submitted at the beginning of the week 12 lecture/tutorial (Thursday, May 25, 23h30pm), along with the appropriately signed and completed “Assignment and Project Cover Sheet” declaration form. The assignment must have the cover sheet stapled to the outside of an A4 envelope.

Unless the Unit of Study convener has approved an extension, any late submissions will be penalised by 10% of the assessments worth for each calendar day the task is late, up to a maximum of 5 days. After 5 days a zero result will be recorded and no feedback may be given on the respective submission.

The Unit of Study convener reserves the right to call in any student to further explain and demonstrate their submission if there are doubts about the authorship of the presented solution and/or the completeness thereof.

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