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Sustainable business strategy assignment help

Sustainable Business strategy assignment help

Main analysis

1.Briefing report


The purpose of this report is to provide essential data and information regarding the sustainability policies and procedures so that the Grow Consultants are able to implement sustainable practices within their organizational practices.

Sustainability facts and figures

The country is known to produce high levels of waste leading to $8 billion worth of food into dustbins every year. Another important fact that needs to be considered is that the government has continuously taken steps to overcome the environmental impact and reduce any sort of harm to biodiversity and culturally important places (Cramer, 2017).

Sustainability benefits

With sustainable development being highly recommended by government institutions and bodies, more and more companies are moving towards sustainable practices. There are enormous benefits of implementing sustainable development, including effective utilization of resources, better financial management and improvement in the reputation of the organization (Eichholz, & Lindeman, 2017).

Business planning, opportunities and sustainability

This can be done by developing organizational objectives and goals that reflect the motive of the management to implement sustainability at every step. This requires building a strong foundation on sustainability practices and providing training and development to employees so that they are well prepared to manage the activities and proceed further in the similar manner.

Example sustainability policies and procedures

Best example of sustainability policy is the environmental sustainability policy formulated by the Australian government. The major aspects included in this policy are:

• Management of issues regarding use of energy

• Management of suppliers and products

• Management of office waste, building waste and recovery of resources.

Life cycle mapping

Life cycle mapping is steadily becoming an important concept, as the approach offers better technique to achieve higher positive results. It consists of three major and contributing stages these are, raw materials, process management and delivery to customers. Each step is crucial and influences the outcome that the management wishes to accomplish in order to improve the current levels of business operations and management.

Legal requirements in relation to workplace sustainability

There are several legal requirements required for enabling workplace sustainability, which mostly include the registration of business structure, follow up of legal premises, alignment of business objectives with sustainable practices. All these are important as the government institutions and regulatory bodies often monitor them.

Example sustainability actions to inform action plan

The best example of sustainable actions include activities such as paying attention to reduce office waste and recycle products that are no longer viable for use. Along with this, the sustainability action plan for the next 12 months will be to focus on the operational activities of the company and finding ways to continuous improve production capacities.

Performance indicators

Best performance indicators that are commonly used by several organizations include, analyzing the return on investment of the resources utilized, satisfaction level of employees, customers and stakeholders. These are the most commonly used performance indicators, as they provide with the best knowledge and understanding about the organizational practices (Affolderbach, & Schulz, 2017).

2. Email to Paul

This is to inform all stakeholders including employees, senior management and shareholders, who will be participating in the meeting. The purpose of the attachments is to illustrate about the major legislation and regulations regarding the sustainability practices. The attachments will introduce about the legal requirements required as well as the performance indicators commonly used.

3. Participate in a meeting with the stakeholders.

All the members of the organization will have to participate in the meeting so that every employee is a part of the sustainable action plan and can contribute their opinions and views on important matters.

4. Email to all stakeholders

The feedback that was received in the meeting has helped to gain lot of confidence and courage regarding the implementation of sustainable practices. The most essential feature that is required in the process is the fact that the entire team members and managers are willing to participate in the process and willing to provide their valuable contribution.

5. Develop the policy and procedures

Purpose statement

The purpose of the policy and procedures will be to enable improvements in the organizational culture as well as the working environment of the company.

Scope of the policy

The policy will be given high attention so that it becomes a huge success for the future of the company.

Policy principles

The major principles of the policy will include

• Invest in the training and development of employees

• Ingrain innovation and creativity in the organizational culture

• Boost confidence of employees


The implementation of policy and procedures will be conducted in a sequential manner such that the process will begin with the analysis of internal environment and strengths of the organization.

6. Develop an action plan Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Actin plan

7. Send an email to principal consultants

The attachments are to inform about the various sustainable actions that are necessary for the development of the company operations and management. This entire attachment will serve as groundwork for the future developments and help to move forward.

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