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The task has been duly designed and demonstrated with the help of some extraordinary references that prove to be helpful to provide the details of the article. This report has been designed to demonstrate the process of investigation for Study in Australia (SIA) that is an Australian institution and deals with the process of recruitment in the education world of Australia mainly operated by Tonal Patel. The business started manually as a small firm but later grown up to become a complex network when branches of the firm started operating from different countries. Ronak later took the guidance from Sarah and with her pursuance decided to hire an IT specialist for better management of work.

The report has been designed to analyze new technological advancement and how it would be able to manage issues of Study in Australia. This report will prove to be helpful for the successful progression of the organization.

The report analyzes the data framework network for distinctive process of data such as gathering information, sorting the materials and the files, examining the mistaken data. The management of the firm have given clarification for the organized data of the association. It is with the help of proper framework of data and computerized system of network that the management can be organized.

The management process of management needs to be disposed off as it is creating difficulty for SIA to manage their business operation in other countries. Data framework management or DMS will replace this process of pen and paper system of management. This process is a computerized network and records will be successfully stored and managed in a cloud-based network.

This article has been designed to resolve the management issue of the organization using distinct system. This can be achieved using the process of expansion and innovation that contributes the backbone of today’s emerging business world. The organization adopts the changing system of management as well as it helps to adjust with the mindset of the client and provide them an easy access to their need. An interdisciplinary research has been conducted before and the needs of the association have been diagnosed based upon the need of the clients that helps them to manage the business organization to successfully operate.

It also helps to analyze the issue that the management team has to deal with and the amount of data that they can operate. It is the primary responsibility of the management to store the data of the client in an assembled manner securely that can be easily accessed.

SIA has different types of data regarding its management that can be classified as information of the staff, management team, information of the guardian, information of the instructors, chosen list of school information, selected board of the individual and many other inside information. As all these information are required by each and every members of the organization therefore it is necessary to have these information to be available with each individual. Thus, sorting all these information appropriately and arranging it to the convenience for each is highly mandatory.

The vital information of the organization will be sorted out according to the needs of the organization. This report highlights the different system of information and its activities in different areas of the world so that the administrative team can successfully accomplish the task of administration in different business environment.

Case study

1. Management of SIA

The system of the data is a well organized and gathered of Hardware and Software along the vision to gather and get processed information in order to make the flow of work simple and expedient.


Database Management System

Figure: 1 Database Management System

Source: (Juanes, Prats, Riesco, Blanco, Velasco, Cabrero and Vázquez, 2019)


SIA wants a type of data system that can keep the record of the entire information online as they are targeted to open their branches in many places in the entire world inclusive of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kathmandu and Dubai. The system of data are very essential or important for the future operations at SIA, due to they wouldn’t going to start the use of data system now, it will now becomes a very tricky or tough for them just to manage their startups.

For the small-scale business there are a lot of types of data system that could not be very useful which is based on their case. Some of them are a s follow-

· Transaction Processing System:

Real-Time Processing System

Figure: 2 Real-Time Processing System

Source: (Juanes, Prats, Riesco, Blanco, Velasco, Cabrero and Vázquez, 2019)

Almost all the corporations want to process orders and the transactions. A transaction is any of the activity which can affects the corporation. To the ease of the processing of the business transaction, Transaction Processing System is to be used by (Juanes, Prats, Riesco, Blanco, Velasco, Cabrero and Vázquez, 2019).


Transaction Processing System

Figure: 3 Transaction Processing System

Source: (Juanes, Prats, Riesco, Blanco, Velasco, Cabrero and Vázquez, 2019)


·       Management Information System:

These types of data are specially created to ease the planning, controlling and making of decision in the middle of the managers in the business. It is a type of tool by which the managers to be produce a report. The similar thing is to be used to decide the increment of the corporation (Juanes, Prats, Riesco, Blanco, Velasco, Cabrero and Vázquez, 2019).

Figure 4 Managing Information System
(Carvalho, Rocha, van de Wetering and Abreu, 2019) 

·       Decision support system:

The system of decision support is a type of computerized system which formless problems and is used to take the decision only by the managers. The similar can be used to resolve or get over the supple with the help of decision-making activities (Carvalho, Rocha, van de Wetering and Abreu, 2019).


Decision Support System

Figure: 5 Decision Support System

Source: (Carvalho, Rocha, van de Wetering and Abreu, 2019)

2.  Precise Corporation and the Problem of System that is faced by SIA

The people at the SIA are suffering the problems like-

·       Information of the Corporation-

       They wants to manage their information in the digital form in order to recognize the files faster on the demand only.

Information of the Corporation

Figure: 6 Information of the corporation

Source: (Richards, Yeoh, Chong, A.Y.L. and Popovič, 2019)

·       Web Occurrence

        As of now their rival parties are now use the websites and the presence of Google so it now attendance so due to this is very important or necessary for them to start up the building in the presence of web in order to endure.

Web Designing

Figure: 7 Web Designing

Source: (Richards, Yeoh, Chong, A.Y.L. and Popovič, 2019)

·       Dare of increasing the force of work:

        They are now going to plan to start up their new branches at the various places or locations, but with the expansion of the corporation management it is being tough. So, now they are also need a type of system which effectively do the employees and their aim of work.

The ethics and the regulations of the higher standards and the security in their data sharing: With the increment in corporation they now need  a very high standard of data which is a sharing system which only focuses on the secure communication. The academic specialist and the experts of the corporation have seen information security and the moral or ethics as one of the most important or main zone of their concern and the interest. The security of the information and the aims is being characterized as the broad term which alludes to the entire exercise which is exported to the anchor information and their work of frame which will go to help it so as to support their aim or moral use.

3. Key data Requirements of the SIA

SIA wants to organize their information, create their presence of work, effectively and increase their force of work with the help of expanding the business at many places or locations and the communication system that is being secure in communication and the sharing of file.

Now let’s see how all the data requirements would help to get improve the SIA’s spirited places

A) Information of the Corporation- As per to the case study which is the SIA sometimes it will takes much of the time to find out the files for the customer or client and that will looks very unethical which is truly decrease the image of the corporation in front of the customer so that they need a customized information management system which will help them to find out the files quickly only on the demand and now this will help in the improvement work will speed up and the corporation’s image in front of the customer (Richards, Yeoh, Chong, A.Y.L. and Popovič, 2019).

B) Web presence: According to the point of view of the SIA’s rivals who have a very good website and a very high listing on the search of the engines, by seeing the circumstances now it is clear to be visible that as the time is passing the corporation’s visibility will be deleted and this is a very mortal or serious thing to the corporation’s health. Due to the digital age all the corporation wants a web presence in order to get a now customer as nobody aware by the everything and most of the people goes for the engine’s search. Plus is having a website and the corporation email shows about the legitimacy of the corporation which is totally improves the corporation’s image.

C) Increment of Business and force of work:  The SIA wants to open up their corporation where they have demand mainly. Like a person is living in India he or she won’t ever get to know about their corporation’s name which SIA in Australia plus now it becomes very simple for the people to actually go to that place and also have the communication properly. So, now they really want to open their new branches and with that now they will also want or need some new force of work.

D) Safe system of communication: As of now they are going to open their new types of branches in various places so that they need a professional talks or communication system which should be very fast as well as secure in the making of the conversation and sharing of files too (Davidavičienė, Raudeliūnienė, and Putrimas, 2019).


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