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Important notice to students:

1. Students must submit assessments by due dates; otherwise, they will incur a fine of $50.00.per Unit (if submitted within one week after the due date) followed by $100.00 per Unit (if submitted within two weeks after the due date) and $150.00 per Unit (if submitted within one month after the due date). If you don’t submit assessments even by one month, or do not pay fines, HIBT may report to DIBP as against non-completion of assessments and non-payment of fees and fines, and it may affect your student visa.             

2. Plagiarism is not accepted in Australian education system and at HIBT. You should not practice any plagiarism in your assessments or any other works. If you are found to practice plagiarism, or your assessment has been found to be plagiarised, you will be fined $250 (for first time) followed by $500 (for second time) and $1000 (for third time). If you are still found to be plagiarised after the third time, HIBT will report to DIBP as against plagiarism and it may affect your student visa.


This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements

For this Assessment you are to consider your future.  This will require you to create a personal development plan with career objectives, along with a detailed action plan to guide your implementation.  You are to focus on the development and extension of your professional expertise - so you will need to consider the industry or vocational direction you are working towards.

The great part of this assessment, is that you will be undertaking tasks that will personally benefit you both now, and for the future!

You should take the time to make this project an effective development tool for your future.  You will need to consider:

-       Your past and background

-       Your short and long term professional aims

-       Opportunities that are available to you now, or in the future

-       Financial and personal goals

-       Your desired work-life balance

-       Your health

-       How you learn best - which may include one or more of the following learning styles -  Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic.

Part A  - Your first step is to conduct a systematic self analysis on your performance and direction through obtaining feedback from those who know you best, or those you have dealt with.  People you approach must include your trainer, and 4 other people from at least 2 of the following categories:

·         employers,

·         employees,

·         clients,

·         colleagues

You should consider getting feedback from people who will tell you the truth, not just those who will only tell you the good!  This feedback is vital to ensure you have a holistic view of your current standing, and should be assessed against competency standards to determine your development needs, priorities and plans In order to obtain feedback, you should consider what you want to know.  Next, you should develop a form to collect and record your feedback to ensure the process remains reliable and consistent.  You are to present the completed feedback forms to your assessor before commencing Part B

Part A - Submission

·         Reflect on the areas you would like feedback on (skills, knowledge, attitude, etc), and develop a feedback form to use whilst collecting this information

·         Approach at least 5 different people, who have different relationships with you, and obtain feedback on your skills, knowledge, attitude and performance.  Each form must have details on the person providing the feedback, along with their contact details.  You may not obtain feedback from your family.

·         Submit your completed feedback forms to your assessor as evidence

Part B - Utilising your analysis (from above), you are to develop a basic Training Needs Analysis on your assessment skills and knowledge.  Consider:

·         what are the expected benchmarks / competency standards for knowledge and skills within your current or proposed workplace and industry

·         what are your current skills and knowledge

·         where are your gaps

·         what can you do to increase / expand your skills and knowledge


Part B - Submission

·         You are to develop and submit your Training Needs Analysis based on the information above, before commencing Part C


Part C - Once you have completed your Training Needs Analysis and considered all feedback received, you need to create a professional development plan for yourself that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific.  Your professional development plan should include objectives that are linked to your personal and professional objectives.  You must include at least 8 goals within your Professional Development Plan.  Your goals must include a mix of personal performance objectives that can be incorporated within a variety of work conditions and contexts .

You are to also develop action plans for each goal you have outlined.  Each action plan must:

-       outline identified goals,

-       detail future career options,

-       describe strategies and resources to achieve your goals (including training and development),

-       include time frames to achieve each goal

-       recognise competing demands (other current obligations), and provide contingencies to ensure your goals can be met whilst meeting other existing obligations

-       be updateable (which means you must perform this task using appropriate technology)

-       include at least 1 networking opportunity

Part C - Submission

·         You are to submit your professional development plan, along with your action plan for each goal before commencing Part D

·         You will be required to present and discuss your plans with your assessor, who will ask questions regarding the process undertaken during development


Part D - Finally you are to implement your at least 2 of your action plans in order to develop new skills that will help you maintain a competitive edge.  This will require you to:

·         Look at the actions outlined in your PD Action Plans

·         Arrange all required resources, support to perform each task

·         Follow your action plan, and update your progress accordingly

·         Use technology efficiently to manage your work priorities

·         Participate in at least 1 networking activity


Part D - Submission

·         You are to submit

o    Updated professional development plan

o    Updated action plan

o    Evidence of participation in at least 1 networking opportunity,

·         You will be required to present and discuss your submission with your assessor, who will ask questions regarding the process undertaken during your implementation, including how you used technology throughout this process





This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment criteriaThis checklist is similar to the one being used by your assessor during this assessment.This checklist should be reviewed by you to evaluate your readiness for assessment, andto confirm your understanding of the criteria by which this assessment task will be judged. 

Once you feel you have the required skills and knowledge to demonstrate each of the following assessment criteria, you are ready to be assessed.  Please speak with yourassessor if you feel you are not ready to be assessed before the assessment has commenced.


You may refer to this checklist at any stage PRIOR to the commencement of your assessment.  You may not refer to this checklist whilst you are being assessed.



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