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STU68231 Project Proposal

STU68231 Project Proposal

STU68231 Project Proposal/Ethics form

Project Proposal

Please complete all sections of this form, and then send to your supervisor. If your supervisor is in agreement with the form, they will send it to the Programme Team Leader for approval.

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Proposed Dissertation Title

Factors that contribute to the Mental Illness in Adults and meet their care needs



The researcher within this research has found that the health care services within the context of the UK are facing major issues. In that respect, the adults who reside in the United Kingdom are facing issues that are associated with mental health (Cabassa et al. 2018). The health services of the UK have failed to serve adequate services in terms of mental health issues within adults. The current issue is the mental health issues that the adults in the UK are facing in terms of operating their day to day life activities. The increasing levels of stress are serving the mental health services to the adults within the perspective of the UK. In the recent years the number of citizens who are affected by the issues of mental health are increasing with rapid growth (Lyndon et al. 2019). The busy life schedule and work pressure are affecting mental health amongst adults in the UK. This present study of the research will also serve the impact of these attributes of mental health through an understanding that may help in the implementation of government policies.



The basic aims of the present research will be trying to find out the factors that are contributing to the mental-ill health among adults living in the UK. The other aim is to adapt possible solutions that may help in reducing mental health issues within the adults of the UK.


·         To identify the factors that contribute to the mental illness among the Adults in the UK.

·         To evaluate the impact of attributes of mental health in the implications of government policies in future context.

·         To find out the factors that is contributed to the mental ill health amongst the adults in the UK. Through a clearer understanding of the factors that are contributed within the mental health of the adults in the UK, the researcher will be able to collect appropriate information that is relevant to the topic of the research.

·         The other objective is identified and evaluate the different reasons or factors that lead to ill mental health amongst the adults in the context of UK. As this enables the researcher to carry out the research in an effective and successful format.

Research Questions

·         What negative impacts does the state of adult mental illness brings to the self and the society as a whole?

·         What challenges do the individuals affected with mental illness face while communicating and interacting within the society?

·         What strategies may be undertaken by the families and the government to ensure that the adults are not affected with mental illness within the UK?

·         What remedial steps may be undertaken by the adults to prevent themselves that suffer from mental illness?

The reason the author has chosen this topic is because mental-ill health is a growing concern within the UK. Mental health involves our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing.It acts upon how we feel, think and act. It also contributes towards how we handle any problems, issues or stress that may arise. Mental health is very crucial at all stages of life, which starts from childhood, adolescence through to your adulthood.


Literature Review

Psychodynamic Theory of Mental Health

Psychodynamic theory is believing in the actions and determination of the acts that are gathered through personal experiences in life. Therefore, the psychodynamic theory also believes the real experiences such as the behaviourism theory. Within the psychodynamic theory, the behaviours of a person are undertaken through the overview as well as through the assumption of their previous life experiences. There is no chance of certain symptoms and behaviours within the psychodynamic theory. As suggested by Canli (2019), psychodynamic theory is formulated by the neurologist in terms of mental health issues, there is the presence of psychological behaviours of the patients. The founder of the psychodynamic theory also believed that some forces are presented within the personal life of a person which shapes the personality and behaviour of that person. To reduce mental health issues, requirements are crucial such as to involve adjustments as the process of adjustments can help to reduce the abnormal functions from the affected individual of mental illness. Based on the involvement of the interpretation of a therapist, mental health illness can be reduced with a positive format.

Humanistic Theory

Humanistic theory of mental health illness is denoting that there is the requirement of serving professional help to the service user or the patients who are suffering from mental health illness to emphasise on the highest potential of the patients or service users. The humanistic theory is noted as the common theory within mental health disorders. The humanistic theory is serving its major focus on the interest of the patients and this process helps to serve the supportive climate to the patient. Therefore, in many cases the humanistic theory is observing the present expression of the patient. The observation of the present expression of the service users can help the therapist in terms of serving the honest look to the patient and also helps to display unconditional support to the patients (Perry &Pescosolido, 2015). Furthermore, the humanistic theory also helps to motivate the service users in order to lead their life by facing the issues that they are facing in terms of their day to day life operations. Moreover, on the basis of the involvement of the humanistic theory the individuals who are suffering from mental health illness are able to realise their real freedom and this process can help them to overcome their real – life issues with the most appropriate and successful format.

Social Theory

Social theory is one of the analytical frameworks that helps in the study as well as the interpretation of the social contract. Within the mental health illness, the social aspects of care perform the major role. The social theory of mental health is indicating that in terms of the reduction of mental disorders there is a requirement for the involvement of a healthy social atmosphere for the service users. As argued by Lipsedge&Calnan (2016), the maintenance of healthy social context alongside a supportive manner can help the patients or service users to overcome the issues that are serving mental illness in respect with the social context. According to the social theory the social context is serving historic context in the mental illness of service users. Therefore, in that case, there is a requirement of making a positive structure in society or in their daily life. Through the maintenance of the of the social theory service users who are suffering from mental illness should be able to lead a healthy lifestyle within a healthy atmosphere.

Causes of Mental Health Illness

Mental illness is one of the psychological behaviours of an individual. Mental illness is caused due to the occurrence of several unhealthy incidents. The causes that are serving mental health illness to service users are not taken into account as the reasons vary from individual to individual. The causes of mental health are complex, the reasons depend on the disorders of the particular person. In many cases, the biological issues are serving mental disorders to individuals. Additionally, the environmental and psychological factors are also serving their impact on mental health illness to patients (Vigo, Thornicroftm&Atun, 2016). The mental disorders in basic cases are observed due to the results of the combination of different factors. Correlation indicated with drugs can also bring mental illness among an individual. There is a presence of risk factors in respect to mental illness as in some cases it can cause a death process to individuals who suffer from mental illness.



All of the authentic information and relevant data can be obtained from various useful journals plus articles, which is highly impactful for developing the research. This can be useful and beneficial for the researcher to get a positive outcome after the research. Apart from that, it has been indicated that secondary data are very helpful for this type of research study as the researcher is able to gain a knowledge regarding various aspects of mental health. Secondary data can be defined as the data that is gathered by and represented in previous reports, researches and studies.

Moreover, it has been revealed that secondary data is highly beneficial for the research outcomes. Secondary data are analysed in secondary data analysis method, which is highly beneficial for a research project. For this topic, information in the form of secondary data will be collected by the researcher. The researcher will identify the main concept of mental health within adults. The research will then address the prime mental health issue that are evidenced among the adults within the UK. It can be said that with the help of identifying the mental health issues through secondary research analysis, the reasons behind it can then be possibly identified.

Post Positivism philosophy will also be implemented by the researcher. This will ensure the researcher that the articles are analysed and the authentic information is retrieved for analysis from the previously researches.

Overall the researcher will also provide a few recommendations, which is highly necessary for maintaining a good mental health. These aspects can be considered as very useful for the betterment of the project and this is highly useful also to address the research aimplus all of the research objectives. With the help of gathering different information from various books, journals and articles, it can be said that the researcher can address the objectives of the research in a well organised way. The researcher can use different case studies on this topic to conduct the research. In addition, a research on “UK Mental Health Study” is most useful among all. The study reveals that mental is inevitably an issue, which is connected to all of the individuals. Based on the case studies, it has been revealed that bullying is one of the measurable catalysts for the symptoms of mental health. In addition, lack of emotional openness can be a challenge of accessing help. Based on the research studies, it has been stated that sleep disruption can be taken place for political events and negativity of Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) can be the cause of insufficient awareness.

Secondary method can help the researcher to gather many different types of data regarding this topic. Quantitative data are data, which measure of values or counts. With the help of survey, this data can be possible to gather. Qualitative data can be considered as the data, which approximates and characterises. This can be gathered from interview process.



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