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Structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings

Structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings

 Structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings


Roof framing is one of the most complicated aspects of the construction project and includes a wooden frame house construction, and it is challenging to master. It is essential to get the geometry of the roof frame so that it can fit together in the construction project. The intricate roof elements are used like tumblers and cricket, and this requires a lot of skill to complete the project. This part of the plan will determine the systematic process and the workflows schedules for the construction of roof framing.

Roof structure

This part of the roof framing includes the construction of the roof pitch according to the determined dimensions, through which the roof frame must be constructed. For this part of the project, the width of the overhang will be calculated, and gable end is desirable. These parts include the addition of dormers to the roof, which will help in creating the additional room and living space in the attics (Shiao., 2017). It will assist in providing natural daylights.

The only licensed professionals like the general contractors, engineers, and architects are only permissible to construct the roof frames, and all the actions would be conducted and coordinated by these people alone. This part of the building process will include the selection of the dimensions and the materials used for the framing of the roof, which will determine the bearing capacity of the members that are used in the pre-calculated data tables.

Retaining walls

When the design for the roof framing has been finalized, the contractors can proceed for the building of the frames according to the dimensions and the lengths, which are created by the framing members a consulting with the construction documents.  This helps to provide with the cost estimate and will enable to place a new order for the local yard.

After the arrival of lumber at the job site, the rafter material is usually gathered for creating a single pattern rafter, which is laid out with other pieces and is traced and cut. Generally, the design is a 3-foot difference from the building height (Allen et al., 2017).

In this process, the rafters are cut and leant along the wall so that they could be easily used. Then a ridge board is installed and is attached to the beams, all at the same time, and then these are nailed to the ridge. This is the last step, and a drip edge is applied along with some roofing papers, soffit and trims, roof shingles and fascia.

Services (Refer to the Appendices for pictures)

The works schedule of the roofing process is a very complicated and a very important matter in the construction project.  The work schedule will be according to the steps that are needed for the construction of the roof. This process will start after the framing of the roof and as soon as the materials have arrived to the site.  The works schedule will be as follows.

Firstly, the roofing materials have to be delivered to the site and must be stored somewhere so that it can be easily accessible (Fellows and Liu, 2015). Roofing materials and trash containers have to be delivered immediately after installation of the framing of the roof.  The maximum time that can be used is 24 hours.

Then the roofing crew has to attend some meetings and discussions so that the work until date can be reviewed and can be done according to the work order and the details of the job that is mentioned in the construction contract.

After this process, the roofing crews will arrive at the job site and match the materials according to the tasks that are to be done. Color and importance will be done against the work order and according to the preference of the customers.

Then the construction personals would remove any old roofing material if there were any so that no loose sections in the roof framing are kept unprotected.

Soon after this process, that decking has to be constructed and this has to be inspected in every process of its construction stage. Every stages have to be taken into consideration and has to blend with the roofing structure. If this does not happen, then the decking is replaced and is made according to the construction work schedule.

After the roof deck has been created, the roofing underlayment is installed over it (Kibert, 2016).

Then, it is time for shingles to be installed in a proper amount and with the use of fasteners so that the roof does not fall of and the construction project is hampered. Then an investigation would be held where roof leakages would be inspected and then be replaced, painted, and sealed.

In the previous investigation, if there were more roof penetrations and wall flashings, then these are replaced accordingly. Ventilations are introduced so that there is a flow of air inside the home and the performance can be improved and enhanced according to the proposal and preference of the customers. During the installation of the ventilations, only good scaffolding can be used for the entire shingle surface or it can be penetrated. Then the roofing crew will leave the job and clean the magnets, blowers, and rakes. After the roof has been constructed, the trash container would be removed from the site.

After these have been finished, the field supervisor would complete and perform an assurance inspection, so that the cleanup is above expectations and there is no flaws and the roofing process. 

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