Strategic Marketing Assignment Help - Total Assignment Help

Strategic Marketing Assignment Help - Total Assignment Help

Strategic Marketing Assignment Help - Total Assignment Help

Strategic Marketing Assignment Help

Strategic Marketing Assignment


The assessment is based upon the Case Study which is provided as a separate attachment. This coursework assignment is to be completed individually and on an open book basis.

The work for assessment is due no later than 11.30pm on Friday Week 13 and should be 4000 words in length. The normal word count tolerance of 10% will apply. You should also be aware of the regulations regarding lengthy submissions (beyond that indicated) and late submission and the penalties that will be applied to your work if the regulations are not adhered to. Acceptable word count tolerances, and the penalties for late submission, are given in the UHI Academic Regulations, accessible via the UHI website.

All your work must follow the academic conventions for standard Harvard Referencing and you are encouraged to use the UHI Referencing Guide as a resource.

Refer to the Student Study Guide & Handbook for advice and guidance regarding presentation and submission of assessed work.

You are reminded that the UHI applies a policy of blind marking and your name must not appear on the submission.  Identify your work using your student ID number and your college name only.

The UHI policy is to retain all assessed work on file, so the original copy of your assignment will not be returned to you.  Keep a copy for your own reference.

A first resit opportunity for this module, where necessary, will be provided in the same academic year. 


Individually, you will submit your own REPORT based on your responses to the questions posed on the case study provided.  The report you submit should be typed single sided, with one and a half line spacing, and adequate margins on the left, top and bottom for professional presentation.

The material that you present should be based on the information evidence provided in the case study, and your objective analysis and interpretation of that information in relation to the range of issues which the organisation needs to address. You are encouraged to undertake additional research across the range of strategic marketing topics as presented in this module, in a way that will inform your analysis and strengthen the arguments you make. 


In order to complete this task you must be thoroughly familiar with the content of the case provided and, in particular, with the history and development of the organisation, its products/services and brand, its position in the UK market, the segments targeted, its competitive position, its current distribution arrangements and the general context in which its products and market leadership has been developed. 

Your report should be an evaluation of the organisations current position in the market, established by using the models and theories discussed in the module, and the strategic options open to them moving forward. Your report will address the implications on all key areas of the marketing strategy including:-  

Based on your reading of the case provided, identify and explain TWO main features each of the macro and micro environments which help ground our understanding of the competitive position of organisation at the time when the case was written. Show how these influences impacted (positively and/or negatively) on the organisation, and affected their position and leader power in the markets in which they trade. 

Explore the thinking behind one of the possible strategic options   – consider how this may impact on its product/service leadership, the risks associated with it and how the organisation may address those risks. 

Explore and explain what potential strategic advantage the recommended new direction may provide, as well as the challenges that the change entails. 

Pricing and perceptions: Explore and explain pricing implications of the recommended strategic change and suggest an attractive segment for the company to target with this offering. 

Product portfolio:  Explore and explain any potential changes to the product/service portfolio the change may present .  
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