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1.0 Introduction:

The strategic management associates with the possible strategies or decisions that implies on the business operations for a particular company. The strategic management deals with the introduction of various possible strategies that enhance the business operations for a specific organisation. The Australia Post considers the oldest postal services organisation across the nation. The recent issues regarding the business operations and the loss in terms of revenue for the particular company generated concerns for the specific postal service organisation, the need for analysis of the specific case related to Australia Post arises due to the recent loss in terms of revenue and business operations within the organisation.

2.0 Brief description of the company:

The Australia post started its journey officially from the year 1809 from the New South Wales region in Australia. The specific company deals with the catering of letters and various types of posts across several parts of the nation and in different parts throughout the globe. The organisation established its wings throughout the nation including Melbourne, where the Melbourne general post office introduced its services in the year 1867. Australia post considers the largest caterer of postal services across the nation and in various parts of the world. In Australia, the number of post offices numbers to four thousand four hundred and six and exist fifteen thousand and five hundred ninety one street post office boxes. The particular postal delivering company used to serve around one million customers across the nation. The number of employees that the specific organisation consists of around thirty six thousand and comprises of around ten thousand delivery contractors (adelaidenow.com.au, 2017)

3.0 Findings and analysis:

The findings and analysis based on the specific reasons regarding the downfall of the business operations for Australia Post and the possible remedies that can assist the particular postal delivering organisation for its revival.

3.1 Macro environmental analysis (PESTLE):


The macro environment that affecting the business operations for the Australia Post includes various reasons and that includes Social factor, technological factor and economic factor. Pestle analysis deals with the detail understanding of the various macro environmental factors that affects the business operations for a particular company. According to Aithal (2016, p.647), the regulations imposed by the federal government of Australia affected the business operations of the Australia post.


The Australia Post organisation witnesses a hefty loss of $ 98 million in recent financial year. The supreme officials of the specific organisation claims that the main reasons for the adverse condition of the company arose due to the several macro environmental reasons such as, technological factor, economical factor, social factor and legal factor.


The rise in the business of internet and digital emailing options across the globe and in Australia affected the business operations of the Australia Post. This specific issue regarding rise of internet medium associates with the social factor and that led to the decline of the business operations for the postal service organisation. Internet being the cheapest medium and easily accessible to the users, customers finds it easy to exchange their views using the internet and this aligns with the economical factor.


The technological factor includes the acceptance of the new mode or new medium of transmission or exchange of words and that includes the utilisation of internet as the first choice for the numerous customers across the nation. As per Ho (2014, p.6478), the availability of internet at low cost, ease of access and multiple options regarding exchanging of words encourages the users or the customers to avail the new mode of transmission.


The environmental factor includes the decision and choice or will of the users or the customers, where the customers preferring digital communication and internet as the medium of communication.


The legal factor includes the negligence shown by the federal government of Australia, where the government delaying the process of minimising of stamp prices and not assisting the Australia Post in the revival process.



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