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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management

 Strategic Human Resource Management



Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is defined as a proactive approach that is geared towards developing improved support for employees in order to enhance their performance or contributions based on human resource practices. In this case, the human resource manager needs to ensure that HR policies and practices are in line with the organization’s overall strategy in order to establish a suitable work environment that promotes the realization of established goals. This report examines the four major human resource areas at HSBC Hong Kong to ensure that current HR policies and practices contribute to a positive impact on the bank. The report will include discussions on the significance of strategic human resource management within HSBC, the role of HRM in HSBC, the development and implementation of human resource plans within HSBC, and current internal and external policies that affect the operations and success of HSBC. The report will also focus on examining the managerial and operational functions of the human resource manager in relation to strategic human resource management. The managerial functions include planning, coordinating, staffing, controlling, organizing, budgeting, and implementing. On the other hand, the operational functions include planning, recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, training, employee welfare, and promotions.

Purpose and Role of SHRM within HSBC



HSBC, which was founded in 1865 in Hong Kong, has experienced tremendous growth since inception to an extent that it currently operates in 70 countries and territories across the globe (HSBC, n.d.). One of the most important factors towards the success of this organization is its human resource policies and practices given that it employs approximately 30,000 people in Hong Kong. In addition to the huge workforce, HSBC also employs and manages different kinds of individuals throughout the globe. This is based on the belief that employing and managing the various kinds of people helps in the development and establishment of a balanced and well-rounded organization and enhances its capability to adapt to various kinds of situation. HSBC recognizes that suitable treatment of employees is a crucial component towards achievement of maximum productivity and value. When employees are treated in a suitable manner within the working environment, the organization has the ability to realizing desired productivity and success. In this regard, effective human resource management policies and practices are crucial towards ensuring employees are treated in a suitable manner that helps enhance their contributions and performance towards realizing desired business goals and objectives

Strategic human resource management is defined as a proactive approach that is geared towards developing improved support for employees in order to enhance their performance or contributions based on human resource practices. SHRM has been developed following attempts by human resource practitioners to align human resource management with strategic management (Dhar, 2008). Therefore, strategic human resource management plays a crucial role in enhancing organizational performance (Cania, 2014). For HSBC, the role of strategic human resource management is to enhance the organization’s performance through development of effective measures for people management. This is particularly influenced by the organization’s recognition that effective and efficient treatment or management of the workforce is vital towards achieving its goal of being the leading and most respected international bank across the globe. Therefore, the purpose of SHRM within HSBC is promote the achievement of the bank’s strategic priorities through ensuring suitable people management policies and practices and adopted and implemented across the organization. In this regard, HSBC has created specific strategic priorities and aligned them with human resource management.

Plan to Expand HSBC’s IT Department and IT Plan

            In light of rapid technological advancements, HSBC recognizes that information technology is an important aspect of its operations in Hong Kong and across the globe. To this extend, the organization has established an IT department that is known as HSBC Operations, Services, and Technology (HOST). This department provides critical operational services, information technology and technical support to help in effective functioning of the bank and delivery of excellent customer service (Lisa, n.d.). Some of the other responsibilities in this department including managing IT infrastructure, system and support, developing software and applications that facilitate banking systems, and running and managing customer operations.


            Through the IT department, HSBC creates, implements, and support software and other technological processes and services that enable the bank to continue providing high-quality banking systems. The IT infrastructure not only comprise processes and systems that focus on customer service but also includes supporting services for employees. The work areas of the IT department at HSBC include deployment and production support, data centre management, software development, client services, project management, enterprise services and architecture, and risk and administration (Lisa, n.d.).



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