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Software Defined Storage (SDS) Administration

Software Defined Storage (SDS) Administration

1.      Introduction

1.1    Background

Network administration is made of lots of administrative tasks, processes and procedures followed and executed by a person or a scheduled job. These procedures and processes are executed in a sequence to achieve a common network goal or objective and resolve any associated issues while configuring the network. Network administration can be of multiple types and applied to both physical and virtual networks and these networks share equal importance in terms of network administration (Rowstron & Druschel, 2001)


For this project, a typical virtual or cloud based network administration is considered and in general, this administration can be to the network or network resources like server, switches or the routers. For this case, cloud network database administration is chosen and the administrative tasks related to the database performance, lowering the traffic on the database server, reducing the web traffic on the application server or the remote servers. Entire range of these tasks can be achieved with the cloud level network and database administration and thus the database performance can be optimized. Thus the main problem considered for this project is as given

1.2    Problem Statement

Process of administrating the virtual or cloud database or storage can also be defined as the Software Defined Storage and most of the network administration tasks are related to the software as service (SaaS) over the cloud network. There are other services too; those play a crucial role in defining the storage network administration like the NaaS (Network as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).


Integration of all these services for the purpose of administrating the software defined storage services is complex job for a typical network administrator and always need special roles and responsibilities in handling the job activities (Xavier & Seol, 2014). There are many technical issues and virtual level aspects to be revised to administrate the SDS (Software Defined Storage) and this project goal is to review and evaluate the major aspects in this area and to discuss the feasible solution for the following research question

1.3    Research Problem

What is the Software Defined Storage (SDS) and what type of network administration activities are involved for SDS?

1.4    Aims and Objectives

· To review and analyze the issues with traditional ways of administering the storage devices over the physical networks


·  Study the importance of Software defined storage over cloud environment

·  Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of SDS administration

· Critically review the methodology to adopt for maintenance and administration of SDS over virtual or cloud environment

·  Evaluate the administrative level implementation challenges, advantages, limitations and benefits

More discussion on the administration activities of SDS and the respective challenges are as discussed

2.      Software Defined Storage (SDS)

2.1    Introduction

Software Defined Storage (SDS) aims in solving lots of issues associated with the traditional and the physical storage related problems in terms of managing the data and network administration as well. Performance of the database and the hosted network is widely affected due to the storage issues, irrespective of amount spend on it for maintenance and data performance. Network and Database administration is other potential issues identified with the traditional storage solutions in terms of number of users or customer requests, due to increased digital data records counting on billions per month (Li, Meng, & Kwok, 2016)

2.2    SDS (Software Defined Storage)

Every region across the world has millions of digital data and its being stored over physical database or network servers by the organizations and managing the storage is the toughest job while processing the data requests too. In this scenario, best way to solve these storage related issues is to move or migrate the traditional and physical way of storing huge data volume to a virtual server i.e. cloud server and managing and administrating them with some software services (Carlson et al., 2015)


This entire process is known as Software Defined Storage (SDS) and it is the part of the Software Defined Networks (SDNs). SDS is in general divided into two components like the storage controller and the other component is storage device like hard disks i.e. the actual raw storage. SDS has main blocks of operation like Software Defined Computation, Software Defined Network and Software Defined Storage and all these blocks operate over the typical Software Defined Data Center as shown below

2.3    Software Defined Storage Functionality

Functionality of SDS depends on the actual administration process adopted in storing the data, as there are many alternative virtualized and abstracted methods of storage and administration available now. Major components included over SDS are as given


2.3.1        Transparency

Transparency of SDS can be analyzed as the capability of the storage customers in monitoring, view and control their own data on the storage environment within the costs and resources available

2.3.2        Virtualized Data path

Virtualized data path for SDS include the files, object interfaces and blocks and the ability of creating new software programs or code to access these devices

2.3.3        Automation

Automation enables the SDS administrator to quickly integrate the existing capabilities of the storage infrastructure to reduce the overall management costs and the infrastructure maintenance

2.3.4        Scalability

Storage infrastructure administration capability to scale the data objects is considered at this level and this feature will ensure that the existing performance and availability metrics like SLA and QoS are not affected.

2.3.5        Standard Interfaces

Standard interface functionalities will help the administration process in providing the APIs in managing and maintaining the storage services and devices together (Jimenez, Cervello-Pastor, & Garcia, 2015)

Using these functionalities, SDS administration process can be further refined and the overall performance can be optimized by using additional tools and techniques. These tools include both the raw hard drives in terms of storing the actual data and the software services to handle the storage performance and user requests. Both these aspects and components are considered for the SDS administration process and detailed administration attributes, user perspectives and the metadata administration are discussed below




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