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SOF535: Application Design and Development

SOF535: Application Design and Development


SOF535: Application Design and Development



Instructions and Guidelines for Project Submission


Task completion


       Project will be judged on the basis of completeness, correctness and clarity.


       Complete ALL tasks.


       Warning: All media must be virus free! Media containing viruses or media that cannot be run directly will result in a FAIL grade.




       The report must have a title page with your name, class and ID number clearly printed.


       All written work must be done in size 12 font with 1.5 line spacing.


       All printouts must include your student ID (or group IDs) in the footer (printed).


       You may need to attach the task cover sheet found on Moodle to the front of the final submission of your task (please confirm with your tutor).




       The completed assignment must be handed to the tutor at the beginning of the class on the due date.


       Submit a printed copy of your report along with the soft copy. Tutor will inform you on how to submit the soft copy.


Competency-based assessment FER and Re-enrolment


1.       Students will have an opportunity to provide further evidence twice.


2.       To be eligible for a FER the student must make a reasonable attempt at all questions/tasks in the assessment.


3.       Reasonable is to be defined as a response that at the very least attempts to address the question/task.


4.       Where the student does not make a reasonable attempt at ALL questions/tasks they will not achieve and will be required to re-enrol in the paper.


5.       A fee of $250 is payable for the second FER.


6.       The need for further evidence from the students will be noted on the assessment as “FER” and dated.


7.       When the further evidence is deemed adequate the “FER” notation will be crossed out, initialed and dated.


8.       If a student is still deemed not yet competent after the second FER they will be required to re-enrol in the paper. A fee will apply for re-enrolment and details will be available in the Programme Handbook, and students will be informed of them at the start of the programme.


9.       Additional FER’s are at the discretion of the Head of Faculty.


Reconsideration of Assessments and Appeals


1.         Students have the right to a reconsideration of assessment or appeal if they believe an assessment has been incorrectly marked or graded.


2.         The request for reconsideration must be made in writing to the Head of Faculty within five (5) working days of the return of the assessment. A fee of $40 per assessment applies.


3.         Students must be informed that, as a result of the reconsideration of assessment, their result may be unchanged, raised or lowered.


4.         The reconsidered result will be recorded as the final result. Students retain the right to appeal this result.




       By submitting your assignment you agree to Aspire2’s policy on ‘Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism’. Assignments completed using unfair means or plagiarised material will receive a FAIL grade.


       All tasks must be done in your own words and referenced.





       You may request feedback from your lecturer to verify the accuracy of your marks.


Learning Outcomes covered:


1.       Identify common issues related to IT security and apply a range of solutions.



Student Undertaking:


I have read and understood the instructions for exam given above. I understand that I will be given zero marks and will be reported to the disciplinary committee if I am found cheating or engaging in any unfair practice.


Case Study:


Read the following case study and answer the questions following it.



Auckland EZ hotel is a 4-star hotel located near Britomart. The hotel has the following IT systems in place to manage the hotel -


1.       An employee management system – this handles the employees’ work schedules, attendance, payroll, leave and other human resource processes


2.       A customer management system – this handles the hotel guests’ processes like reservations, restaurant orders, room service requests and payments



Owing to the recent security breaches at popular hotel chains like Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood Hotels (”How Hotel Cybersecurity”, 2017) the CIO of Auckland EZ has hired you as an IT security consultant to improve the hotel’s information security. The hotel is concerned about the safety of their IT systems and would like to have policies and strategies in place to protect the integrity and safety of their data. Work through the following tasks to improve Auckland EZ hotel’s IT security compliance.



Task 1: Identify and explain the threats that need to be considered while improving the hotel’s IT




Task 2: Explain with relevant examples the steps needed to address and measure the risks faced by Auckland EZ hotel’s IT systems



Here is some additional information for the next two tasks:


One day at work the IT helpdesk operator informs you that the computers at the hotel have been behaving strangely since the morning and he would like to have your opinion about it. Upon investigating you learn that some of the hotel employees encountered problems like freezing of computer and loss of data after opening an email attachment.



Task 3: Explain few approaches that Auckland EZ should follow to prevent such security breaches in the future


Task 4: Explain the process that needs to be followed to recover from such security incidences in the future




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