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Small IT Business Sample

Small IT Business Sample

Small IT Business Sample

Cloud computing acts a means for sharing a pool of configurable computer resources such as storage application, servers, networks and services which can be provided at a swift speed. Therefore, cloud computing is making communication things quite easy and simple for use because it allows for the release of information with the least effort on the side of the user as well as the service provider (Stanberry, & Harindranath, 2015). Despite the fact that cloud computing services not being much old in the market, it has increasingly become a significant part of the digital economy of Australia. Accordingly, some of the outstanding services in the economy of Australia that have been driven by the emergent cloud computing services include:

It has become a storage as well as system retrieval access point for huge volumes of business and personal digital data particularly for social media service enabled the shift from PCs to off-site storage of information, applications and services enhanced the development of and heightening of online involvement together with collaborations through the establishment of “device-agnostic” services.

In the case of this paper, it uses a speculative loud computing company Akon IT Solutions as the reference point cloud computing company which is to facilitate small Information Technology (IT) businesses in Australia. The company shall be tasked with providing small IT businesses in Australia with cloud computing services. certainly, the core significance of cloud computing is that it has the capacity to substitute up-front resources infrastructure costs with affordable variable costs that will be capable of scaling up small businesses. The advantage with cloud computing is that there is no hassle of make arrangement for procuring of servers in addition to other IT infrastructure, instead cloud computing has simplified it by instantly spinning up numerous servers within a short period and fast delivery of results.

Business Plan

Business Vision: To offers a greatly dependable, low-cost infrastructure with a scalable platform within the clouds to span its powers to almost all small business across Australia.

Business Services: In order to make the heterogeneous IT needs a reality and Akon IT Solutions (AITS) has to be service cantered. Clients from both within and outside the small IT business are in need of solutions that has to achieve their business as well as personal operation needs, mobility requirements and device preferences. Therefore, AITS is tasked to see to it that the following three core areas that is social, cloud computing and mobility is no more a dream but a reality among small IT business. The main services that shall be offered by Akon IY Solutions include Web-Based cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), managed services, utility services, hardware as a services, and workplace as a service.

The cloud: In the current business world whether big or small cloud computing stands out as the heart engine that drives IT as a service. With the presence of cloud computing there is need of making large upfront investments in hardware as well as using a lot of time managing the same hardware. As an alternative, AITS cloud computing makes provides the best and correct type of computing resources that are cost efficient and cost effective to power small IT business very newest and bright ideas for their IT businesses. Since AITS understands that the cloud is the mainstream since its adoption is gaining momentum, small businesses can access to state-of-the-art technology as a flexible costs and with a fast speed than it has been before.

Mobility: When it comes to mobility it is evidently conspicuous that it has revolutionized the manner in which businesses are operated today, not only in Australia as a country but the globe as a whole. Therefore, AITS is tasked to ensuring that it makes information availability accessible in a range of devices, with increased accuracy, and in real time and not like it used to be before the advent of cloud computing. Accordingly, both mobility and the cloud as a team they are making businesses operations much easier for employee to become more and more productive in their respective places of work and not only while in offices. AITS has and strives to continue making sure that its client’s mobile tools and devices are secured and always ready to attain its clients’ needs despite the tough industry principles and the rise in cloud computing challenges and threats from cybercrime attackers.

Social: indeed, social media has is still continue to have an important influence on the manner in which individuals work today. With the advent of different social media platform such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp only but to mention a few; it has transformed the way in through which workforces share information in real time setting. Thus, it is the responsibility of AITS cloud computing see to it that the sharing of this information is possible using any devices and that it allows for transparency. The present day employee desire is being in the position to exchange information in a more personal but dynamic manner with no barriers and over a range of devices. As a result, AITS is striving to power a multiple tools and devices so that customers do not get stressed in the course of their information exchange with companies, friends and families do not experience challenges in any way.

With the dynamic transformations happening in the today’s business environment as a result of going more digital, the issue that surrounds cloud computing has undergone change (Sharma, Bansal, & Sharma, 2015). The issue is not about where the business or personal data is kept or the amount of money they are paying for the service, but it is concerning the way the business is making breakthroughs in technology to drive and attain their business value.

How AITS Drives Business Value

With the use of Akon IT Solutions (AITS) customers are able to harness information technology in the latest way unlike utilizing smart IT to only save on the expenses, AITS provides latest services, which understands its clients better, improves productivity and moves in the market at a fast pace. That is to say that AITS supports small IT businesses to come up with solutions which directly impact on the bottom line. Consequently, with the usage of AITS it empowers consumers to gain access to data, keep their data safe and secure across all small business in the region without forgetting that it has the capacity to unleash mobility (Dillon, & Vossen, 2015). Subsequently, through the use of AITS businesses stand a chance to use free valuable resources available in the cloud to control the complex and expensive datacentres on a strategically greater parts of the business.



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