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SM5064 Animation Principles and Practice

SM5064 Animation Principles and Practice

SM5064 Animation Principles and Practice 

Assignment 1 

Assessment Criteria

·    Creativity and concept

·    Appropriate use of 3D technology & techniques

·    Written content (story & rationale)

·    Relevant supporting materials

·    Overall presentation 

Deadline: Week 8, 28th of March by 3 PM 

 (Weighting: 50% overall for the module)  

The Brief

Design and produce a series of still images, with accompanying text to come up with an idea for a 3D environment inspired by one specific genre (Horror, Adventure, Noir…). This will be an individual brief to set the foundation for the Assignment 2 (where you will then require to actually create the whole environment in groups). For assignment one you are only required to collect references, create a short storyboard around your chosen environment and create at least a fully modelled and textured 3D Asset. The main goal of this brief is to think and lay down a list of features, assets, elements and camera shots/movements to be included in the presentation of your 3D Modelled scene.

Some examples for the theme you can chose include “The office of a detective in the 1950’s” or “The table of a freelance digital artist”. These are to be discussed with your tutor in the first weeks of the module to receive guidance and advices about your work.

You should look into reference images from movies, documentaries, games and other sources relatable to your genre of choice to create a nice body of research and apply it to your storyboards and 3D models

The storyboard should be presented as it was though it is for a 30 seconds – 1 minute long video where the camera moves around the environment, focusing on some assets that would tell a story (a smoking gun on a table? An epic sword on an altar?). For your images you will use 3D renders as a base. However, feel free to draw over these for additional detail.

In addition to the storyboard you are also required to submit a short written essay (1000 words)  about the story behind your environment, with a short list of 2-8 key objects that should appear in the scene and reasons why these assets are important to the scene. You will then pick one or two of these assets to be fully modelled and rendered and showcase their renders in your submission. Note that these assets should be the most relevant of the scene. Read the hand in details for further details.

Hand In-Deliverables:

a)    Storyboard of 8-14 images to breakdown the camera movement

List of objects/assets that should appear in the scene (2-5)

b)    Written Story and Rationale (1000 words)

c)    1 or 2 highly detailed models to show off your understanding of 3D modeling with at least 2 images of the object.


a)    Storyboard: A series of pictures that would show how the camera would move and what is the shot supposed to show. These pictures will be obtained using screenshot of very basic 3d models (with no textures)

The work should include 8-10 images that come from cameras within Maya

b)    Written Story and Rationale: A few paragraphs describing the 3D environment choice and its story e.g. something about who lives or works in there. In addition to that you should also talk about the number of assets that the scene needs and why are they important to show.

          The text (1,000 words) should include:  

1.     A Title

2.     The Story

3.     A Technical and Design rational (how many assets made and their description)  

c)    Asset Creation (Detail): From the list of 3D assets you have laid down, you have to then model and render at least one main 3D model to be presented in a series of still images.

The document should include but is not limited to:

  • An introduction that sets up the story.
  • An overview of why you choose this specific environment (design rationale) and the key objects in this environment (technical overview)
  • An engaging well-told story in text and still images.
  • 8-10 good quality rendered images (800 x 600 minimum resolution).
  • A short paragraph of narrative to accompany each image.
  • Credits (resources downloaded etc.) and a bibliography.
  • 2-4 Rendered images of at least 1 or 2 assets modelled in high detailThough most students are likely to model in Maya, any 3D application of your choice may be used. However, just keep in mind that these lessons will be teaching Maya so there will be no support for other 3D applications.These elements should be presented as a Word or PDF document with an appropriate title. NB Assessment is by WebLearn submission for this component only.




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