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SITXHRM003 Lead Manage Assignment Australia

SITXHRM003 Lead Manage Assignment Australia

SITXHRM003 Lead Manage Assignment Australia



• You are to answer all questions.

• Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

• On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.


Q1: Give three examples of positive behaviour a manager can role model to staff.

Q2: Do you think leading and managing are the same thing? Explain.

Q3: Outline four qualities or traits of an effective leader.

Q4: What are ‘norms’?

Q5: Discuss the manager’s role in promoting healthy norms.  

Q6: Success in management is often measured in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Explain the terms ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’.

 Efficiency

 Effectiveness

Q7: Management functions can be categorised as planning, organising, leading, staffing and controlling (monitoring). Define the staffing function, giving some examples to explain your answer.

Q8: Define the function of controlling or monitoring and provide some examples to explain your answer.

Q9: What advice would you offer to someone who wanted to improve their leadership ability?

Q10: Define the ‘laissez-faire’ leadership style.

Q11: Describe a situation where the laissez-faire style is effective to use.  

Q12: What is participative leadership?

Q13: Describe a situation where a directive style of leadership would be appropriate to use.  


Q14: Explain why the manager should involve team members in the goal-setting process.

Q15: Define the term ‘empowerment’.

Q16: Why is it important to make plans?

Q17: What is a mission statement?

Q18: List four different types of plans.

Q19: What are stakeholders? Give some examples to help explain your answer.  

Q20: Why is it important for an organisation to consider the needs of stakeholders and communicate effectively with them?

Q21: To be effective, goals need to be SMART. What does this stand for?

Q22: What are KPIs? Explain.

Q23: A team will need to access a wide range of operational workplace information to help meet organisational goals. Give four examples of operational information your team requires.

Q24: List five things you can do to model and encourage open and supportive communication.  

Q25: Explain the difference between a group and a team?

Q26: Discuss how you could encourage innovative work practices in your team.

Q27: Why should a team have some diversity in team members?

Q28: What is groupthink?

Q29: How can a manager prevent groupthink?  

Q30: For feedback to be effective, it should be specific, timely and constructive. Explain each of these concepts.

 Specific

 Timely

 Constructive

Q31: List five barriers to effective communication.  


Q32: Discuss how KPIs can be used to monitor and assess your team’s performance and progress towards the achievement of goals.

Q33: Explain the benefits that can be gained by delegating tasks to employees.

Q34: Explain what should be included in a delegation plan.

Q35: List five common barriers to delegation.

Q36: Explain how you can overcome these barriers to delegation.  

Q37: Explain the difference between a workplace mentor and coach.

Q38: If motivation is an internal drive, can a manager really motivate an employee?

Q39: Apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to the work environment by providing two examples of how the organisation can meet needs at each level of the hierarchy.

 Physiological

 Safety

 Social

 Esteem

 Self-actualisation

Q40: The perception of fairness is important to job satisfaction, commitment and trust. How do leaders develop a sense of fairness and equity?  

Q41: Do you think money is an effective motivator? Explain your answer.

Q42: Explain one principle of job design that could be applied to make routine, practical work more rewarding.

Q43: Rewards can be extrinsic and intrinsic. Explain these terms.

 Extrinsic rewards

 Intrinsic or internal rewards

Q44: What are four examples of extrinsic rewards that an organisation could provide employees?

Q45: Explain how goals are important to motivation by using the goal-setting theory.  

Q46: A common approach to coaching involves using the demonstration method. Explain the steps involved in the demonstration method.

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