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SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict Assignment_C

SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict Assignment_C

SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict Assignment_C



Your assessor will do the following:-

• Observe you in an operational tourism, travel, hospitality or events environment using a range of skills/tasks.

• Use the checklist to observe you using a range of skills/tasks.This checklist must be used in conjunction with Assessment C Part B.

• Observe you over a period of time while you learn and use various skills/tasks.

• Ensure that you can consistently perform all tasks multiple times satisfactorily.

• Decide when you are competent at all tasks.

You are required to do the following:-

• Youmust answer all verbal questions.

• You can ask your assessor for further clarification of any question, if necessary.

• Provide all necessary information when answering questions.

• Your assessor will submit results of your practical demonstration tasksvia the LMS.

Observable skills/tasks

Verbal questions your assessor may ask to support demonstration of skill/task

(Questions may vary according to the practical task being demonstrated)

Identifies potential for conflict and takes swift and tactful action to prevent escalation.

Q: What are three common types of conflict situations in your industry?

Q: What causes these conflicts to occur?

Q: What body language gestures could someone display that indicate early stages of conflict?

Q: Why is it important that you ensure your words, tone and non-verbal gestures match during communication?

Q: Why is it important to tackle conflict early?

Identifies situations where personal safety of customers or colleagues may be threatened and organises appropriate assistance.

Q: Explain the stages of conflict. At which stage could the safety of others become an issue?

Q: Describe three conflict situations that could cause a risk to yourself or others.

Q: What should you do if the safety of yourself or others is threatened?

Identifies, researches and uses resources to assist in managing conflict.

Q: What resources are available in your organisation to assist in resolving conflict?

Q: What is the role of a mediator?

Q: Who could act as a mediator in your organisation?

Establishes and agrees on the nature and details of conflict with all parties and assesses impact.

Q: How can you use questioning strategies to improve understanding andget all involved to discuss and agree on the nature of the conflict?

Q: What is meant by the term ‘active listening’? How does this help you?

Q: Why is it important for everyone involved to agree on the nature of the conflict?

Q: Why do you need to evaluate the impact the conflict is having on both those involved and the wider workplace?

Managesa variety of conflictsituations (as per skills log) within scope of own role and responsibilities, and according to organisational procedures.

Q: What is assertive communication?

Q: Why is assertive communication more successful in resolving conflict?

Q: Give an example of how you could use ‘I’ messages to resolve conflict.

Q: Why is demonstrating empathy so important in resolving conflict?

Takes responsibility for seeking a solution to conflict within scope of own role and responsibilities, seeking assistance where required.

Q: What is one type of conflict that is outside the scope of your role and responsibilities? Why?

Q: What is the procedure if you are faced with this situation?

Identifies and evaluates impact of conflict on business reputation and legal liability.

Q: Describe two conflict situations that might involve legal liability.

Q: Why is it important to evaluate the potential impact of conflict on the parties involved and the workplace or business?

Evaluates options to resolve the conflict, taking into account organisational policies and constraints.

Q: What are some strategies you can use to generate alternative solutions to a problem?

Q: What strategies can you use to analyse and evaluate the best resolution?

Q: Outline your organisation’s complaint handling procedure.

Q: Outline your organisation’s employee grievance procedure.

Implements the best solution and completes required reports, recording necessary details.

Q: How do you ensure the solution is implemented?

Q: If the resolution requires the actions of others, for example,staff from another department, how do you ensure the solution is applied?

Q: What documentation would you need to complete in situations involving a serious conflict with a customer?

Q: What documentation would you need to complete in a formal employee grievance procedure?

Communicates with parties involved to seek and provide feedback on conflict and its resolution.

Q: What actions would you take to follow up with parties involved in the conflict situation?

Q: Why is it important to follow up on conflict situations?

Evaluates and reflects on the conflict and effectiveness of the solution.

Q: How does reflecting on and evaluating conflict situations assist you and the business?

Determines possible causes of workplace conflict, and considers and suggests changes for workplace enhancement and improvements.

Q: Give an example of a common customer complaint. What changes can you suggest to prevent this situation from occurring again?

Q: Where or how can you obtain more information about the type and causes of conflict in your organisation?


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