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SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict Assignment_B

SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict Assignment_B

SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict Assignment_B



• You are to answer all questions.

• Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

• On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.


Q1: List three common conflict situations with customers. If possible, relate the answer to your workplace or industry sector.

Q2: Give an example for each of the stags of conflict.

 Discomfort

 Incident

 Misunderstanding

 Tension

 Crisis  

Q3: Why is it important to identify and act swiftly to signs of potential conflict?

Q4: A co-worker seems to be avoiding you, and you can’t think of what it is you have done wrong. What conflict stage is this?

Q5: Briefly describe three conflict situations that might threaten the safety of customers or colleagues.

Q6: List five non-verbal and vocal cues that indicate potential conflict.

Q7: Give three examples of resources you could use to help you resolve conflict.  


Q8: What are two communication characteristics of the assertive approach to conflict?

Q9: List the five conflict resolution strategies.

Q10: What can you do in a conflict situation to ensure all parties agree on the nature and details of the conflict?

Q11: Imagine a situation involving conflict between team members about differences in opinions on how to complete a work project. Explain what conflict resolution strategy you would suggest they use and why.

Q12: Why is it important to take personal responsibility for ensuring conflict is resolved?  

Q13: It is important to deal with conflict courteously and discreetly, while minimising the impact on others. How could you do this?

Q14: What is ‘effective communication’?

Q15: List four steps or strategies that can help you communicate effectively with colleagues and customers as you manage conflict in the workplace.

Q16: There are six steps to effectively resolve conflict. What are they?

Q17: What could be the outcome for a business should a serious conflict situation be ignored or badly handled?  

Q18: Conflict resolutions need to fit within the policies and constraints of your organisation. Give three examples of policies or constraints. Relate to your workplace or training environment, if possible.

Q19: List two examples of records or forms you may need to complete after a conflict situation is dealt with.  


Q20: What are two benefits of evaluating and reflecting on conflict situations and the effectiveness of solutions applied?

Q21: What written data might you gather and use to help evaluate conflict situations? List four options.

Q22: Give an example of how you might use the skills of a team to help evaluate conflict.

Q23: Briefly describe how you would follow up with a customer to ensure they are happy with the outcome of a conflict resolution?

Q24: Your workplace rosters are a constant source of conflict between staff and management. Staff requests are not incorporated into rosters, inconsistent numbers and types of shifts and days off are allocated and casual staff are regularly told not to attend a shift less than 24 hours prior to commencement due to overstaffing. What could you do to improve the situation?

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