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SITXCCS007 Customer Service Assignment Help

SITXCCS007 Customer Service Assignment Help

SITXCCS007 Customer Service Assignment Help

Assessment B – Short answer


·     You are to answer all questions.

·     Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

·     On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.

SECTION 1: Provide a quality service experience

Q1:    List five principles of enhanced customer service experience. What common characteristics represent quality service to customers?

Q2:    Identify six different customer service needs and expectations that you could determine and anticipate throughout service delivery.

Q3:    You work waiting tables in a crowded, busy restaurant. The maître d’ has just informed you that a regular customer with a sight impairment is on table 4. Explain five ways you would look after this customer.

Q4:    You work at reception in a large hotel. A customer is checking in. According to their customer profile, they’re hearing impaired. Describe four ways you would communicate with this customer.

Q5:    You work as a tour guide. Your booking sheet says that your next group are from Cambodia and speak very little English. State eight ways you can overcome language barriers when dealing with them.

Q6:    Your hotel is hosting a large international conference. You work in the hotel buffet. List eight ways to meet customers’ special dietary needs.

Q7:    How would you respond to the following non-verbal signs from customers?

ð Slouching

ð Backing away from you

ð Making eye contact with you from a distance

Q8:    Are the following questions open, closed or reflective?

ð Do you have a loyalty card?

ð What type of holiday are you looking for?

ð You mentioned you’re concerned about how you would get around the resort. Do you have any specific requirements regarding transport?

Q9:    Explain five ways to use active listening to develop rapport and facilitate effective two-way communication.

Q10:  List six types of external customers.

Q11:  List four types of internal customers.

Q12:  Describe the difference between a product and a service.

Q13:  List five ways to develop your knowledge so you can advise customers about products and services which meet their needs.

Q14: You should promptly provide products and services which meet individual preferences. This may require you to prioritise. Identify people you might need to give priority to.

Q15:  You should use your initiative to provide tailored and additional services and products through upselling and offering add-ons. Explain the difference between the two.

ð Add-ons

ð Upselling

Q16:  List six extras and add-ons you could offer customers.

Q17:  When should you check the actioning of customer special requests?

Q18:  Identify four preferences or requests you could remember in order to give personalised service and a quality service experience to your customers.

Q19:  Explain how providing professional service and enhancing customer service generally is beneficial to you personally and to your organisation.

Q20:  State the four types of industry standards you should adhere to.

Q21:  Identify six attitudes and attributes the service industry expects of you.

Q22:  List reasons to liaise and share customer information with your team and manager.

Q23:  Describe the kind of customer information you should share with team members to ensure efficient, high-quality service delivery.

Q24:  Besides team members and managers, identify others you may need to communicate and liaise with.

SECTION 2: prOactively respond to difficult service situations

Q25:  Identify six problems common in the tourism, travel, hospitality and events sector.

Q26:  What would you do if a supplier rang to tell you a champagne delivery was going to be late and you need the champagne for a wedding function?

Q27:  Describe the skills you would use when discussing a service problem with a supplier or team member.

Q28:  Briefly explain how you can anticipate delays in product provision.

Q29:  State the steps you would take to address a service delay a customer is experiencing.

Q30:  Explain what you would do if you couldn’t provide a product or service the customer wants.

Q31:  List four ways you could proactively compensate customers for any service difficulties experienced.

Q32:  You work for a tour company. The tour price for a couple is $300. It costs $75 per person to run the tour. How much profit do you make on a couple who book a tour?

Q33:  A couple wants a refund of the entire cost of the tour in Q32 because it rained. Which compensation will still allow you to make a profit?

A complete refund

75% refund

50% refund

25% refund

Q34: What are three things you should consider when providing compensation to the customer?

Q35:  Give four reasons you should provide ongoing internal feedback.

Q36:  Identify four kinds of feedback you should communicate.

Q37:  You should provide internal feedback to avoid future occurrence of problems and customer disappointment. Describe how to do this using the ‘feedback sandwich’ technique.

SECTION 3: Resolve customer complaints

Q38:  What’s the value of staff and customer feedback? Identify five ways staff and customer feedback can help enhance customer service delivery.

Q39:  A customer is complaining loudly about your poor service. Explain how you would handle this situation.

Q40:  Give new colleague three tips on how to use appropriate language when communicating.

Q41:  Describe the tone, pitch and volume you should use when speaking to customers.

ð Tone

ð Pitch

ð Volume

Q42:  From the list provided identify which non-verbal communication is appropriate to use in customer service to develop rapport and promote good relationships with customers.








Establishing eye contact


Giving customers the body space they need


Pointing with your index finger


Guiding people with an open hand


Crossing your arms


Patting an Indian child on the head


Q43:  Explain why it’s important to apply good questioning techniques when communicating with customers who are complaining?

Q44:  List five conflict resolution techniques you can use to establish the facts, prevent escalation and work towards an agreeable solution.

Q45:  Describe the guidelines you should follow when taking responsibility for finding solutions to complaints.

Q46:  State the eight-step procedure usually used in the complaint-handling process.

Q47:  Identify four organisational constraints you should take into account when deciding how to resolve customer complaints.

Q48:  List three questions you can ask yourself to assess the impact a solution will have on a customer.

Q49:  State four reasons to provide internal feedback on complaints.

Q50:  Identify four areas of the workplace where there is commonly room for improvement.

Q51:  Describe six communication skills to use when suggesting improvements.

SECTION 4: develop customer relationships

Q52:  List three promotional services you could offer to promote repeat business.

Q53:  Identify four types of customer loyalty programs you could use to promote repeat business.

Q54:  List ten ways to establish rapport with customers.

Q55:  Describe the data contained and maintained in customer profiles which you can use to provide personalised, tailored products and services to repeat customers.

Q56:  Explain the similarities and differences between manual, computer and linked computer systems used to track customer profiles and data.

Q57:  Describe three ways you can develop the technical skills necessary to use computers and databases that manage customer profiles and promotional activities.

Q58:  List three methods you can use to collect feedback from customers.


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