SITHCCC020 Work Effective Assignment_B Help

SITHCCC020 Work Effective Assignment_B Help

SITHCCC020 Work Effective Assignment_B Help

SITHCCC020 Work Effective Assignment_B Help

SITHCCC020 Work Effective Assignment_B Help



• You are to answer all questions.

• Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

• On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.


Q1: List three factors which help determine your daily production requirements.

Q2: How do production requirements vary if a workplace offers an à la carte menu or a set menu?

Q3: Briefly describe two benefits from liaising with your team members about menu requirements and job roles prior to commencing preparation.

Q4: Briefly describe how tasks are allocated in a work schedule.  

Q5: How does a jobs checklist help you plan and organise your work?

Q6: Describe when you would compile a jobs checklist and what information should be contained in it.

Q7: How does the information provided in a standard recipe help you complete the tasks listed on your jobs checklist?

Q8: If you are preparing similar ingredients from a number of different recipes, how can you determine and calculate your commodity quantities more efficiently?

Read the statement about the characteristics of different types of food.

Are the statements in

Q9-12 true or false?

Q9: Due to their diversity in cuts, flavour and texture most meat ingredients are used to create warm, hearty pastry-based dishes.

Q10: Due to the delicate flesh of most types of seafood, they must be stored correctly, handled carefully and cooked quickly.

Q11: Dairy items are highly perishable and must be kept refrigerated or frozen until required.

Q12: Fruits or vegetables are only served as an accompaniment to another item to add texture and colour, or to help make a plate or bowl look full.  

Q13: What techniques can you use to ensure you select the best quality and freshest ingredients for your recipes? Q14: What are three tasks you might complete when organising and preparing food?  


Q15: There are a variety of culinary terms used when preparing and cooking food. Match the term with its correct definition.





Place under a salamander or in an oven to brown the surface.

Shallow fry slowly to cook without colour.

Chop food into even dimensions.

Evaporate a liquid to half its volume.

Q16: What is the basic purpose of the various items of cutting equipment? These items are used to chop, slice, dice, peel, purée or shape food.

Q17: What do you need to know before you use any items of kitchen equipment? Before using any equipment, you must become familiar with its uses and operating procedures. You should also know how to take it apart safely, wash it and correctly reassemble it ready for use.

Q18: It is important you know the principles and procedures of each method of cookery so you can select the correct method. Match the method of cookery with its corresponding basic principles.


Deep frying



Food is cooked by means of steam under pressure, either at atmospheric or high pressure.

Food is cooked by heat radiated to the food from heat sources below or above or both.

Food is enclosed in an oven or rotated on a spit with fat used as a basting agent.

Food is totally immersed in hot fat or oil.

Q19: How does the style of menu affect when and how food is cooked and presented? Provide one example.  

Q20: List three reasons why you might have to adjust menu items and ingredients for a customer.

Q21: What are three customer expectations?

Q22: Where can you find information about presentation standards for menu items in your workplace or training environment?

Q23: List four skills you need to help you work as part of a kitchen team?

Q24: What should you do if you are unable to complete your allocated tasks in time to meet production deadlines?  

Q25: What are three hygiene procedures you must follow in your workplace or training environment?

Q26: What are three safety procedures you must follow in your workplace or training environment?

Q27: What does the term ‘clean as you go’ mean?  


Q28: List five end-of-shift procedures you must complete in your workplace.

Q29: Describe three food storage techniques that should be used to minimise food spoilage, contamination and wastage.

Q30: What are three techniques you can use to reduce the amount of waste produced in your workplace?  

Q31: What are two end-of-shift tasks you might complete to keep your work area clean and tidy?

A post-service debriefing is used to analyse successes and issues from the service period. Read the topics listed in questions 32 to 35 and briefly discuss how a post-service debrief can help you and the team improve your performance in each area.

Q32: The quality of dishes produced.

Q33: How you and the team respond to operational challenges.

Q34: You and your team’s ability to communicate and coordinate multiple tasks.

Q35: You and your team’s ability to prioritise, sequence and monitor tasks and processes.

Q36: How would you respond to a customer who tells you they have a nut allergy?

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