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SITHCCC015 Produce Serve Food Assignment Help

SITHCCC015 Produce Serve Food Assignment Help

SITHCCC015 Produce Serve Food Assignment Help



• Each multiple-choicequestion has four responses.

• You are to answer all questions.

• There is only one right answer.

• On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.

1. What documents do you use to confirm food production requirements?

(a) Organisational policies and procedures.

(b) WHS requirements and standard recipes.

(c) Standard recipes and food preparation lists.

(d) Food preparation lists and booking sheets.

2. You’re making 100 servings of apple pie to meet expected customer traffic for the dessert buffet. Your recipe yields one pie of eight portions. It calls for 250 g sweet pastry. How much pastry do you actually need to make?

(a) 3 kg.

(b) 3.25 kg.

(c) 3.125 kg.

(d) 4 kg.

3. What four factors affect the selection of ingredients for preparation of buffet foods?

(a) Recipe, quality, freshness and stock rotation requirements.

(b) Cost, food production requirements, recipe and quality.

(c) Special customer requests, quantities to be produced, portion control, deadlines.

(d) How the ingredients look, feel, smell and taste.

4. What are two indications of spoilage in fresh poultry or meat?

(a) Yellow tinge to the flesh and fat and has a soft, yielding texture when pressed.

(b) Dry, unbroken skin, tendons or sinew.

(c) Clean, brightly coloured flesh with well-formed grain.

(d) Slimy skin or fat and an ammonia smell.

5. What is the most appropriate method for cooking a whole sirloin of beef that will be sliced and used for a cold meat platter?

(a) Shallow frying.

(b) Roasting.

(c) Braising.

(d) Grilling.  

6. According to most organisational standards, which glaze would be acceptable to use on chicken galantine?

(a) None of these would be acceptable glazes for a chicken galantine.

(b) Collee.

(c) Brown chaud-froid.

(d) White chaud-froid.

7. Which is an appropriate meat and sauce/condiment combination?

(a) Smoked salmon, horseradish cream, capers and finely sliced onion.

(b) Roast beef, cranberry sauce and watercress.

(c) Roast turkey, French mustard and Yorkshire pudding.

(d) Chicken galantine, Cumberland sauce and finely shredded mint.

8. Is it better to produce buffet centrepieces yourself or obtain them from specialist culinary artists?

(a) It’s better to produce them yourself.

(b) It’s better to obtain them from specialist culinary artists.

(c) It’s better to ask your customer which they prefer.

(d) It depends on the type of centrepiece and the skill required to produce it.

9. What are the most important factors to consider when making decisions about the layout of the buffet tables?

(a) The tables must be set up in multiple layers so as to provide the dimension of height for all centrepieces and dishes to be displayed.

(b) The buffet tables should be located in the most visually appealing location in the dining room so that customers see them the moment they enter the room.

(c) The right size tables must be set up according to organisational buffet display plans so both customers and staff have sufficient access to them.

(d) The buffet tables must be located close to power points so that electrical equipment such as bain-maries and refrigeration cabinets can be plugged in.

10. What statement most applies when assembling a cold platter for display on a buffet?

(a) Display cold terrines in one piece on the platter. A sharp knife on the platter allows customers to cut the portion size they wish.

(b) Position unsliced display pieces of meat and whole birds as close to customers as possible so that they get the full visual effect.

(c) When displaying whole poached fish on a display platter, don’t remove the skin. If you do, the flesh will dry out.

(d) The size and shape of the platter must be in keeping with the quantity of food it will be used to display, without giving the effect of overcrowding.  

11. How can you maximise eye appeal of buffet foods?

(a) Arrange and present food attractively without drips or spills.

(b) Use glazes for a clear, shiny, visually appealing finish and as an eye-catching base for intricate decoration work.

(c) Display the food in appropriate serviceware.

(d) These are all good ways to maximise the eye appeal of buffet foods.

12. What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when serving buffet food?

(a) Serve the food according to organisational standards and portion sizes.

(b) Serve the food exactly how the customer wants it even if it means taking it back to the kitchen to be remade.

(c) Serve the food as quickly as possible to keep customer traffic flowing smoothly, even if this means some customers’ food isn’t plated up properly.

(d) Ensure that you smile at customers while you serve them.

13. When displaying hot and cold food on a buffet, you must monitor food temperatures to avoid food contamination. What is the temperature range that is considered the danger zone?

(a) 10 °C and 50 °C.

(b) 5 °C and 60 °C.

(c) 15 °C and 55 °C.

(d) 20 °C and 65 °C.

14. Why should you always follow good portion control procedures?

(a) To ensure customers don’t overeat at the buffet and become sick.

(b) To minimise wastage and maximise profit.

(c) You don’t need to always follow good portion control procedures.

(d) To demonstrate your serving skills.

15. When should you replenish buffet foods?

(a) Halfway through the service period.

(b) When they’re completely depleted.

(c) When they’re two-thirds depleted.

(d) When customers ask you to.

16. Which procedure helps minimise waste, optimise shelf life and ensure the safety of buffet foods?

(a) Place them directly in the fridge or freezer while they’re still hot.

(b) Store them in appropriate environmental conditions.

(c) Pay strict attention to temperature. This is the only factor to consider when storing buffet foods.

(d) Store all buffet foods at 4 °C or lower.

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