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SITHCCC015 Produce Serve Food Assignment_B Help

SITHCCC015 Produce Serve Food Assignment_B Help

SITHCCC015 Produce Serve Food Assignment_B Help



• You are to answer all questions.

• Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

• On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.


Q1: You have a number of miseen place tasks that you need to accomplish for a buffet in a week’s time. You want to sort and prioritise them in a sequence so that everything is done in time. Explain how you’d do this.

Q2: What are the five stages you go through when preparing, producing and serving food for buffets?

Q3: What are five examples of sources of information you can use to confirm production requirements?

Q4: How many portions does the recipe yield? How many grams are in each portion?

Q5: Buffet portion sizes are different to à la carte portion sizes. Calculate how many buffet-sized portions this recipe yields.

Q6: You need 100 portions for your buffet. Read the recipe and calculate quantities required for each of the following ingredients.

Q7: According to the recipe, what type of chicken should you choose from stores?

Q8: List four characteristics of fresh, good quality chicken.

Q9: Read the label from the packet of arborio rice.

Q10: What are three signs of spoilage or contamination you should look for when selecting ingredients for the risotto?  


Q11: List ten foods you might find in a breakfast buffet.

Q12: Suggest three suitable buffet foods for each theme.

Q13: List a suitable cooking method(s) for the following buffet dishes.

Q14: Explain why aspic or gelatine preparations are sometimes used to glaze food items on a buffet.

Q15: What is the literal translation of the term ‘chaud-froid’?Why is this term fitting?  

Q16: The chef has made some brown chaud-froid, white chaud-froid, collee and aspic. According to most organisational standards, which of the following buffet items would you apply these glazes to?

Q17: What are three characteristics of good buffet garnishes?

Q18: List five garnishes suitable for buffet foods.

Q19: Describe how to produce mustard dressing for a buffet salad.

Q20: Describe how to produce jus lié for a buffet turkey.  

Q21: The chef has asked you to take these sauces out to the buffet table: apple sauce, Cumberland sauce, mint sauce, horseradish sauce, cherry sauce, cocktail sauce. Match the sauce to the correct buffet food it should be placed beside.

Q22: List three types of specialist culinary artists you could contact to obtain appropriate buffet showpieces and decorations.

Q23: Your colleague isn’t sure how to organise floral arrangements for the buffet. List three tips to help them create an effective centrepiece.

Q24: You’ve been instructed to place the buffet tables in their correct positions. How do you know where to put them?

Q25: Whatare the three main factors to consider when deciding how and where to set up the buffet table?  

Q26: Describe the type of table layout used for serving large numbers of customers quickly.

Q27: Your manager has asked you to arrange and present a cold meat platter for the buffet. Describe step-by-step how you would do this to maximise eye appeal.

Q28: What serviceware or special equipment would you use to display and present the following buffet foods for a classical buffet? Salad Hot turkey

Q29: At what temperatures should you display hot and cold buffet foods in order to avoid food hazards?

Q30: List three types of serviceware you can use to keep hot foods at safe temperatures when displayedon a buffet.

Q31: How should you display highly perishable foods such as fresh, uncooked seafood to keep them at safe temperatures?

Q32: How long can you safely display buffet food in the danger zone on a mild day?  

Q33: If the temperature of cold food rises to 10 °C, what should you do?

Q34: If hot food falls below 60 °C, what should you do?  


Q35: Carving methods differ depending on the type, size and structure of the meat. However, there are some general principles to follow when carving meat for service. List five of these principles.

Q36: Your colleague is spilling soup all over the buffet table and bowl edges when serving. Provide advice on how to serve soups, sauces and gravies more neatly and without spillages.

Q37: State six organisational food safety procedures you should follow when displaying and serving hot food from buffets in order to avoid food contamination.

Q38: Describe how to ensure correct portionswhen slicing and serving cakes, pastries and pies.  

Q39: Identifythree ways to control portion sizes at a buffet where customers are serving themselves.

Q40: When should you replenish buffet items?

Q41: How should you store cold food at the end of a serviceperiod to maximise shelf life?

Q42: How should you store hot food at the end of a service period to maximise shelf life?

Q43: What are the five environmental conditions that optimise the shelf life and freshness of food?

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