SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_C help

SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_C help

SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_C help

SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_C help

SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishe Assignment_C help



Your assessor will do the following.

• Observe you in a commercial kitchen, preparing and producing dishes using a range of skills/tasks.

• Provide a range of recipes and ingredients.

• Use the checklist to observe you using a range of skills/tasks.

• Observe you over a period of time while you learn and use various skills/tasks.

• Ensure that you can consistently perform all tasks multiple times satisfactorily.

• Decide when you are competent at all tasks.

You are required to do the following.

• Youmust answer all verbal questions.

• You can ask your assessor for further clarification of any question, if necessary.

• Provide all necessary information when answering questions.

• Your assessor will submit results of your practical demonstration tasksvia the LMS.

Observable skills/tasks

Verbal questions your assessor may ask to support demonstration of skill/task

(Questions may vary according to the practical task being demonstrated)

Locates, reads and interprets recipes, food preparation lists, menus and task sheets to check food production requirements.

Q: What information is included in a standard recipe?

Q: How do you find out what portion sizes to produce?

Efficiently sequences food preparation and production tasks.

Q: How do standard recipes and food preparation lists help you sequence your preparation tasks?

Q: Describe how you sequence food preparation tasks when making your favourite soup or sauce.

Calculates ingredient amounts according to requirements.

Q: How does a standard recipe help you calculate quantities of ingredients?

Q: Where could you find out how many portions, and therefore quantities of ingredients, are required for poultry dishesneeded for a function?

Identifies and selectspoultry and other ingredients from stores according to requirements.

Q: What are three indicators of freshness and quality you should look for when selecting fresh poultry meat?

Q: You are making a chicken stew and need to select suitable vegetables to add to the pot. What type would you choose and how would you check for quality and freshness?

Q: What is the nutritional benefit of poultry?

Locates and reads date codes and rotation labels on food products.

Q: What information is contained in a date code or rotation label?

Q: How do stock rotation procedures and product expiry dates help you when selecting ingredients?

Selects appropriate type and size of knives and other equipment.

Q: What items of equipment would you use to prepare deep-fried chicken drumsticks?

Q: What equipment would you use to portion a whole bird?

Q: Why is selecting the correct size roasting pan important when roasting poultry?

Follows food and workplace safety procedures when assemblingequipment and checks cleanliness prior to use.

Q: From a food safety perspective, what should you check before assembling any food production equipment?

Q: What features or functions of a slicer can cause injury when assembling it?

Uses knives and equipment safely and hygienically when preparing and cooking food.

Q: Mechanical mixers, slicers and deep fryers are often used when preparing poultry dishes. What are two safety procedures you should follow when using this type of equipment?

Q: List two safety procedures to follow when using knives.

Q: How can you reduce the risk of cross-contamination between different ingredients when using food preparation equipment?

Thaws frozen poultry according to food safety guidelines.

Q: What is the safest way to thaw poultry?

Sorts and assembles ingredients according to production requirements.

Q: You are preparing three poultry dishes – chicken risotto, baked chicken pie and grilled chicken tenders. How do you sort and assemble your ingredients to maximise efficiency?

Q: How does sorting and assembling ingredients prior to preparation help your workflow and productivity?

Weighs and measures ingredients correctly and creates portions.

Q: Weighing and measuring ingredients is part of your mise en place requirements. Why is accuracy an important component of your mise en place process?

Q: Why is portioning important during the preparation stage when preparing ingredients for dishes?

Uses poultry preparation techniques according to recipe (as listed in the skills log).

Q: What is trussing and when is it used?

Q: What is barding and when is it used?

Q: How would you prepare small birds such as spatchcock for roasting?

Minimises waste.

Q: What by-products from the preparation of poultry and other ingredients could be used in other production processes?

Q: If you are storing by-products for later use, how should you store them? What information must be recorded?

Selects and usesmise en place and cookery methods (as listed in the skills log) for dishes.

Q: What methods of cookery would you recommend for whole birds?

Q: What methods of cookery would you recommend for turkey or chicken breast?

Q: What method would you recommend for tough poultry meat?

Uses numeracy skills to calculate number of portions and determine cooking times and temperatures.

Q: At what temperature do you deep-fry foods?

Q: You are preparing platters for a function. One platter holds five portions and you need to prepare 25 portions. How many platters do you prepare?

Follows standard recipes for different poultry cuts and methods of cookery listed in the skills log.

Q: Name two poultry dishes and where they originated.

Q: How does chicken, turkey and duck meat compare? Comment on their appearance, fat content, nutritional value, taste and texture.

Q: What do the terms ‘maryland’, ‘ballotine’, ‘buffet’ and ‘supreme’ mean?

Q: Name two classical and contemporary dishes you have prepared.

Prepares poultry accompaniments and marinades.

Q: When might you use a marinade?

Q: What ingredients would you use in this instance?

Q: What accompaniments would you serve with roast turkey?

Q: What accompaniments would you serve with chicken masala?

Prepares dishes for a number of customers:

·       within commercial time constraints and deadlines

·       reflecting required quantities to be produced

·       following procedures for portion control and food safety practices

·       responding to special customer requests and dietary requirements

·       managing own speed, timing and productivity.

Q: How do you manage your own speed and timing to ensure that you complete food preparation tasks within commercial time constraints without cutting corners and risking your safety?

Q: What is one example of a special request or dietary need a customer might have when ordering a poultry dish?

Q: How could you modify a dish to meet this customer’s need?

Q: Why is portion control important when preparing and serving poultry dishes?

Follows standard recipes and makesfood quality adjustments within scope of responsibility.

Q: Your stewed poultry meat is dry. How could you prevent this happening in the future?

Q: The chicken has caught on the bottom of the pan and tastes slightly burnt. How can you fix it?

Q: Choose one poultry recipe from your menu. How would you adjust the flavour of this dish if it didn’t meet recipe and organisational standards?

Carves poultry using appropriate tools and techniques, taking account of meat and bone structure and waste minimisation.

Q: Describe the steps involved in carving a whole roasted bird?

Q: Should you carve with or against the grain? Explain why.

Q: How can you minimise waste during the carving process?

Q: What tools do you need when carving?

Portions and serves poultry according to recipe.

Q: How do you know what portion size to serve the customer?

Q: Should portion sizes vary? Explain your answer.

Adds sauces and garnishes to dishes.

Q: Describe three poultry dishes and the type of sauces you would serve with them.

Q: What garnishes could you use to finish the three dishes you have described?

Q: How can a garnish add to the visual appeal of a dish?

Visually evaluates the dish and adjusts presentation, if necessary.

Q: Describe a time you had to adjust the presentation of a dish before sending it out to the customer. What was wrong with the dish and what changes did you make?

Q: The dish of chicken, velouté sauce, potato and cauliflower looks plain and boring. How can you fix the appearance?


Stores dishes in appropriate environmental conditions.

Q: What are the appropriate storage conditions for hot and cold poultry dishes?

Q: You have some leftover poultry meat. How do you store it?

Cleans work area and disposes of or stores surplus and re-usable by-products.

Q: Where can you find information about the types of cleaning tasks you have to complete?

Q: How does cleaning as you go speed up end-of-shift cleaning tasks?

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