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Assessment a – multiple choice


·     Each multiple-choice question has four responses.

·     You are to answer all questions.

·     There is only one right answer.

·     On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.

 1.      What information is provided on a food preparation list?

(a)     Standard recipes with an ingredients list.

(b)     Anticipated bookings for the next service period.

(c)     Requirements for preparation of daily specials and menu variations.

(d)     Food production requirements and preparation deadlines.

2.      What are two factors that determine the quantities of ingredients required to prepare a dish?

(a)     The standard recipe and number of portions required.

(b)     The standard recipe and any dietary variations required.

(c)     The number of portions and a list of menu items.

(d)     The preparation list and ingredients list.

3.      What are three factors which help you select from stores the appropriate ingredients required for your menu items?

(a)     Number of portions required, availability of ingredients, and location in storage area.

(b)     The requirements listed in the standard recipe, expiry dates of ingredients, and workplace quality standards.

(c)     If any of the ingredients have already been pre-prepared, expiry dates of ingredients, and their appearance.

(d)     Preparation deadlines, the ingredients list of the recipe, and access to appropriate equipment.

4.      What are two indications of spoilage in fresh lettuce and leafy greens?

(a)     Clear green colour and brown stems where it has been cut.

(b)     Mould where the leaves join the stem and a soft texture.

(c)     An earthy smell that indicates soil damage and an open, soft head.

(d)     Browning and limp, soggy leaves.

5.      If you wanted to remove excess moisture from washed lettuce, which item of equipment would remove the most water?

(a)     A colander.

(b)     A steamer.

(c)     A cake rack.

(d)     A salad spinner.

6.      Why is it very important to make sure equipment is clean before preparing ingredients for salads and appetisers?

(a)     Many ingredients in salads have a high water content, which could cause the equipment to rust and discolour the ingredients being prepared.

(b)     Recipes require ingredients to be cut very finely so there is a greater risk of food becoming stuck in the equipment.

(c)     Many of the ingredients are high-risk foods that may not be processed further during preparation, so the risk of cross-contamination is higher.

(d)     The recipes usually combine ingredients from many different types of food groups together, so the risk of cross-contamination is higher.

7.      What safety procedures should you follow when steaming potatoes in an atmospheric steamer for a potato salad?

(a)     Use protective gloves and open the door carefully to release the steam before retrieving the tray of hot potatoes.

(b)     Make sure there is a towel on the floor in front of the steamer so the floor does not become wet and slippery.

(c)     Turn the steamer off and allow it to completely cool before opening.

(d)     Use a damp tea towel to carry the tray of hot potatoes as this will absorb the steam and reduce the risk of burns.

8.      Why should you sort and assemble all your ingredients prior to starting to prepare them?

(a)     It allows you to check your portion sizes before you start preparation.

(b)     It makes you read the recipe prior to commencing.

(c)     It helps ensure you have all the required ingredients and speeds up the preparation process.

(d)     It helps you get the meals out on time.

9.      Weighing and measuring ingredients accurately is an important part of the preparation process (mise en place). Why?

(a)     It ensures that the dish is presented the same way every time it’s made.

(b)     It will help produce dishes that look and taste appropriate and yield the correct portions.

(c)     Correctly calculating measurements increases yield and allows you to accurately portion food later.

(d)     If ingredients are weighed and measured accurately, you will be able to make the dish faster.

10.    Why must you thoroughly wash lettuce, salad greens and other vegetables?

(a)     To remove all grit, dirt, soil and other vegetable matter.

(b)     To make sure they have a fresh, brightly coloured appearance.

(c)     To remove all traces of cross-contamination from other vegetables, especially root vegetables.

(d)     To remove any part which has begun to show signs of spoilage.

11.    How can you minimise waste to maximise profitability of a dish when preparing salads and appetisers?

(a)     Make sure all off-cuts, such as stems from leafy greens and bread crusts, are used in other production processes.

(b)     Use stock rotation processes to ensure only the freshest, most recently delivered ingredients are used.

(c)     Keep a log of all wastage for a period of time to identify which dishes have the highest wastage and remove them from the menu.

(d)     Use as much of the ingredient as possible while not compromising quality.

12.    What method of cookery is used to very lightly cook vegetables while keeping their colour and texture?

(a)     Steaming.

(b)     Roasting.

(c)     Blanching.

(d)     Boiling.

13.    You are making bread bases for canapés. What are two methods of cookery you could use to produce a golden, crisp base?

(a)     Deep frying or roasting.

(b)     Shallow frying and grilling.

(c)     Steaming and baking.

(d)     Baking and grilling.

14.    When making mayonnaise, you are using egg yolks to combine two different types of liquid together. What is this called?

(a)     An emulation.

(b)     An emulsion.

(c)     A vinaigrette.

(d)     A hollandaise.

15.    What modern salad dressing for warm salads requires the dressing to be boiled and then cooled?

(a)     An Asian salad dressing.

(b)     A reduction sauce.

(c)     A caesar salad dressing.

(d)     A vinaigrette.

16.    What food quality adjustments might you need to make during the preparation process?

(a)     Adjust the flavour by adjusting seasonings, amount of dressing or sauces, or ratio of ingredients.

(b)     Adjust the type of serviceware used to serve the dish.

(c)     Adjust the size of each portion to achieve the required yield.

(d)     Select different ingredients from those listed in the standard recipe if they are fresher.

17.    What type of serviceware would be used to present hot and cold multiple portion appetisers at a stand-up cocktail party?

(a)     Dinner plates.

(b)     Large bowls.

(c)     Entrée plates.

(d)     Large platters.

18.    What must you consider when garnishing cold canapés?

(a)     Canapés are relatively small so the garnish must be in proportion to the item.

(b)     Canapés must catch the customer’s eye, so a brightly coloured garnish is required.

(c)     When producing large numbers of the same canapé, use different garnishes for variety.

(d)     Fruit garnishes will deteriorate quickly, making the base of the canapé soggy.

19.    What are two mayonnaise-based sauces often served with hot seafood appetisers?

(a)     Mustard and vert sauce.

(b)     Piquant and roquefort sauce.

(c)     Aioli and cocktail sauce.

(d)     Acidulated and chilli sauce.

20.    What adjustments to presentation might you need to make after visually evaluating a dish before service?

(a)     Modify ingredients to adjust the flavour and texture of the dish.

(b)     Increase portion sizes if the dish looks too small.

(c)     Clean up drips and spills. Change dips or sauces if they are incorrect.

(d)     Make sure any special dietary requests have been met.

21.    As appetisers and salads contain high-risk, perishable items, what temperature should they be stored at?

(a)     In the dry store at 10 °C to 15 °C so canapé bases don’t become soggy.

(b)     In the refrigerator between 1 °C and 4 °C.

(c)     In the refrigerator between 1 °C and 3 oC until one hour before service, when they can be placed on a kitchen bench to warm up.

(d)     In the refrigerator at 1 °C.

22.    How should you store by-products and off-cuts for later use elsewhere in the production process?

(a)     Cover and place in the area of the kitchen where they will be required later.

(b)     Place in a lidded, tightly sealed container, label with the date and freeze until required.

(c)     Refrigerate food items on a tray near the door of the refrigerator for easy visibility and access.

(d)     Place in a clean container, cover and clearly label what the contents are. Place in the refrigerator.

23.    How can you reduce the number and type of cleaning tasks you have to complete at the end of a service period?

(a)     Use the cleaning schedule to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities.

(b)     Allocate cleaning tasks at the start of a shift amongst the team and monitor completion.

(c)     Clean and tidy your work area as you complete each task during preparation and service.

(d)     Train all staff in correct cleaning techniques, so equipment and work areas are cleaned correctly, reducing repetition of tasks.

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