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Assessment C Part A – practical demonstration


Your assessor will do the following.

·     Observe you in a commercial kitchen, preparing and producing salads and appetisers using a range of skills/tasks.

·     Provide a range of recipes and ingredients.

·     Use the checklist to observe you using a range of skills/tasks.

·     Observe you over a period of time while you learn and use various skills/tasks.

·     Ensure that you can consistently perform all tasks multiple times satisfactorily.

·     Decide when you are competent at all tasks.

You are required to do the following.

·     You must answer all verbal questions.

·     You can ask your assessor for further clarification of any question, if necessary.

·     Provide all necessary information when answering questions.

·     Your assessor will submit results of your practical demonstration tasks via the LMS.


Observable skills/tasks you are required to demonstrate

Verbal questions your assessor may ask to support demonstration of skill/task

(Questions may vary according to the practical task being demonstrated.)

Locates, reads and interprets recipes, food preparation lists, menus and task sheets to check food production requirements.

Q: What information is included in a standard recipe?

Q: What influences how many portions you have to produce?

Efficiently sequences food preparation and production tasks.

Q: How do standard recipes and food preparation lists help you sequence your preparation tasks?

Q: Describe how you sequence food preparation tasks when making your favourite appetiser or salad.

Calculates ingredient amounts according to requirements.

Q: How does a standard recipe help you calculate quantities of ingredients?

Q: Where could you find out how many portions, and therefore quantities of ingredients, are required for hot or cold finger food for a function?

Identifies and selects appetiser and salad ingredients from stores according to requirements.

Q: What are three indicators of freshness and quality you should look for when selecting lettuce and other salad greens?

Q: The quality and freshness of dry goods is as important as fresh ingredients. What are two quality indicators you should look for?

Checks perishable supplies for spoilage or contamination.

Q: What are two indicators of spoilage in meat and poultry?

Q: Why should you check dry farinaceous and other goods for signs of contamination before using them to prepare salads for appetisers?

Locates and reads date codes and rotation labels on food products.

Q: What information is contained in a date code or rotation label?

Q: How do stock rotation procedures and product expiry dates help you select ingredients?

Selects appropriate type and size of equipment.

Q: What item of equipment would you use to gently fry rounds of bread to be used as a base for cold canapés?

Q: You are preparing canapés for a large cocktail party. What items of equipment do you use to lay out the canapés while building them?

Follows food and workplace safety procedures when assembling equipment and checks cleanliness prior to use.

Q: From a food safety perspective, what should you check before assembling any food production equipment?

Q: What features or functions of a slicer can cause injury when assembling it?

Uses equipment safely and hygienically when preparing and cooking food.

Q: Mechanical mixers, slicers and peelers are often used when preparing ingredients for salads and appetisers. What are two safety procedures you should follow when using this type of equipment?

Q: Many ingredients used to prepare salads and appetisers are served raw. How can you reduce the risk of cross-contamination between different ingredients when using food preparation equipment?

Sorts and assembles ingredients according to production requirements.

Q: If you had to prepare mayonnaise and three salads that all require a mayonnaise-based dressing, how do you sort and assemble your ingredients?

Q: How does sorting and assembling ingredients prior to preparation help your workflow and productivity?

Weighs and measures ingredients correctly and creates portions.

Q: Weighing and measuring ingredients is part of your mise en place requirements. Why is accuracy an important component of your mise en place process?

Q: Why is portioning important during the preparation stage when preparing ingredients for appetisers, especially for large groups or functions?

Cleans and cuts salad ingredients using basic culinary cuts.

Q: What are four salad ingredients that should be thoroughly washed prior to preparation? Why is washing necessary?

Q: What are two basic culinary cuts you use to prepare ingredients for salads or appetisers?

Minimises waste.

Q: What by-products from the preparation of salads and appetisers could be used in other production processes?

Q: If you are storing by-products for later use, how should you store them? What information must be recorded?

Selects and uses mise en place and cookery methods (as listed in the skills log) for dishes.

Q: What are four methods of cookery used when preparing appetisers and salads? Give one example of a recipe each method is used in.

Q: Mixing, tossing, stirring, blending and marinating are common techniques used when preparing appetisers and salads. Describe situations when each of these techniques would be used.

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