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Assessment B – Short answer


·     You are to answer all questions.

·     Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

·     On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.

SECTION 1: Select ingredients

Q1:    List three factors you must consider when confirming food production requirements.

Q2:    You need to prepare 50 mini quiches for a cocktail function. Based on the recipe below, calculate the amounts required for each  ingredient.


Quantity (10 portions)

Quantity (50 portions)

Shortcrust or puff pastry

250 g



Bacon, small dice

70 g



Cheddar cheese, grated

70 g



Chives, finely chopped

¼ bunch








360 ml



Q3:       List three quality checks you should make when selecting lettuces and other leafy greens for appetisers or salads.

Q4:    You are making a caesar salad and must locate the cos lettuce in the refrigerator. What is a key                          characteristic of this lettuce that will help you identify it?

Q5:    You are about to prepare fresh prawns for canapés. What are two signs of spoilage or contamination you should look for before

         commencing preparation?

SECTION 2: Select, prepare and use equipment

Q6:    What is the purpose of a spinner? How does it work?

Q7:    When making mini curried vegetable filo parcels as a hot appetiser, what are six items of equipment you need to prepare them?

Q8:    One of the main items of equipment you use to prepare dressings and sauces for salads and appetisers is the food processor.

          What should you check before you start preparing your next recipe.

Q9:    You are preparing roast beef and wasabi cream cold canapés. Your preparation tasks include finely slicing the pre-cooked beef using the mechanical slicer, baking bread bases and making a wasabi-flavoured mayonnaise using the mixer. What are four safety and hygiene practices you should follow when assembling and using equipment to prepare these items?

SECTION 3: portion and prepare ingredients

Q10:  Match the required tasks to the preparation sequence for the caramelised onion, olive and goat cheese tart. Enter the correct task number for each stage in the preparation sequence.



1. Assemble ingredients.



2. Complete basic pre-preparation tasks.



3. Weigh or measure ingredients.



4. Portion ingredients if necessary.



5. Sort ingredients.





1.      Calculate requirements based on number of portions required. Weigh olives, goat cheese and puff pastry. Measure oil, sugar and vinegar as required.

2.      Obtain ingredients. Oil, vinegar, onions and sugar from the dry store. Goat cheese, olives and thyme from the refrigerator. Pastry from refrigerator or freezer.

3.      Separate ingredients needed to make caramelised onion – oil, vinegar, sugar, onions, salt and pepper. Assemble items – olives, goat cheese and puff pastry.

4.      Slice the onions and goat cheese. Roll out puff pastry if necessary.

5.      Cut puff pastry into required number of portions.

Q11:  The tart recipe requires 150 g puff pastry, 60 g olives and 1 tbsp brown sugar. What equipment do you use to accurately weigh or measure these ingredients?

Q12:  Why is it important to thoroughly wash vegetables and leafy greens before preparing salads and appetisers? List two reasons.

Q13: What does it mean if your recipe requires vegetables to be cut into a julienne?

Q14: You are cutting potatoes into a 6 mm dice. What is this cut called?

Q15: Salads and appetisers are highly perishable, and surplus prepared dishes are often disposed of after service as they don’t

         maintain their quality if stored for long periods of time. How can you minimise this form of wastage?

SECTION 4: Prepare appetisers and salads

Q16:  What method of cookery is used to make caramelised onions for the caramelised onion, olive and goat cheese tart mentioned in


Q17:  What method of cookery would you use to cook crumbed prawns and chicken?

Q18:  What is the oil to vinegar ratio for vinaigrette dressing?

Q19: List the steps to make mayonnaise.

Q20: What are three examples of modern salad dressings?

Q21: What are four examples of classical salads?

Q22: What are the five components of a cold canapé?

Q23: List the five mise en place tasks you should complete when preparing large quantities of canapés.

Q24: List four checks you should complete during preparation of salads and appetisers.

Q25: What food quality adjustments should you make if the mayonnaise (or mayonnaise-based dressing) is very thin and looks curdled.

Q26: What food quality adjustments should you make if the base of the canapé is no longer firm and crunchy?

SECTION 5: present and store appetisers and salads

Q27:  What serviceware should be used to present the following dishes?

ð Green salad served as a side salad to accompany a main meal

ð Antipasto appetiser for six seated guests to share

ð Potato salad to be placed on a buffet table

Q28:  List five dips or sauces which could be served with appetisers.

Q29:  What adjustments to presentation should you make in these situations?

ð Incorrect sauce has been placed on a platter of hot appetisers.

ð The salad is not visually appealing as it looks bland and colourless.

Q30: List three food safety or environmental requirements when storing salad and appetisers.

Q31:  What information should you put on a date label attached to surplus food being stored for service at another time or day?

Q32:  What are three common tasks you complete when cleaning your work area at the end of service?

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