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SITHCCC005 Method of Cookery Assessment_B Help

SITHCCC005 Method of Cookery Assessment_B Help

SITHCCC005 Method of Cookery Assessment_B Help

Assessment B – Short answer


·     You are to answer all questions.

·     Read each question carefully. Ensure you have provided all required information.

·     On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor.

SECTION 1: Select ingredients

Q1:    What are three production requirements you should confirm before starting your food preparation tasks?

Q2:    Why is good mise en place techniques essential in the kitchen?

Q3:    What does the culinary term ‘cream’ mean?

Q4:    What does the culinary term ‘fold’ mean?

Q5:    What does the culinary term ‘reduce’ mean?

Q6: You have a recipe that yields 12 portions of soup. The recipe lists two onions and four carrots in the required ingredients. How many onions and carrots do you need to prepare 36 portions of soup?

Q7:    You are preparing chickens for roasting. What are four quality indicators you should look for when selecting fresh poultry from the refrigerator.

Q8:    You are preparing a range of salads and need to select some fresh green leafy vegetables. List two quality indicators you’ll look for.

Q9:    You are preparing tart bases using frozen shortcrust pastry. Apart from the quality of the pastry, list two things to look for when selecting the pastry from the freezer.

SECTION 2: select, prepare and use euqipment

Q10:  List four different types of tools or equipment you might use when boiling food.

Q11:  List two types of tools or equipment you might use when stewing food.

Q12:  What might happen if you select the incorrect sized pan when braising meat?

Q13: Where can you obtain information or assistance from if you are unsure how to safely assemble an item of equipment?

Q14: Why should you look for and remove cracked or chipped equipment, utensils or tools from the food preparation area?

Q15: List four safety tips for using a deep fryer.

Q16: List three food safety practices for handling different food types.

SECTION 3: Portion and prepare ingredients

Q17:    What equipment would you use to weigh or measure 250 g flour?

Q18:  What equipment would you use to weigh or measure 300 mls of chicken stock?

Q19:  Name one cut or portion of meat from a butt (short leg) of beef and name one method of cooking used to prepare it.

Q20: The recipe requires two fillets of John Dory per serve. This is a flat fish. How many fish do you need to prepare 18 serves of the recipe?

Q21: List five preparation techniques used to prepare fruits and vegetables.

Q22: You have used half a tin of tomatoes in a dish you’re making. What should you do with the remaining contents of the tin?

Q23: List two ways you can reduce food waste in a commercial kitchen.

SECTION 4: Cook dishes

Q24:  What method of cookery is used to cook cakes and scones?

Q25:  A recipe states to blanch vegetables prior to adding to a stir-fry. Describe how to blanch vegetables.

Q26:  What type of meat or poultry is suitable for stewing?

Q27: Outline the steps involved in braising meat (including the required cooking temperature and type of cooking vessel used).

Q28:  Outline the steps involved in roasting whole birds (including the required cooking temperature).

Q29:  List three things you can do to manage your time and ensure you complete tasks in a logical and safe manner.

Q30:  Your braised poultry has turned out dry. What is the likely cause?

Q31: How could you improve your braised poultry in the future?

Q32:  Your dough has shrunk during baking and has a hard chewy texture. What is the likely cause?

Q33:  How could you improve your dough in the future?

Q34:  List four techniques you can use when working cooperatively with colleagues to ensure timely preparation of dishes.

SECTION 5: Present and store dishes

Q35:    Where can you find information on how to present and garnish a dish correctly?

Q36:  What are three considerations when selecting the right type of serviceware to present your dish?

Q37:  What is a suitable garnish for grilled fish?

Q38: What are two common accompaniments for curries?

Q39: What are three things you should do when storing reusable by-products?

Q40: How does a cleaning schedule help make cleaning and tidying the work area faster and easier?


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