SIM335 Project Management Assignment Help

SIM335 Project Management Assignment Help

SIM335 Project Management Assignment Help

SIM335 Project Management Assignment Help

SIM335 Project Management Assignment Help


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Learing Agreement:Co-Creating Value

1} We will endeavour to encourage and support you in your learning.

2} You must not: enter the room if you are more than 10 minutes late! don’t use mobile phones! Silent or off. hold a conversation with another student whilst I am talking

3} You must: participate fully in all designated activities including tests. prepare fully for all workshops which means you should look at the material before coming to class read read read!

Core Reading

1) Pinto, J.K. (2016) Project Management A Competitive Advantage. 4th Ed. London: Pearson Education Limited 658.404 PIN

2) Study Guide (2014) Available to download on Sunspace. Do it today!

Additional Reading

a: Field, M. and Keller, L. (2007) Project Management. London: Open University Press

b: Schwalbe, K. (2009) An Introduction to Project Management. 2nd Ed. Boston: Cengage Learning

c: Maylor, H. (2010) Project Management 4th ed. Edinburgh: Pearson Education Limited

Module Structure

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Module Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:-

a) Understand the factors that make up a project.

b) Be able to analyse and understand the different types of project.

c) Examine and understand some of the general concepts involved in project management.

d) Be able to explain the role of the project manager, and the skills needed to practice project management.


a) Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:-

b) Demonstrate capability to evaluate projects from a financial, human resource and time related perspective.

c) Appreciate the requirements for control and the application of control mechanisms.


a) Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:-

b) Evaluate and apply a range of skills and techniques related to project management.

c) Ability to apply and evaluate tools and techniques associated with the management of projects.

d) Conduct reporting and diagnostic skills.

Lecture 1 Essential Reading

: Pinto Ch. 1

: Study Guide Unit 1

Lecture 1 Recommended Reading

> Field & Keller pp 1-23,52-59

> Schwalbe pp 2-29

> Maylor pp 2-18

What is Project Management?

a) It is a structured approach to planning and controlling projects.

b) It is the application of knowledge, skill’s, tools and techniques to project activities.

What is a Project?

A project is a set of people and other resources temporarily assembled to reach a specified objective, normally with a fixed budget and with a fixed time period. Projects are generally associated with products or procedures that are being done for the first time or with known procedures that are being altered.

Project Management History

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The history of Project Management is often associated with the Pyramids & The Great Wall of China. They were certainly large complex structures, built to high standards, that have stood the test of time and must have required an enormous work force.

A Brief History

Database management homework help,

1: Began in 1950s as a formal management concept

2: High profile aerospace projects such as Polaris and NASA

3: In 1970s construction industry adopted new techniques

4: In 1980s PERT and CPM integrated management practices.

5: 1990s significant increases in competition due to globalisation..

6: A shift away from mass production to customised production.

7: A change in organisational structures away from hierarchical towards team based structures.

8: Job security reduced. Outsourcing of many non-core activities. The rise of consultancy Now a number of professional project management bodies exist.

9: A number of professional qualifications.

10: For further information see webliography on Sunspace.

Project Characteristics

a} A project is a unique undertaking; each one will differ from every other in some respect.

b} Projects have specific objectives ( or goals) to achieve and are client focused.

c} Projects require resources. (Money, people, equipment)

d} Projects have budgets.

e} Projects have schedules. (Start and end dates)

f} Projects require the effort of people from across different functions.

Characteristics of Projects

Uniqueness : they are “one-off” activities

Temporary: they are not on going. Start and finish dates.

Finite budget: resource limitations (finance, people, time)

Iterative: trial and error approach. Things never go according to plan!

Specification: clear targets

Uncertainty: outcome unknown

Types of Projects

Projects can be categorized into one of three types:

Change Driven: the need to change operations to match the environment. E.G many IT related projects.

Market Driven: producing a new product in response to market needs.

Crisis Driven: Usually in response to an urgent situation, e.g. pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines.

: Check the Module Guide to see other classifications.

Examples of Projects

> Look at Study Guide Unit 1 p8 for the following examples.

> The research and development department.

> The marketing department.

> A telecommunications company.

> A research and development department.

Programme Management

1) Sometimes a number of related projects are done together. This is usually called a programme.

2) As Field & Keller (2007) highlight: “Sometimes the work needed to achieve a major organizational objective will be greater than can easily be organised and carried out in a single project.This may mean that the organisation will undertake a programme that consists of a number of interrelated projects”.

Why Project Management?

In the modern, globalised business world businesses need to change or they will die! Projects are how organisations change. Ensures completeness and control over physical realisation of the chosen strategy. Today the focus for companies is on high quality, speed to market and first class customer satisfaction.

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