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SIM335 Managing Projects Writing Help

SIM335 Managing Projects Writing Help


The assignment is intended to bring out the benefits and limitations of different approaches to project planning and control by relating these to the circumstances in the case outlined. It is to allow students to demonstrate their learning and competence in respect of the management of resources generally, but in particular elements of scope, schedule, quality, and cost.

Task 1 (40% marks) 700 words (+/- 10%)

each short answer question requires a response in a few sentences for the questions awarded up to 6 marks and a paragraph for questions awarded up to 8 marks.

1. Define the key characteristics of any project.

1b.Briefly discuss the importance of integration management in Project Management setting. (8marks)

2.What is the Scope Statement for a project? What role does the Work Breakdown Structure

WBS) have in such a statement?(6marks)

3. Which approaches exist to generate a budget for a specific project budget?(6marks)

4.Identify any four types of project risks and outline various responses you would you to overcome two of the risks you have identified within project management settings. (4marks)

5. Which quality methods (project evaluation, monitoring and control) would you introduce to ensure a project is successfully completed? Discuss one out of the three listed(6marks) 

6.Using the information below, plot out a full project Gantt chart and identify the critical path. How many days does it take to complete the project?

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Task 2: (60% marks)

After a very vigorous competitive tendering process, your company Project- Xperts-20 (PX20) has been awarded the contract to refurbish the library and all the lecture theatres and the classrooms from the ground floor to the second floor (3 floors only) of University of Sunderland London Campus to up-to- the-minute learning campus.

You have been chosen as the Project Manager for this project and therefore responsible to head the overall project and the project Teams. You have the expertise in both recruitment and selection of human resources and project teams, managing budget and the ability to see the project through from start to finish.

The refurbished classrooms and lecture theatres would need to be completed fitted with the latest smartboards and interactive gadgets that enhances contemporary learning as well as ensuring an atmosphere conducive to the modern learner. Another major problem that need to be resolved is the noise produced by passing DLR trains in the building.

The project specification include the installation of 20 new workstations on the second floor (Learning Space for student’s private study) and five (5) new workstations to complement existing ones purposely for job searching in the library. You have the responsibility for all aspects of the project from Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Closing of the project.

The project need to be finished on time. Therefore state possible actions that you would undertake in order to achieve the set goals on time. The analysis should be written in accordance with Project Life Cycle stages, processes, management and control problems associated or expected with managing the lifecycle of Sun-Project 20X20


1. The proposal need to take into consideration that there are no classes running and the building is vacant and you can proceed with the work.

2. The board of University of Sunderland in London (UoSiL) has offered you £8million to get the project completed in two years

3. You are very responsible from the starting to finish of the entire project and you have the right contacts of your clients (Board of UoSiL) when needed.

4. All new workstations need a recommended project Management software (any of your choice) to be used by Project Management students.

Assignment presentation and assessment

The answers to both tasks are independent and should be addressed separately.

Task 1 answers to six questions – (700 words +/- 10%) – completed as an individual task.

Task 2 a report that is produced for task two (2300 words +/- 10%) – completed as an individual task

For your convenience both tasks should be submitted as one document, which contains both individual task

The criteria for assessing the task two report will be:-

Report presentation (20%) (12 marks)

The extent to which the assignment represents an effective report.This will be judged on:

Appearance: Is a word count included at the end of the report? Is it within the specified amount? Is the text double-spaced?

Structure: Does the report follow the conventions of the format? Does it have a clear introduction, explaining how it answers the questions? Do the sections of the report develop ideas in a logical sequence? Are diagrams or other subsidiary information shown in appendices?

Spelling and grammar: Are all words spelled correctly and is the meaning of sentences clear?

Referencing: Have appropriate references been included in the report. Has a recognised referencing system been used for notation? (See relevant section in the Guide to Basic Study Skills)

Use of relevant theory (40%) (24 marks)

Has the right theoretical content been chosen as the basis for answering the questions? Is there evidence of the use of course notes and books? Is the theory that is selected significant to the questions?

Analysis (40%) (24 marks)

This measures the extent to which students develop a structured argument for the points they make, by combining relevant theory with the information provided in the questions.

Any work submitted is subject to the University's rules and procedures governing infringement of assessment regulations.

Grading Criteria

First Class (70 – 100%)

A creative and original response to the question. Critically reflecting on perceived theory and experiences. Wide and appropriate use of sources (theory and practice) based on reading and experiences. Answer written fluently, with evidence of a highly developed capacity to structure work systematically and argue logically.

4 Upper Second Class (60 – 69%)

Comprehensive knowledge of concepts and theories. Appropriate application of theory and experience to the question answered. Ability to inter-relate concepts and ideas. Some originality in approach and awareness of scope and limitations. Answer systematically structured and coherent.

Lower Second Class (50-59%)

Evidence of knowledge of concepts and theories. Attempts to relate and balance theory and practice. Main issues addressed appropriately. Mainstream texts and lecture notes used. Work presented in a structured form but arguments weak in places.

Third Class (40-49%)

Evidence of uncritical knowledge of main concepts and theories. Limited attempts to relate theory and practice relaying on personal opinion or assertions. Limited evidence of reading. Presentation and structure weak in several places.

Fail (0 – 39%)

Some knowledge of main concepts and theory but major omissions and / or misunderstandings. Style and structure weak and overly descriptive. Considerable limitations in ability to perceive the relationship of theory and practice. Limited reading.

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